Lilith Talto

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Lilith is used to making quick decisions but when she is face to face with the devilishly handsome prince, she must make a life-changing decision for better or for worse. Making her way back the shed, Lilith wove in and out of the people there to trade, pickpocketing them as if it were a dance. Her long blonde hair flicked around her as her green eyes darted around, looking for potential prey. As she neared the end of the crowd, she slowed down, paying more attention to those around her to see if there was anything that was of actual worth.

Action / Drama
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Hi everyone!

I know, I haven’t updated in a loooonnnngggggggggg time. I get it, I’m sorry.

I will be setting up a schedule for updating my books and will soon be updating frequently and regularly.

That being said, I will be revising all of my works. I am unsatisfied with my imagery and character development.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you to all my lovely readers!

- Lizzy Beth

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