Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 6

The bandits of the various cars and pickup trucks pulled up and started shooting automatic and semi-automatic guns at the civvy car and van behind a bus. The van was shot up and turned sharply to the right, where it slammed into a ditch, flew and fell back in as the car on the left turned as well but slowed down and went into a ditch. A 14 wheeler with the pole men pulled up towards each end of the bus as a gunner in the turret of an armored car loaded an arrow gun and fired at the back door of the bus and it stuck and the armed car slowed down and tore the door off, revealing screaming young girls. The bandits on the sides of the 14 wheelers pulled out Thumpers and fired bean bags at the windows, blowing them in and the pole men were lowered down and they reached in for a few moments to grab someone before the poles pulled them back up and it happened twice and were unsuccessful in grabbing anyone before a third attempt is successful and two young girls were pulled out kicking and screaming. Boombox got on the front hood of the pickup truck and waved forward to the bus as he yelled, “GO! GO!” the truck then started to move forward when Mike’s voice came over the radio, “Get away from the left lane!” The Mayor looked ahead and he saw a black DeLorean approaching right at them at high speed.

The Mayor called out on the radio, “All vehicles move to the right, now!” All the vehicles in the civvy convoy struggled into the right lane, leaving Muscle dumbfounded as he asked to no one in particular, “What’s going on?” As the DeLorean closed in, Mike pressed numbers on a keypad below a display monitor, protected by thick glass, and a course was plotted for the autopilot as he holstered his shotgun, 44 and grabbed his hatchet as he crawled out the window to the top of his car as a 14 wheel truck driver looked on and asked, “What the....” Mike then jumped with his hatchet raised, screaming and he broke a bending pole in half with the hatchet, bounded off the pavement, grabbed and spun around the second pole as the 1st pole man fell and was crushed beneath the tires of the bus and Mike landed on the pole and pulled it back. A bandit on the 14 wheeler tried to chip Mike’s feet from under him but Mike spun around the pole again and kicked the bandit in the face, fell off and an armored truck smashed his body to bloody pieces. A muscular bandit (without wearing a top or body armor and wore a mask and was in chains) swung a metal pipe at Mike but he dodged it and he swung his hatchet across the bandit’s stomach and he fell on his knees, slouched over and revealed a girl in a cage behind him.

Mike brought his hatchet down on the bandit’s head, sending a splash of blood to his face and yanked the hatchet out. He then reached the cage with one hand and tore the padlock with ease and opened the cage. Mike leaned over and beckoned the girl to come to him, as she coward away and Mike called to the girl (refraining himself from yelling at her), “Come on! Come on!” A female bandit appeared around the left corner from the passenger door and swung a barbed wire bat at Mike, but quickly dodged it and he grabbed the woman’s legs, flipped her over and she fell between the tires as she screamed and there is a juicy crunching sound as her body was crushed. Mike couldn’t contained his frustration anymore and he called out to the girl, “I’m here to help you damnit! Get moving!” The girl came out and he and the girl went back to the pole and Mike said, “Grab my back!” And when she did, Mike pushed the pole and it flew over to the other side and the pole man (still hooked to the pole) screamed as he sunk lower, hit the ground and is dragged. Mike leaned over and the girls in the bus helped the one off Mike’s back and Mike pulled out his hatchet and yelled, “Adios Punk!” And he chopped the two straps as the pole man screamed, fell and is instantly crushed by the buses tires. Mike leaned back to the 14 wheeler and went up to the driver side, as the pole came down, and smashed the door window in with his fist and tore the door clean off. The driver of the truck slammed the brakes and Mike was thrown up against the cab as the pole men on the let side swayed hard, resulting with the back one hitting the other by accident. A biker was thrown forward off his smashed bike and landed on the back of the back of the 14 wheeler and Mike was thrown back when the truck accelerated again. The pole man jerked back with the pole connection on the left back one, breaking it and he fell, screaming, as he hit the pavement and was smashed to bloody pieces by an armored truck. Mike then pulled out his .44 magnum and stretched his hand over (not realizing he was pointing directly at the driver’s head) and screamed as he fired, blowing his head and brains all over the cab.

The truck started to swerve and it hit the bus and the girls and driver screamed in fright while Mike screamed in pain as his shoulder and right leg were pinned between the two vehicles. Mike was able to grab the wheel with his body pinned and steered the truck out of the way and Mike gasped with relief. He then pulled the body out and it fell on the road as it was run over by a couple of cars and Mike sat and drove. Mike looked behind and saw an armored car behind him and he pulled out his hatchet and slammed on the brakes, rounded out his seat to the side with one hand and the back of the 14 wheeler slammed into the armored car as the driver screamed and the front third was either crushed or blown to pieces as the rest of the 14 wheeler flipped backwards into the air as Mad Mike jumped high with the hatchet over his head, screaming, as the female turret gunner of an armored SUV behind looked up in shock as Mike drove the hatchet into her when he landed. The wrecked 14 wheeler came down as the driver of a spiked car covered his face and the 14 wheeler slammed right on top of it. Mike pulled the hatchet out of her head, pulled her out and fell on the road. He took a Willy Pete from his belt and pulled the pin before he dropped it inside and exploded with the grim and viewing holes covered with phosphorus and there was a lot of screaming as the armored SUV swerved and Mike jumped out and landed on the back of the pickup where Boombox was trying to board the bus. He immediately pulled out his knife and chopped the arrow gunner’s head off. The SUV then slammed into a V8 ’69 Mustang modified racing car and crashed into a billboard which was obliterated into hundreds of pieces of wood. Mad Mike aimed the arrow gun at Boombox but the pickup made a violent turn and when Mike fired he missed, hitting a biker instead and was crushed beneath an armored war rigged 10 wheeler.

Boombox yelled and tackled Mike from behind and he lifted Mike up and slammed him forward before he jumped and elbowed Mike in the back as Mike screamed in pain and Boombox yelled, defiantly, “BOOYAH!” He began lifting Mike up but was elbowed in the face and Mike smirked and spoke menacingly, “My turn.” He punched Boombox in the ribs and then his face and deflected Boombox’s swinging punch before Mike punched him in the face again. Boombox pulled out a knife, carved out from a bone and began slashing at Mike as he dodged every which way before he grabbed Boombox and spun him around, but not before he made a cut along his right arm, cutting up his jacket and made a short cry in pain. Mike (as he inspected the cut) said, “This is my favorite jacket!” He then pulled out his large combat knife and flexed his muscles as Boombox yelled, “I am going to end your life in the name of Muscle!” Mad Mike yelled back, “BRING IT ON!” Boombox screamed and slashed his knife, like a wild animal, while Mike either dodged or deflected each blow with his knife and began slashing as well and Boombox dodged him as well and they went back and forth, slashing their knives at each other till Boombox head butted him and he fell back, losing his grip on the knife. Boombox screamed as he jumped down on top of him, but Mike rolled left at the last second and Boombox’s knife broke on the metal deck. Mike then threw him up and punched him in the face and Boombox elbowed him in the stomach and punched him in the face as well. He then grabbed Mike, flipped him over and slam him down on his back. He kicked apart the arrow gun holder, grabbed the gun with the sharp broken end down and brought it down on Mike’s face. Mike grabbed the pole as the sharp tip was an inch from his left eye and used all his strength and grunted as he held it back and Boombox grunted, “Here comes the boom boy!” And he exerted more strength and the tip slowly closed in on Mike’s eye as they both struggled and Mike cringed and it started moving back to Boombox’s surprise and then Mike kicked him hard in the crotch so hard that he flew up and flipped in the air before he fell on his back as Mike rolled away, throwing the broken gun off the side of the truck.

Boombox rolled up and grabbed Mike by the shoulders, but Mike grabbed his as well and they both cringed and grunted as they moved around, trying to throw each other off balance, when Boombox grunted, “I am going to fuck you up boy!” Mike grunted in reply, “Not today.” A crazed bleach white male bandit, with a shaved head, jumped from a crane to the back of the truck and screamed as he brought down a hatchet right at Mike, but Mike kicked back Boombox and the bandit missed. Mike made a roundhouse kick before he kicked him again and he flew off the left side of the truck. Boombox then tackled him and began choking Mike as Mike’s face turned red and was unable to break Boombox’s grip till he saw his knife on his right side, grabbed it and shoved it through Boombox’s skull as blood ran out his mouth and Mike twisted the knife and Boombox gritted his teeth before Mike pulled out the knife and kicked him off as he flew to a war rig behind them, hit the grill and his body his crushed beneath the large tires of the rig.

Mike turned and smashed his right arm through the rear window and grabbed hold of the steering wheel, made a sharp right turn, tearing the wheel from the driver’s hands as the driver yelled in shock, “JESUS!” The female passenger screamed as they slammed to the side of a jacked up 40’s car and Mike jumped onto it after pulling a grenade pin and dropped it in the driver’s lap and the driver yelled, “SHIT!” And he scrambled for it as well as the screaming passenger but it exploded in their very eyes and the car first swerved into Muscle’s car, damaging his right side but he shoved it off and the war rig smashed through it. Mike pulled out a small remote from his jacket pocket, pressed the play button and the song “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions blared from the speakers in and outside the DeLorean, leaving some of the bandits and civvy’s looking confused. Mike watched as pole men from the 14 wheeler were lowered down and a kid was pulled out, kicking and screaming and a female bandit at the bottom grabbed him and threw him in a cage with two girls in other cages next to him. A female passenger from the car leaned over the side and yelled pointing a crossbow at Mike’s face. Mad Mike immediately put his hand on the firing pin and stopped it from hitting the arrow and he tore it out of her hands, turned and fired the arrow at her face before she fell off the side and Mike cast the bow away.

A dump truck sped up and attempted to crush him but Mike jumped to the forward end of the car as the truck rear ended it and Mike jumped on the 14 wheeler. A crazed girl with a barbed wire bat came after him but Mike ducted and flipped her over on her back as Mike pulled out his 44 and fired at the connection of the pole to the truck and it broke off as a pole man was already down, trying to grab someone and he fell screaming as he was run over by the bus’s tires. The woman then got back up and went after him again but Mike grabbed her arm, holding the bat over her head, and brought his 44 close and her lower back exploded outwards as he fired at her stomach making trails of her intestines hangout her back as he shoved her away and suddenly a strongman, topless but with a mask, grabbed hold of his arms and tried to bend him back, making Mike lose his grip on his 44 and yelped in pain. Then Mike smacked his feet together and a blade appeared at the heel of his right boot and he jabbed the blade into the strongman’s right knee and he screamed in pain as he dropped Mike and nursed his knee. Mike picked up his 44, holstered it and he shoved the crying and bleeding strongman to the side as he tore off the locks with his hands. He heard cries of “WATCH OUT!” And he looked up to see another left pole man and Mike immediately tore apart the connection, grabbed hold of the pole and swung it to the other side as the man screamed, hit and tumbled on the side of the road. The pole men on the right pulled out their handguns and yelled as they fired wildly at Mike and he ducted and disconnected the poles as he dodged the bullets and the pole men screamed as they each fell on the side of the road. A male bandit appeared from the left side of the cab and pulled out a dart gun from his wrist and aimed behind Mike as one of the kidnapped girls looked on and yelled, “LOOK OUT!” And she jumped to pull Mike out of the way but was shot in the back of the head and she fell on her back dead. Before he could reload his dart gun the bus swerved and slammed to the side, crushing the screaming bandit, painting part the side of the bus with the bandits blood, guts and brains as he fell and what’s left of his corpse was run over by the left and right side tires of both vehicles. The other girl and kid went to the girl’s side and the strongman went and grabbed the kid to hold him as a hostage, but when he looked up he stared down the barrel of a 44 and saw the flash as the gun fired and the back of his head blew out. Mike shoved the body off the kid and he went to the passenger side door and slid inside, pointing the gun to the driver’s head and ordered, firmly, “Get out.” The driver (stunned) nodded and he opened the door, jumped out and landed on the side of the road. Mike closed the door and drove, moving the 14 wheeler close to the bus and the children beckoned the others to come over and they first pulled in the dead girl’s body before they were able to make it over.

Mike slowed the 14 wheeler down but he ended up hitting the dump truck, loaded with bandits with automatic weapons, refusing to give up their ground. Mike repeated the same procedure but hitting the dump truck harder each time, wrecking his rear and pooping a couple of his tires while bending the bumper and smashing its headlights as the drive rand bandit passengers were jerked around or fell or tripped as the driver yelled, “What’s he doing?” The song by the Scorpions ended and the next song “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC blared loudly over the DeLorean’s speakers as Mike kicked the driver side door off and then as Mike slammed the front of the dump truck again the last two rear tires popped and the wrecked bumper popped the front tires of the dump truck and it flipped forward with the bandits screaming and slammed upside down on the 14 wheeler close to the cab, crushing the bandits that were in the back. Mike jumped out as the 14 wheeler suddenly stopped and he landed on a motorcycle and with one hand threw the biker off and drove onward.

As the wrecked 14 wheeler stopped a modified hotrod truck slammed into the back of it as well as a V8 Special ’69 Ford Mustang and it flipped along the side of the road and two bikers slammed into the wreck and flew off their bikes, screaming, and another biker slid down the side of the road. Muscle yelled with fury as he watched the carnage, “Destroy that bus!” A large war rig with a shovel tractor in the front and a bus like rig behind it moved up and the shovel was raised. Mike turned and slowed down but then the bandits inside the bus structure stuck out their machine guns and fired at him. Mike swerved behind an armored car and the tractor brought down its shovel but missed the back of the bus and brought it back up. Mike hit the brakes, served and accelerated, getting behind the bus rig, and jumped on the rear ladder as the bike fell and climbed to the roof.

Once he got up a red painted topless male with spikes attached to his shoulders and arms came up through a hatch with two belts of chain and Mike pulled out his knife and hatchet and got in a fighting stance as the man growled and then screamed like a wild banshee as he began whipping the chains at Mike, but Mike dodged them and when he got close and swung his hatchet he whipped the chain around it and his hand and yanked him over to the other side and fell. The bandit swung the other chain but Mike rolled away, turned and made a gash along the man’s right arm before he turned around, yelling and whipped a chain around but Mike dodged it except the man whipped the other chain and struck along Mike’s body and he flew on his back. The red man then whipped at Mike four times as Mike yelped in pain and Mike planted his knife down in the roof, missing the bandit’s head below and he grabbed hold of a chain and he pulled himself up and wrapped it around his hand and held it there as the man yelled in anger and tried whipping him but missed miserably. Mike then spun around and snapped the left arm backwards with a loud snapping sound and the man screamed as Mike took the hatchet and he screamed in anger as he swung and made a large gash across the bandit’s face. Another bandit came up and pulled out an assault rifle and Mike let go of the chain and swung the other man’s body around in front of him, as the male bandit fired, shooting up the bleeding red man as Mike ran closer and shoved his bloody corpse onto the male bandit and Mike screamed as he swung his hatchet repeatedly, striking the bandit’s left ribs, sending blood splashing or running out as he screamed in pain. When he fell down and started withering in pain and grabbing his bleeding and chopped up left side (where his ribs were) covered in blood, Mike pulled his knife out and continued onward. Another bandit started coming out of the forward hatch but Mike swung his hatchet as he ran up and chopped his head off. His body fell back down the hatch but when one of the female bandits grabbed his body they noticed a grenade wedged on the bloody top with the pin pulled.

The grenade exploded, blowing blood and guts everywhere, covering most of the insides with gore. The tractor controller had his hand on the stick as Mike smashed through, tackled the controller before he pulled out his knife and shoved it into his back. Mike kicked the side door open and threw his body out before closing the door. He looked at the controls and found the levers and buttons used to operate and he operated the crane as it swung to the left and hit a biker in the face, knocking him off it, then swung the crane to the right and smashed through to the inside of a yellow hotrod car. Mike raised the crane and it lifted the car a few feet from the road before he swung it hard right and the car fell right off and a pickup truck with a gunner on top slammed into it and flipped over, crushing the gunner. Mike heard voices behind him and he looked to the right and saw a tanker with a BMW car on top of a ten wheeler body with sex flamethrowers on top of the tanker. Mike pulled out a sticky contact grenade, kicked out the left door and grabbed hold of the crane and kicked the lever and the shovel swung to the right with Mike hanging on till he past the front and he flew throwing the grenade through the top, between the tanker and the BMW ten wheeler and it exploded, causing the fuel feeder to catch fire and the tanker exploded with the ten wheeler flipping to its left side. At the same moment, he turned and threw another contact grenade at the tractor bus and it exploded in between blowing three hockey geared men and painted white man up in the air, screaming, as the tractor was thrown in the air, blown apart. Mike hit the road, rolled and in an instant he saw a V8 2011 Mustang approaching, he jumped forward at the car and smashed through the windshield, snapping both the driver and passenger’s necks before he took control and shoved the driver’s body to the side. He floored the accelerator and went through the flames of the burning tanker and an open bus slammed into the back of the tractor bus rig, causing the open bus to flip up and slam upside down on the road, crushing the screaming bandits inside. Four motorcycles went into the flames of the tanker, but fell right off or slid on the other side, covered in flames and screaming as they futile tried to kill the flames. A V8 50’s car sped through but the driver threw his arms up to his face as he careened into the tanker wreck and flipped along its left side.

Mad Mike drove hard and caught up alongside Muscle and hit the right side of his car. Muscle pulled out a large handgun on his left side and fired at Mike, first missing him and putting a hole through the windshield and the second shot went through on through his left forearm and Mike screamed in pain. Muscle fired again but hit the side and Mike made a sharp turn and slammed hard to Muscle’s car and Mike leapt out as the car fell away and put Muscle in a headlock as Muscle grumbled aloud, “Get off me vermin!” And he tried pulling Mike away from his right arm but then saw Mike’s limp left arm, grabbed his gunshot wound and as he twisted it, Mike screamed in pain and yelled, “Son of a bitch!” And Muscle yanked him forward before kicking him in the face with the heel of his boot and Mike fell off and slid on the road, just barely missing an armored car, motorcycle and two pickup trucks.

When the rest of the pack drove by, as he laid face down on the pavement, he slowly got up on his right arm and rocked his head up to reveal a bloody nose, a scraped left cheek and multiple cuts and bruises on his face. He heard the sound of an approaching vehicle and when he looked up he saw his DeLorean pulling up to his left side and the driver side door opened up and Mike spoke to himself aloud, “Looks like that homing beacon works after all.” He made his way over to the car, pulled himself inside, closed the door, reloaded his .44, pulled out his hatchet and “Punk Killer” and he floored it, leaving burning rubber behind. Mike pulled the red button and at first the V8 whistled and it roared till there was a loud bang and flames fired from the fans and the DeLorean sped across the road and quickly caught up to the gang and as he closed in he pressed down on the horn constantly, startling the other drivers, and Mike pulled out his “Punk Killer” and smacked the back of a biker’s head at full speed that the back of the biker’s head exploded with helmet parts, skull fragments, blood and brain tissue as he fell on the road. As Mad Mike zipped past the vehicles a hot rod swerved to the right as the driver was startled and slammed beneath a tanker, tearing off the car roof, windows and decapitating both the driver and two passengers and the car was crushed beneath the rear tires. In the meantime, Mike also knocked two bikers out of the way with his bumper and they fell and tumbled on the road. Mike put the car on auto-pilot and sat out the driver side window and pointed his sawed-off shotgun at the spiked car and fired both barrels, blasting the windshield on the driver’s side, leaving a smear of blood on it from the inside and the spiked car swerved and smashed a hot rod and the spiked car flew up in the air and slammed into the ground upside down. Mike quickly slipped back inside when another hot rod armed with twin mini-guns fired along his left. Mike pulled out a contact grenade and he screamed with fury as he threw it back and it exploded at the front grill of the hot rod and it flipped high in the air, throwing out a white painted bald man (screaming), in the air before the car slammed hard upside down and the painted man flew straight into the poles on top and around another hot rod car cut him to pieces in the air.

Mike felt a wave of heat and flames on his car as a tanker pulled up beside him with a half a dozen flamethrowers on top and the front of the truck had a triangle shovel on the entire front end as the driver laughed. Mike pulled out “Punk Killer” and he screamed with fury as he threw the bat out and it just made it through the driver side window and hit the driver on the side of the head. The driver immediately fell over and the tanker swerved and the 10 wheeler lost its connection with the tanker as it made a sharp turn left and fell on its right side. The tanker tore off and hit a hot rod and they both exploded, violently, blasting two pickups, with machine gun turrets, away and rolled on the road, smashing into another hot rod with twin mini guns and a pickup with an arrow gun turret, smashed and flipped forward upside down. A dump truck was hit in the windshield by a flying tire and the truck jerked to the right and flipped violently a few times, throwing chunks of debris and people in the air, screaming. Muscle looked back and surprised as Mike screamed with fury as he swung his hatchet, but Muscle ducted just in time as it hit a pipe and it blew out steam and Muscle’s car started decelerating. He pounded on the wheel and his console in anger and the Civvy’s and Mike sped away as Muscle’s followers slowed down alongside and behind Muscle as Muscle jumped out of his car and began kicking it as Mike watched from the side mirror.

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