Mad Mike: Highway To Hell

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Chapter 9

In the wrecked fuel tanker, gas is surrounding the tanker and ever growing to make it look like a large pond of gas. At the front end, one of Muscle’s arms and bloody raged pieces of his body laid in the front and a gloved hand and worn black leather jacket arm appeared from the left side windshield (or where it was) and Mike dragged himself out with blood running down his left arm and down the side of his face, from his temple, as he grabbed hold at the highest point of the cab and pulled himself up. He then walked, dragging his left leg, with his left arm also limp, looked down and saw the remains of Muscle and Mike spoke, “Punk.” He then heard the sound of a V8 engine and when he looked up he saw his DeLorean pulling up in front of him and he moved towards it.

Mike pressed the accelerator and the DeLorean’s rear tires squealed, as they burned rubber, and drove away when Mike pulled the red button and the DeLorean flew like a jet down the road with flames firing from the vents, leaving two pillars of flames in the DeLorean’s wake as Mike tried to catch up with the Civvy convoy, which did not take him long. He pulled out his radio, tuned in on the frequency they’re using and spoke, “Mayor this is Mike, come in.” The Mayor replied, “This is Mayor, what’s the situation?” Mike answered, “Snake’s head is cut off. Lost a fuel tanker and multiple bandit casualties. You’re all clear from behind.” Mike heard a muffled voice, followed by a loud cheer in the background before the Mayor spoke, with relief in his voice, “Good work Mike. We are going to continue on through the night anyway, because Radar said a sandstorm is approaching us from behind.” Mike looked at his rear view mirror and sees the storm in the distance from behind and Mike spoke, as if answering the Mayor’s question, “Affirmative, but when the storm reaches us we continue on slowly to avoid any collisions or worse.” The Mayor said, “Copy.” Mike followed up, “I also need someone to tow my car, so I can repair myself.” The Mayor replied, “Done. Are you all right?” Mike replied blankly, “Couldn’t be better.” Mike saw an RV pulled to the side of the road and Mike stopped behind it and even when the tanned skinned driver came out to help, Mike hooked the car up himself and limped his way to the side door and inside the RV (carrying his medical bag) as the driver looked on, speechless, before going back into his RV and resuming his drive.

Mike sewed his wounds and relocated his leg over the bathtub before cleaning up all the blood and getting dressed when the driver of the RV called, “Cindy, what are you doing? Leave the man alone!” Mike looked back and saw a girl that appeared to be in her 20’s moving away from the ajar bathroom door. He exited the bathroom and looked back to see one of the bedroom door’s closed but saw a shadow below the door and knew she was standing behind it and Mike shook his head, walked up to the driver and the driver said, “Sorry about my daughter spying on you.” Mike replied, “No problem. May I use your bed to rest?” The driver answered, “Yes, by all means. There’s a lock behind the door so Cindy won’t intrude.” Mike thanked him and added, “Unnecessary, but Thank You.” The driver replied, “No problem officer.” Mike walked to the very back and closed the door before laying back on the bed and fell asleep fast.

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