Dethurian Squire

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Chapter 1

I was sitting in my room doing my homework with my two closest friends, Lena and Allen. We had just finished out math homework and were arguing about what to do next. It was turning into a real mess, but that's how it always was.

"We need to do our science homework now! It has the most work besides math." Lena said, thwacking her science book with a pencil.

"No! We need to do our language arts next. Science isn't all that important so it should be saved for last. Right, Anubis?" Allen grinned at me.

I sighed because, as always, I was the deciding factor. Allen knew I loved science but he still insisted on saying it didn't matter to anyone. Lena shook her head in exasperation. She knew the reason he said it and why a lot of people said it. Magic was the big thing now-a-days. Everyone had it and no one really wanted to think about science much.

It had been about two hundred years since magic had first appeared. That had also been the time when the Scientific Era ended. People were skeptical at first, but after seeing what magic was capable of there was a mad scramble to learn magic. All of the people who used magic soon figured out that magic extended their life span significantly. That alone made a bunch of people really happy. The only problem was that science became obsolete. It was still taught in school but magic was the big class now.

I was about to say that Lena was right and that we should do our science homework when a loud explosion rocked the house. At first we all thought it was my dad doing something stupid in the kitchen. Now, something you need to know about my dad; he's not exactly the smartest person in the world. He keeps doing these experiments where he tries to combine magic and science. Only problem is, the two don't mix and it blows up in his face. So you can imagine our surprise when he comes bursting through the door looking really freaked out.

"Are you three alright?" he asked still looking freaked out.

"Y-yeah. We're fine. What happened?" I asked setting my stuff down and moving to get up.

"I don't know. The three of you should follow me though." he replied waving for us to follow him.

After looking at each other for a moment we got up and followed my dad. Following him was easier said than done; he was moving faster than I had ever seen him go before and it was unnerving. By the time we had gotten to the bottom floor of our apartment Allen, Lena and I were exhausted.

Glancing around the lobby the first thing I noticed was the gaping hole in the wall and ceiling. It looked like the explosion had taken out the apartment above the lobby as well. A sharp tug on my right arm brought me back to reality.

"Anubis! Come on! Your dad said we had to go to the basement!" Lena cried as she tugged on my arm.

"O-OK!" I called back as I stumbled after her.

Right as my foot touched the first step I felt something wrap around my left arm, stopping me. Lena screamed as she turned around to look back at me. Risking a glance back I couldn't help but scream myself. A large black thing was draped around my upper arm. It was attached to something high in the sky, completely obscured by clouds. Suddenly whatever was on the other end gave a sharp yank and I was ripped away from Lena. Her screams and my dad roaring at the top of his lungs was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

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