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Mates, simple word but have a lot of meaning behind it, it says mates were to protect each other love each other care for each other and they live their life for each other. It says that getting a mate is the most memorable moment of anyone’s life and they should accept it, cherish it till eternity but still there are few who don’t value them when they have time, and the consequence will be hard.

Moon goddess says that if u doesn’t love and care your mate and without reason u reject her/him u will be punished and never will get chance for second chance mate. Few wolves choose a chosen one so they can live and have a family.

Second chance mates are for those whose mates are dead or rejected them. Few wolves can’t handle the loss of their mate and will go after them in their death bed and few where there who is strong and survives gets chance for happiness.

What will alpha Marcus do when he see his mate one day and turned out that she is human will he accept her or reject her...

What happens when Jamline stumbles across her mate when she shifts to her father pack and she has to hide her identity and have to behave like human?

A loving caring sweet apple pie of her family, a cruel rude but softie for his family how will be their destiny? Will they get their happily ever after or there will be problem... will they become successful in the path or will their paths be separated...

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