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Hazardous game

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Scarlet escapes from her captor. Blake founds her. Two lost soul meets, found refuge in each other. But the devil is lurking in the corner. She has lived a normal life. As normal as it could be for her with a dark secret waiting for her. But still normal. Living with her Uncle, having a group of friends who would die for her and a perfect boyfriend, her life was better than she imagined. But all changes the night she was kidnapped. An orphan boy, who lost his parents at the age of 12, he moved to New York to live with his Uncle. He met new friends there. His life slowly turns out to be better. Even when he didn't have his parents to support him, he had his new friends to be by his side. But what happens when his longtime crush gets lost. Feeling ignites within them. They so-called friendship turns into something new. But will their new relationship will last when her past demons are right behind her. A dark evil force is waiting to just pop their happy bubble for them. Blood bath follows and many secrets are relieved. Read to find out what happens in the hazardous game. [This is my first story. I know there are mistakes in them, But I promise it's not a waste of your time. Read first few chapters and even then you don't like it, remove it.}

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1


Trying to escape from your captor is not so easy. Not when you don’t even know the reason behind it. And the worst part is that I lost my memory. I don’t know the last eight years of my life. Not even a single minute of it.

All I know is that one day instead of being 12, I was 20. Not in my room but in an unfamiliar room.

I was kept in that room, caged. Not allowed to see the outside world. Tortured, abused, raped, but there was no one to hear my scream. No one to help me.

There were so many of them to guard me, who lived there but none helped me get out. They just obey the order given by their boss. From what I know they take orders from a boy named Sebastian, but he is not their boss. Not the leader. Not the mastermind behind my kidnapping. There’s someone out there who told him to do so. I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t sure.


I frowned. My head was throbbing painfully. It felt like something heavy was kept on it. I tried opening my eyes but failed miserably. After a lot of attempts, I was finally able to open my eyes. Opening them I found myself in a room, laying on a soft, comfortable bed. I looked around still lying down on the bed. There was a door in front of the bed and a window to the right side.

I haven’t seen this room before. Where am I? What am I doing here? Why is my head hurting? Where are my parents? Where’s my brother? What ….

When I was busy asking questions to myself and freaking out, I didn’t see or hear the door opening and two figures coming in. I look up to see two boys, near their early twenties. They both are looking and smiling at me. One of them is wearing a black leather jacket and another one is wearing a deep blue shirt.

“Who are you?” I asked the first question that first popped in my mind when I first saw them.

“Ohh, you wound me, sweetheart. Don’t you remember me?” The boy wearing the black leather jacket spoke.

“No, I don’t know you. Who are you? What am I doing here?” I was freaking out. Where was I? what was I doing here?

On telling them that I don’t know them, their smiles widen. It was like they enjoyed seeing me like this.

“Ohh sweetheart it’s bad that you don’t remember me. But let me introduce myself again. I am Sebastian and this is Shawn. Now tell me what the last thing is you remember?” The one in black leather jacket asks. I try remembering what the last thing I remember was. I’m sitting on a couch with my brother watching a movie.

“The last thing I remember is that.... I am sitting on a couch...with my brother beside me watching a movie. Celebrating New Year.”

“Which year.”

“Welcoming 2009” When I say that they Sebastian start laughing.

“We have done a fantastic work bro.” the one with a deep blue shirt, I think Shawn is his name said to Sebastian.

“Ohh yes, we did.”

“What are you guys talking about why am I here? Whys my head paining? Answer my question you two.” In the end, I yell at them. These guys are creepy. I don’t want to be here.

“tsk tsk. It’s not a good thing to raise your voice towards your kidnapped sweetheart. And to answer your question. You have lost your last eight years memory. It’s 2017 right now. You are here because we kidnapped you, Scarlet. I am not a doctor to answer your last question.”

“Kidnapped. I can’t be kidnapped. And 2016. What the hell are you two talking about? It’s 2008 right now. You both have lost your mind.”

“Sweetheart, just take a look at your body. Do you look like you are 11 years old? No right.” I look at my body. They were right. I don’t look like I used to. My height, my hair color, my features all is change. I wonder why my hair color is changed and why they called me Scarlet but then I remembered I was supposed to change my identity. It’s was for my safety.

“No no no no no it can’t be true……”

Flashback ends.

There was no one outside my room guarding me, nor were the doors locked. The room was on the third floor so escaping from the window was not possible and anyway, the window was kept locked and were unbreakable. As soon as I was sure that no one was there out, I slowly tried to escape. Once I descended the stairs I heard some noise. I went and hide behind the stairs. I stayed there for a few minutes. When I realize they aren’t going to move anytime soon, I tried to think of ways to get out of here. Then I saw a window through the kitchen. I slowly tip-top towards the kitchen then open the window and out.

But just as I was out of the property I heard yelling.

“No no no. “I said as I ran.

RUN, KEEP RUNNING. As fast as you can. You need to get out as fast as possible.

I need to run.

Run. Keep running

Little more. I thought to myself.

I lost them on the way, but I kept going. They can pop out of nowhere. I need to get out of this forest.

Just when I thought I lost them, I heard shouting. Thank god they didn’t see me. I ran and then I saw a small pond or a lake there. Taking a deep breath I jump. I stayed underwater until I couldn’t stay any longer. I came out reluctantly. When I did I was relief that no one was there. I can’t even hear them. I came out of the water and lean against the tree catching my breath.

I knew that I wasn’t safe yet but I need to rest. My legs were shaking and my lungs were burning, with the lack of oxygen. I could keep this any longer.

The sun was about to set. It was turning dark. I was too tired of running. I just prayed for someone who could help me. After a few more minutes of standing there I ran again but not as fast as before. Soon enough I saw a deserted road. I run toward it.

When I was just a few meters away from the road I saw a car parked on the side. And can see a figure lingering near it and talking to someone on the phone.

That’s it.

He could help me. Maybe take me to the police station.

Without thinking, I ran towards him. Just when I was about to reach him, he turns around and as a result, I collided into him. I was waiting for the impact but none came. I open my eyes to be met with the most beautiful gray eyes. They had a hint of blue in it making it breathe taking. I realize that he saved me from falling down. His arm around me. He helped me stood up. I took a step away from him, creating some distance between us.

“Sorry I didn’t see you.” He apologizes. I nod my head and said “It’s okay. But can you help me.”

He didn’t answer me for a minute. I thought he didn’t want to help me or something. I look up to see his face was a mask of confusion, his gear turning on in his head. Then he suddenly spoke. I jerk my head towards him hearing what he said.

“Scarlet.” I took a step back. Does he belong to those who kidnapped me? I took a step back turn and started to run. But I stopped when he took a hold of my hand, a vise grip yet gentle.

“Scarlet. I’m Blake. Don’t run from me.” He then slowly turns me around to face him. It’s dark that why I can’t see him properly. He then removes his phone from his pocket and on his flashlight. Now I can see him properly. His dark brown hair was scattered out like he had run his hand multiple time through it. He had a perfect nose with a strong jawline. All in all, he looks handsome. But I don’t recognize him. I haven’t seen him before. How does he know me?

“Who are you? How do you know my name?” he looks taken aback by my question. Hurt flashes his eyes. Then he composes himself then answers.

“You don’t remember me.” I shook my head. He takes a deep breath in.

“Do you remember Alex, Tyler, Vanessa, Violet, twins anyone. What about your family?” he asks me I can hear the desperation in his voice. Like he wanted to hear answer instantly.

“I remember my family.” I answer him truly

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“I was celebrating the new year with my brother. Welcoming 2009. That’s all I remember. Then suddenly I was in a room and I was 20 years.” I don’t know why, but I told him. I shouldn’t have. What if he is one of them? When he realizes that I didn’t trust him and was about to turn, he tightens his grip.

“Okay. Listen to me, Scarlet. I’m not going to hurt you. I don’t know where you were all those months, why were you running, what happened. But I know one thing and that is I need to get you safe. And you are not safe here. Do you want to come with me?”

Do I want to go with him? How can I trust him? Is he saying the truth? Who am I to him? How does he know about me?

“Who are you to me?”

“I’m your friend. Blake.”

“You could be lying.” He runs his hand in his hair, frustrated. I could see he was thinking deeply about something. Suddenly he typed something on the phone then turned the screen towards me. I looked at it to see a photo of me with him. He swipes and then I saw another one with a few more people. Even with my brother.

“Do you see that? It’s a group photo with our friends. You see all of them in the photo are your friends. Do you believe me now?”

I don’t know what possessed me, but I found myself believing him. I found myself, inside his care a few minutes later and in front of the hotel afterward. I don’t know if I did the right thing by believing him or just got myself in more trouble, but I did it anyway. He didn’t harm me in any way till now.

We enter the hotel and went straight for the elevator. When we exited the elevator, we were first to meet with small space with the couch on either side of me with a small coffee table in front of them. It is an expensive hotel. Well designed. We continued to walk down the hallway and then Blake suddenly stops in front of the room. He removed his master key and unlocks the door. He gestured for me to enter the room. I went in to see a room with a bed on my left, a balcony straight in front of me a small door in the right corner, probably a bathroom. I turn around to face Blake. He was standing right at the doorstep. Why isn’t he entering the room? It’s his room anyway. I raised my eyebrow at him. I didn’t even know that I could do that. Many things need to be learned now. All from the start.

“Why aren’t you entering the room? It’s yours by the way.”

“No. I’m giving you some privacy. You freshen up; rest and I will have someone bring you food and clothes. Till that time, I will arrange some tickets for us to leave this place as soon as possible.”

With that, he left the room.

He isn’t like those. They never care anything about me. All they did was rape me. Let alone respecting my privacy. That was the last thing to do on their list.

I shook off all the dark memories and went to take a bath. After that, I had my food which was bought by room service and went to bed. I also wore new clothe which Blake somehow manage to arrange for me.

I lay there on the cold cemented floor, totally numb, my stomach growling asking for food. I have become acutance to living with no food and water for days. Then suddenly the door opens and a bright light enters emulating the dark room, then a figure walks in walking towards me taking slow and small steps. Like a hunter going towards its prey. I know what he has come for, so I take a small step back. Here in the dungeon people come for only for two reasons, first to give me food and water, randomly twice a week or, secondly, to satisfy their needs, to have fun. I am like a whore to them, whenever they want to have sex, they come here to do their deeds and go without even once looking at me.

“Don’t move or suffer the consequences.” I stop moving, very well known to there so call consequences.

He slowly walks towards me; his eyes roaming on my body shamelessly, lust and desire can be clearly seen in them. Then kneeling on his knee his place his hand on my palm slowly moving upwards towards my arm then my shoulder. Then he pulls me towards him by my waist and rips my top with the other and then goes for my jeans, unbuttoning it.

“No-No…. please no …. Leave me …ple…” ignoring my plead to let me go, he continues to assault me. Throwing me on the ground he climbs on top of me and starts kissing my neck moving towards the valley of my breast. Reaching there he rips my bra off too leaving me only in my panties. Then standing up he removes his shirt then precedes to unbutton his jeans….

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