Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 8

Mike woke up the next morning with a start as someone repeatedly pounded on his driver side window and saw it is a middle aged man and he looked scared and Mike opened the door, stepped out and asked with a look of concern and annoyance, “What is it?” The man pointed over Mike’s right shoulder and replied, “That!” Mike looked back and saw, in the distance, kicked up sand and Mike pulled out his binoculars and looked further to see Muscle with his gang moving at high speed towards him. The moment he saw Muscle, Mike heard the startup of various vehicles around him and Mike looked back at the frightened man and told him (as if giving an order), “Tell the Mayor to leave immediately! I’ll stay and deal with them!” The man looked startled and asked, “But what happens if you get in trouble?” Mike replied, “I’ll deal with that myself. No matter what happens you keep going. GO!” The frightened man wished Mike good luck and left and Mike sat back in his car, loaded or checked his .44 and shotgun and pulled out the rest of his weapons as the Civvy convoy drove away or right by him, leaving him temporarily alone on the side of the road. He pulled out his baseball bat lined with razor blades and nails sticking out between them and he started the DeLorean and floored it, spinning the car around and burning rubber as he headed straight towards Muscle.

Muscle’s convoy roared straight towards the Civvy convoy, like a large, angry storm, when Muscle pulled out the mike from his radio and spoke loudly but calmly, “We will take no prisoners! You kill them all!” the bandits around him yelled and waved their weapons up in delight as they sped towards the Civvy convoy. Mike stared down the road as the V8 roared to life and sped down the road like a rocket as Mike grabbed hold of his new “Punk Killer”. A biker sped ahead of Muscle, waving a machete in the air and the biker yelled, “I’ll avenge Boombox! I’ll kill Mad Mike! No one can match The Man!” They went over a short rise and saw, to their amazement, Mad Mike screaming with fury as he leaned out the driver side window, with his razor bladed bat raised and multiple voices yelled over the DeLorean's speakers (with music in the background), "Here I am!" And before they could react, Mad Mike smacked the face of The Man, sending blood in the air as he fell back dead. Then his car knocked two bikers off and their bikes and another with a cart and a female spiked haired bandit flew in the air and fell onto the driver and three passengers in a hot rod as they covered their heads and screamed and the driver lost control and swerved into the path of a turret less tank, with a large engine in the middle. It sped with the rest of the convoy and crushed the car with the screaming people inside, beneath its left tread and there was a fast and loud crunch and the lead vocalist of Scorpions yelled over the DeLorean's speakers, "Rock you like a hurricane!" Muscle and the others looked back in shock as Mad Mike sped past and made a sharp U-turn on his brakes and floored it again, waving his bloody bat in the air and smacking the driver side door, like he’s urging the DeLorean to move faster and he sped back at them with the V8 engine roaring and a bandit biker yelled, “HE’S FUCKING INSANE!” The tank driver, as if correcting the biker, “He’s not insane! He’s MAD!” When Mike raced up he hit a cart, holding a bandit with a spear gun connected to a large modified 50’s era car and he slammed straight to the left side, smearing blood from his face to the passenger door window and the cart broke off and the bandit was run over. Mike raised his bat and smacked behind the head of a Roller and his helmet cracked open, lost his grip from the motorcycle he was holding onto and fell, dropping the metal ball, as bikers nearby moved out of the way. Mike cracked another head open of a biker, sending blood in the air, fell and another biker raised up his right arm over his head, while looking at Mike, and his right forearm and part of his jacket was torn open from Mike’s bat, leaving blood pouring down the right side of his bike, as he held his arm close, and screamed in agony.

Muscle looked back, saw and ducted as Mad Mike swung his bat and made deep cut marks along the right side of Muscle’s rocket like car near the headrest and Mike sped ahead of the convoy and sat back inside the car, pulled the red button all the way and the engine fired and flames leapt out through the fans and the DeLorean sped farther away, almost disappearing within sight. After a few moments, Mike slowed the car down, pulled off the road and hid the DeLorean behind a large pile of boulders before getting out, holstering his .44 magnum and shotgun while further back, Muscle screamed on the radio, “Get ’em bandits! He maybe fast like the devil, but he can’t keep running forever!” A fuel tanker pulled up and as they were driving, various vehicles pulled alongside and were being refueled when all of a sudden a man ran, jumped from the side of the road and slammed up against the left door of the cab of the fuel tanker when the bandit on the other side of the door looked out and yelped beneath his ragged mask, “What the...?” And to their horror they saw it was Mad Mike and he took his right fist and smashed in the door window, hitting the bandit’s face and unlocked the door. Mike then opened the door, yanked the bandit out and the bandit screamed as he flew in the air, away from the tanker. Mike slid in, pulled out his shotgun and pointed it at the driver’s face and ordered firmly, “Get out.” The driver replied, with a look of defiance, “No!” From outside the driver was ducked out of the fuel truck, tearing out his side door along with him, as he screamed. Mike shifted the tanker right, suddenly, and knocked a dune buggy off the road, hit a rock at high speed and flipped along the ground and the biker screamed as he hit the wrecked dune buggy and flipped through the air and into the ditch, while another biker fell off his bike and slid down the side of the road. Mike immediately swerved left and a pickup truck, with a four arrow turret, was slammed into, damaging the right side and a female bandit fell from the tanker (leaning over the side to fuel) and was crushed beneath the left rear tanker tires.

A red and black V8 ’69 Ford Mustang hit and began pushing the right front of the tanker, trying to drive Mike off the road, but Mike continuously turned hard to the right and the car slipped ahead and zig-zagged in front of him and Mike floored it and the tanker smashed the V8 muscle car and shoved it off the left side of the road. A biker then pulled up along the left rear and the mohawk bandit behind him fired a crossbow that pooped one of the tires and he yelled, “Reload!” The biker then reached and tried to grab the arrow, stuck between the tires, but Mike saw him and made a quick shift to the left as he smirked and the biker’s hand got caught and both him, the mohawk and his bike got pulled under, making a juicy squishing sound. The two bandits from the rear of the tanker made their way forward and the barbaric clothed one came up to the left side of the cab, with a crossbow and Mike pulled out his shotgun and fired at his face, splattering blood on the side mirrors as he flew out. Another jumped on the roof and quickly fired an arrow through but it hit between Mike’s legs, just missing his crotch and Mike looked a little baffled but pointed his shotgun up, fired and the bandit fell behind between the cab and the tanker.

Muscle is driving up on the right side and he pulled out one of his four short harpoons on his right side and when he saw Mike, from behind, he threw it and it smashed through the rear window, stuck through Mike’s left shoulder and Mike screamed in pain. Mike pulled out one of his flash flame grenades, as Muscle pulled out another harpoon, and Mike pressed the play button on his song player and it played “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen before he pulled the pin of the grenade with his teeth, threw it and it exploded at the front of Muscle’s car and he pulled over (along with a few other bandits) to put the small flames out and Mike gave him a “up yours” with his right arm. He then grabbed hold of the harpoon and tore it out, yelping in pain as a dirty 2009 V8 modified yellow Dodge Challenger pulled to his right and the same pickup to Mike’s left and Mike shifted hard right, ramming the car and tore up its left side and Mike shifted left, hit the pickup hard that he knocked it off the road and made its front hood loose.

Once the fires are almost out, Muscle resumed down the road and started up his main engine and roared down the road with flames firing from his exhaust as Mike made a U-turn on the road and headed straight back towards Muscle. Mike changed the music and he cranked up the volume all the way as it played “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC as Bon Scott yelled “And take me to the promise land!” The sound of a jet engine gearing up rose and Muscle hit the red button on the flat control panel and the car rocketed forward with a loud roar of the engine as Muscle was temporarily shoved back. Mike flew a couple feet into the air as he drove fast over a rise and right in front he saw Muscle speeding towards him and he screamed in anger as Muscle screamed in shock as they both hit each other, headlong, at high speed and the fuel tanker smashed Muscle’s rocket car to pieces, sending some debris to the cab’s windshield and smashing it. Mike ducted from the debris but the tanker flew off the turn on the road and hit a large dirt pile as the tanker fell sideways to the left, smashing apart most of the front end till it stopped and some of the right wheels kept on spinning and fuel began leaking out the two top hatches and the bottom nozzle as everything stated to turn quiet. The rest of the bandits pulled up behind where the impact occurred and the trail of wreckage as they looked at the tanker, silently and somberly, and drove away in two groups on the side roads, away from the main.

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