Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 7

Mike and the Civvy’s continued onward as Mike lingered in the rear of the pack as he watched his rear view mirrors to make sure Muscle and his thugs are not following them, till it got dark and Mike saw the Civvy’s pulling off to the side of the road and gathered their vehicles close to each other, as they began to camp out for the night. Mike found the Mayor’s RV and pulled up behind it before he got out and knocked on his door and the Mayor opened it, smiled and beckoned Mike, “Please, please, come in!” Mike walked in and saw the Mayor was pouring two glasses of whiskey and handed one to Mike and said, “A toast.” Mike took it, looking a little puzzled, as the Mayor held his glass up and stated, “To the most bad ass lawman I have ever seen!” Mike held up his glass and drank while the Mayor gulped his down before he spoke, “Let’s have another!” Mike stopped him, “Mayor, I didn’t come here to celebrate.” Mayor (confused and looked a little drunk) asked, “Why the hell not? You slaughter those bandits that broke through and were chasing us, you deserve it!” Mike continued, “I have dealt with these people before and I’m telling you it’s not over. The only way it will end is if their leader is killed and so far I only killed his second in command and a ton of his pawns.” The Mayor replied, “Well, tonight lets still celebrate and first thing in the morning we’ll leave and hard charge to the Forest Region? That way when that freak starts hunting us down again we will be far from his reach!” Mike said, “You still don’t understand. This madman is now more dangerous than ever. Their leader Muscle will do anything for payback for the deaths of his gang members and second in command. Today he was mainly after you because of your sense of order and this belief of the Forest Region cause, but now he doesn’t. All he wants now is your head and the enslavement and death of your people.” The Mayor looked at Mike with an odd expression and asked sarcastically, “Are you sure you’re this Mad Mike? Cause he wasn’t such a talker!” Mike ignored his comment as he set the empty glass down and continued to look on at the Mayor and the Mayor grew depressed and eventually sat down on the couch on the left side and sighed, “All right, we’ll leave first thing in the morning and continue on till we reach the Forest Region. The only times we’ll stop is for short breaks but nothing else.” Mike gave no reaction as he replied, “That’s acceptable.” Mike left the Mayor’s RV and went back to his car. He opened his driver side door and was about to sit till he saw a baseball bat wedged between the engine and the exhaust fans in the back of the DeLorean and he pulled it out, looked at it and spoke to himself, “Suitable replacement.” He sat in the car and closed the door and he pulled out two packs of razors and his combat knife and began cutting slots in the bat to wedge in the razor blades.

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