Dethurian Squire

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Chapter 4

Watching Ganymede punch Anubis in the face I felt something snap in my head. I couldn't explain it but I didn't want to see any one hurting him again. Turning the Ravari beside me I told him to never hit Anubis again. I missed what he said because of the howling wind in the room. Ganymede suddenly pulled me behind him and I barely suppressed a gasp at the force. Once I was behind him I dared to look around his large form at the human.

His vibrant red hair was pulled from its pony tail at the back of his head and was blowing madly around his face. It seemed as though the wind had taken on a life of its own as it whirled around him. I actually worried for his safety within that vortex. After a few moments I realized that he was letting the spell run a course without full direction. Gritting my teeth I stepped out from behind Ganymede. My hands moved in a familiar manner as I cast a counter spell. The wind dissipated as soon as I finished the last sign. Stepping forward I reached out and caught Anubis' limp body as the wind let him go.

"Ganymede, I want you to go get the medkit from the washroom." I said pulling the unconscious red head fully into my arms.

Standing I walked smoothly into my mother's bed room. Dust rose in gray clouds from the heavy comforter as I set Anubis down. As soon as he was down Ganymede came in with the medkit. Barely sparing the Ravari a glance I took the box from him. Breaking the dusty seal I opened the box. Once I finished patching up the growing bruise on the red head's face I turned to Ganymede.

"My Prince, I don't think it wise to allow a human or a commoner to lay a hand on you. It's not proper." Ganymede said before I could even open my mouth.

"Oh? Why is it not 'proper'?" I asked as I stood with the medkit.

"You are royalty, my Prince. Humans and commoners are beneath you in status, my Lord." he replied with a bow.

"Anubis was different. Seeing as I have never met a human or a commoner I will not classify him as something he is not. He is human so I will classify him as such but I do not think he is a commoner." I said folding my arms across my chest.

"As you say, my Prince." the burly Ravari said, deepening his bow before straightening and stepping out of the bedroom.

I sighed and shook my head before placing the medkit on the bedside table. Anubis was still unconscious but I wasn't surprised. Ganymede hit him fairly hard. Neither of us was expecting him to wake up anytime soon. Sighing again I sat on the edge of the bed.

Looking at him something caught my eye. Lifting his left arm I traced the swirling black band on his wrist. My eyes widened as I recognized the pattern. It was similar to the mark my mother had around her neck.

She had always covered it with either a high collar or a choker. I only knew about it because when I was younger I had gone to her one night before bed. She wasn't wearing a court dress or a choker. I closed my eyes as I remembered.

Small hands quietly turned the ornate door handle as the young prince stood on his toes. The door opened just as silently. Queen Valarie was sitting at her dressing table after having finished her nightly routine. Her long dark brown hair fell down her back in waves, rippling slightly as she moved. As she ran her hands through her dark locks two curving horns seemed to grow out of the top of her head.

Emerald eyes widened and the young silver haired prince slipped into the room. Valarie didn't notice when her son entered. She was a little more focused on the black, swirling band around her throat. Khonsu watched his mother run her fingers over the band. After a few seconds he spoke up.

"Mother?" he asked quietly.

Golden eyes widened in the mirror and Valarie spun around in her chair to look at her son. Standing in the middle of the room Khonsu looked a little out of place. He hardly ever came to see his mother after dark. Standing Valarie walked over to him. Khonsu looked up at her with wide emerald eyes.

"Yes, my son?" she asked picking him up and walking back to her dressing table.

"Why did you change?" he asked

"What do you mean?" Valarie asked sitting down.

"Why do you have horns?" Khonsu asked, reaching up and touching her horns.

"This is how I really look, Khonsu. I have to hide it from the court." his mother replied as she pulled a brush through his silver hair.

"What about that?" he asked pointing at the mirror.

"You mean this?" Valarie pointed at the band on her throat.

Khonsu nodded before turning and looking at her. Sighing Valarie explained how the band had appeared on her neck after coming into the country. The young prince listened as she explained how the marks worked. Valarie talked about how the different Outsider species all had different styles of marks. She talked until she felt her son relax in her arms fast asleep.

My eyes opened as the memory ended. Looking back at the band I sighed. Anubis was an Outsider. I should have known; from what I have heard from the servants none of the humans here in Etruria know magic. Even more obvious was the fact that he used an elemental spell. Elemental magic was hard to control even for expert magicians.

His use of elemental magic should have scared me but it only made me more intrigued. I made a mental note to ask him where he learned to control the elements. Setting his arm back down I stood up from the bed. Gently tugging one of the large wing back chairs over to the bed I sat back down. I had the distinct feeling that I should probably stay close, in case Anubis woke up. Smiling softly to myself I settled back into the chair and waited for the red head to wake.

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