Dethurian Squire

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Chapter 2

Waking up was a slow process. First I became aware that my limbs were heavy and numb. As I forced my eyes open my brain still had yet to register that I was awake. In other words, I was temporarily blind until my brain caught up. When it did I tried to move my limbs. First my fingers and toes, then my arms and legs, and finally my upper body.

As I regained the feeling in my body I forced myself into an upright position. Looking around I saw that while the room was in shadow it had both a futuristic and an ancient look to it. This gave the room a sense of true mystery. Sparing a glance down at myself I found no injuries. The only thing different about me was a strange, swirling black tattoo-like band on my left wrist.

Fingering the band I stood up slowly. The world spun slightly and I had to put my hand out to steady myself. Once the worlds stopped spinning I shook my head. Suddenly the edges of my vision faded a bit. I started panicking but found that I seemed to no longer be in control of my limbs. As my body started moving on its own I heard what I thought was a voice in my head.

‘Come... Child... Me...’ the voice said.

Even though the sentence was broken I could infer the meaning. A shiver traveled down my spine and I felt myself walk toward the only door in the room. The door swung open as soon as I got closer to it, almost like it was and automatic door. On the other side was a long dark hall that I couldn’t see the end of. I tried to force my body to stop but the best I could manage was to make myself stumble and almost fall. After my near introduction to the floor I just let my body have it’s way.

After what seemed like an hour or so of walking down dark halls my body came to this small room. It looked more like a tomb than anything. I thought that there was no way that anything could be in this room other than cobwebs. Unfortunately I was proven wrong as I found my body walking up to a large raised pool-like thing in the middle of the small room. I was about to try and stop myself from doing something stupid again but I heard that strange voice again. This time I’m certain it was a voice.

‘Child, free meeee...’ a rasping voice droned.

My body continued to move on its own and I tried to stop myself again. This time I actually managed to force my hand to stop, inches from this vial on a shelf. When I heard a grating laugh in my head that little bit of control I had faded again. With an internal shout of frustration I was practically forced out of my own body. Shaking my head I watched in horror as my fingers closed around the vial. Suppressing a scream of horror I watched as my body dumped the vial in the raised pool. Nothing happened for a moment and I started to relax. Suddenly a soft glow came from the pool.

Once the glow started I found that I was once again connected to my body and in full control. I shook my head and looked at the pool. The light steadily grew until it was so bright I had to shield my eyes. A thundering boom knocked me off my feet and into the door. Looking up I felt my vision going black. Before everything faded I saw a tall, slim figure rising from the pool and a flash of silver. Then the world faded to black.

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