The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 10

I quickly went home to shower and change since I had an hour to kill before the game started.

Pulling a tight black tank top over my head, I quickly tuck it into my high-waisted skinny jeans before slipping my feet into my all black vans. My hair was still wet so I decided to blow dry it, not wanting the dampness to touch my exposed back.

Since I had forty minutes to spare, I put more effort into my presentation, adding the minimal makeup of light foundation, bronzer, liquid eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss.

Appraising my outfit, I quickly grabbed my keys, wallet and leather jacket before heading for the door, texting Nadia that I was on my way.

Once I pulled up, the school parking lot was filled with families and a lot of students, milling around the entrances to be let into the school stadium.

Parking and quickly reading the text from Nadia, I grab my things, draping my leather jacket over my arm and locking the doors to my car, making my way over to the stadium gates. I walked around looking for Nadia’s familiar face, finally spotting her waving hand; she sat next to a girl with strawberry red hair and freckles coating her face perfectly.

“Hey.” I smiled as I squeezed passed Emma and Nadia.

“Hey, this is Emma, Emma this is Ava Catia Vice.” Nadia said gesturing to me.

“Or just Ava.” I laughed, waving at Emma.

“OMG, I’ve heard so much about you.” Emma beamed, her excitement making me chuckle.

“I’ve heard lots about you too.” I smiled at her, sitting in the empty seat next to Nadia.

We sat in the closest seats near the field; I spotted my brother laughing with his friends as they played around with the soccer ball. I smiled at the sight of him laughing happily. I was glad I chose to moves us here, he looked so much happier.

The whole row we sat in was empty but the rest of the stadium was completely packed, the seats on the other side of the stadium were filled with supporters for the other team, their colors being maroon and white, ours blue and white.

“Av.” A little voice called out.

I looked to my left where Nadia and Emma sat but they were already looking my way so I followed their lead and Beau’s little figure came running, her hair bouncing as she waddled her way to me.

“Aw hi.” I cooed, her hands reaching for me to pick her up.

“Hi Av.” She giggled as I placed her on my lap.

I was surprised she remembered me so well, her hands running through my hair gently.

“How are you?” I asked, tickling her stomach.

“I’m go-good.” She giggled, her cute laughter catching the attention of others around us.

“Good.” I smiled widely.

“Can you do my hair, Zaee doesn’t know how to do it like you.” She pointed at Zade, who is now occupying the seat next to me.

Seriously, how smart is this little girl. I thought happily, her little hands wrapping around my neck gently.

She pulled away after the little hug she gave me, smelling at my top.

“You smell yummy, is that pertumes?” She asked, struggling to pronounce the word perfume.

“Perfume.” I nodded, pulling her hair up into even pigtails that were previously sitting on her head wonky.

“Thank you.” She stood on my lap, planting a kiss on my cheek.

I could feel Zade’s eyes on me the whole time I interacted with Beau, his presence was hard to ignore so I smiled his way hoping he’d look away.

“Beau likes you a lot, she’s never interacted with anyone like this before.” Nadia nudged my side.

“Really? She has a big personality, she seems like she’d be the same with everyone.” I exclaimed as Beau held onto my hair softly, giggling at the two mascots that ran passed every two seconds.

“No, she’s very picky with who she interacts with.” Zade’s strong voice said, his arm brushing mine.

“Hey Ava.” Silas waved as he and the rest of their group situated themselves in the seats next to Zade, snacks in hand.

“Hi.” I smiled at them.

Kenna of course only glared at me, flicking her hair over her shoulder but I smiled at her, trying to cool the one-sided tension we seem to have on her side.

“Hey that reminds me, do you want anything from the canteen before the game starts since you’re holding Beau.” Nadia sprung from her seat.

“Sure just a drink and popcorn.” I nodded, handing over my wallet.

“Don’t be silly, Zade’s got this.” She said, pushing my wallet away and taking Zade’s wallet from his hand that rested behind my back, touching my bare skin.

I tried protesting but she already left with Emma.

“Thank you.” I smiled at Zade; his arm moving back to his side.

“For what?” His lip twitching slightly at the corner, his dimple making a small appearance.

“For the food I guess, since your sister just left with your wallet and not mine.” I said, wrapping my arms around Beau’s small frame.

“Don’t mention it.” He said softly, his fingers running through his dark hair.

I took in Zade’s appearance, a white long sleeve cotton shirt clung to his toned arms and broad shoulders, he wore plain black jeans that cuffed at his ankles, his shirt matching with his all-white canvas shoes. No doubt everything he wore was designer like his friends sitting next to him.

Silas turned to me, smiling teasingly.

Damn you Silas. I thought, turning away and laughing at myself for getting caught again.

Nadia and Emma returned seconds before the game started, their arms overflowing with snacks. I stared wide-eyed at the two; it must have cost a fortune. I felt guilty as I stared worriedly at Zade but he didn’t seem to mind as his sister threw his wallet at him and handed out all the snacks to us.

I shared my popcorn with Beau and we both ate silently, watching the game. I clapped excitingly as my brother was finally let on the field ten minutes into the game. A smile never leaving my face watching him run around the field.

“Your brothers number 7 right?” Nadia asked, as my brother moved skillfully down the field, weaving between the other players.

“Yes.” I replied, holding Beau to myself.

Grayson did a side step tricking the player who tried taking the ball from him before he kicked it into the other teams net and scoring the first goal for our school.

My hand flew to my mouth, not wanting to let the scream from my mouth leave. The stadium broke out into loud cheers, Beaus giggling and little hands clapping away. My smile broadens at my brother, who jumped around, his teammates jumping on him in excitement.

“Your brother is really good.” Zade whispered into my ear as I watched Grayson get back onto their side of the field.

“I think so too.” I leaned into his side so he could hear me over the cheers.

“Do you want me to take Beau? So you can watch without having to restrain yourself from jumping up if he scores another goal.” He said thoughtfully, getting ready to grab Beau but she pulled away from him.

“No its okay, plus I don’t think she’s ready to let my hair go.” I laughed, pointing down at her hand that held onto the ends of my hair.

“Are you sure?” He asked, sounding sincere.

“Positive.” I smiled before turning back to the game.

The game carried on for another forty minutes, the scores tied, 40-40. Grayson was finally put back onto the field after he rested, the soccer ball went back and forth between both teams till Grayson finally got the ball and ran down the field, his legs moving fast, someone came out of nowhere, blindsiding him and knocking him over.

Nervous, I bit my bottom lip as the crowd booed at the other team. Watching as Grayson got back up and started running for the ball before anyone else got to it, he got the ball before the other team did and ran for the goal, kicking it into the net and winning the game for our school.

The stadium roared with cheer as people clapped and yelled, a lone tear dripped from my eye. My heart swarmed with proudness a mother could only hold for their kid, if only our parents were here to see this, they’d be so proud.

Wiping at my cheek, I watched my brother get swarmed by his teammates in a big group hug, jumping around, cheering loudly.

I finally saw him come out of the crowd, his head in search of something or someone. His eyes landing on me in the distance, before I knew it he was running towards me.

Placing Beau in Zade’s arms gently, I turned back around in time as Grayson came up and engulfed me in a hug over the stadium fence.

“You did great, I’m so proud of you.” I kissed his dirty cheek.

“Thanks sis.” He laughed, his smile broadening as his teammates came up behind him.

“Hi Ava.” They all said in unison, pulling Grayson away for a second before pushing him back towards me.

“The guys want to go out for a celebration dinner, can I go?” Grayson asked a shy smile playing across his face.

“Of course.” I replied, his friends broke out into thank you’s.

Handing over enough money to buy him anything he wanted. He quickly pulled me into a hug, saying I love you before he left, running towards the stadium changing rooms with his friends.

“Ava.” Beau’s tired voice called out as she struggled against Zade’s big arms.

“She wants you again.” Nadia stated the obvious.

“You and your brother have a sweet relationship.” Emma chirped.

“Thanks, I guess.” I laughed lightly.

“She’s never like this.” Zade said, trying to comfort Beau.

“I got it, does she have a coat? It’s getting a little chilly for her.” I said, picking her up from Zade’s arms.

“Hey, your babies really cute.” An old lady said as she stared at me, Beau and Zade.

“Oh Umh, she’s not” I choked on my saliva.

Nadia and Emma giggled at my flush cheeks.

“Thanks.” Zade said coldly.

The lady nodded before leaving.

“She doesn’t have a coat.” Zade said, staring down at me with a cheeky smirk.

“Oh, pass my leather jacket over there please.” I said pointing, avoiding eye contact.

Wrapping Beau in my jacket comfortably, we waited as the stadium cleared out so we could all get out. Beaus’ eyes soon fluttered shut and her soft snoring soon drifted through my ears as we walked out of the gates and into the school parking lot.

“Hey Ava, would you like to come back to ours for dinner since your brothers gone out?” Nadia asked, her and Emma’s eye hopeful.

“Oh no, it’s okay, I’ll just head home.” I said, sending the both of them a grateful smile.

“No come, plus I don’t think Beau will let you go.” Nadia pointed at the stronghold Beau had on my hair.

“She doesn’t want to come, let her go home.” Kenna rolled her eyes at me.

“Shut up Kenna.” Blaine’s voice cut through the cold air, his voice sounded cold and very posh.

Shocked, I stared at him curiously.

“I see a curious look, but curiosity killed the cat right?” He chuckled, using my words against me.

“Right.” I laughed along with him.

“So you’re coming, Julian will drive your car to ours and you can ride with us since Beau won’t let you go.” Zade said, pulling at my keychain that hung in my back pocket and handing it over to Julian.

“Since that’s all sorted, let’s go, it’s getting dark out.” Nadia said, gesturing for me to follow Zade and Blaine as they turned to leave. Julian disappeared the way to my car.

Giving in, I slowly followed behind the pair as Nadia and Emma giggled next to me, staring and pointing at me and Zade.

“You can ride with us and the girls, the rest go with Silas and Jasper.” Zade spoke with authority to the group.

“Here, I’ll get it.” Zade said, opening the door to an all-white Range Rover.

“Thanks.” I slid in carefully, not wanting to wake Beau.

Beaus’ soft snoring filled the silent car as we drove, Zade drove and Blaine sat in shotgun while Nadia and Emma sat next to me in the backseat. Lights flashed passed the windows, pitch black out. We went through a part of town I haven’t been to yet, the houses getting bigger and plush looking the further we drove.

We finally pull up behind my car, waiting for the huge steel gates to open; the driveway was long and lead up to a stunning mansion, its lights glinted in the dark sky, it looked to be at least three stories high, exotic cars scattered along the front.

“You guys have a beautiful house.” I commented, directing it to Nadia.

“Thanks.” Nadia, Blaine, and Zade shot back at the same time.

“Blaine and the others all live here too.” Nadia said, seeing the confused look I had on my face.

“Oh, right.” I nodded, I wanted to ask questions but I knew better than to pry into stuff that wasn’t any of my business.

“I live next door.” Emma pointed to a house just as big as this one.

“Cool.” I breathed, staring at the huge houses.

Jesus. I thought.

My door soon opened and Zade’s hand came into view soon after, helping me get out as I held onto Beau tightly.

We all made our way up the steps to the huge doors that were being pulled open by an older lady dressed in a uniform.

“Hey, how was the game?” She asked as we all got to the top of the stairs.

“It was great.” Nadia said, skipping through the door.

“Judy this is Ava, Ava this is Judy our maid.” Nadia introduced us.

“Hi.” I smiled at her.

“Ohhhh, you must be Av.” She pointed at Beau, who was nestled comfortably in my arms.

“That’s me.” I said.

Kenna scoffed at me before heading up a huge flight of stairs leading up to the second level.

The house was massive and screamed rich. The entrance was all white marbled with gold detailing’s.

“You are all home just in time for dinner.” A handsome man came walking through the entrance.

“Dad!” Nadia yelled as she flung herself at him.

“Hey love.” He said, his arms wrapping themselves around her shoulders.

“Where is Beau?” He asked puzzled, in search of her.

I stepped forward not knowing what to do and holding Beau out so he could see her.

“And who might you be?” He quirked an eyebrow at me, straightening his suit out after letting Nadia go.

Something about him screamed power and that I should leave but I stayed rooted in my spot.

“I’m Ava sir.” I said nervously.

“She’s the new girl from school, she’s my friend daddy.” Nadia said, smiling at me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He nodded at me, “I’m Maceo.” He continued.

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled. I would have shaken his hand but Beau was still occupying mine.

“Judy, come collect Beau please.” Maceo said, he had an accent but I couldn’t detect what it was.

“I wouldn’t do-” Nadia called out but soon covered her ears as Beau cried out and kicked at Judy’s hands.

“It’s okay, I can place her somewhere myself if you would like?” I asked Judy, after Beaus snoring picked back up.

“It seems my daughter has come to be attached to you.” Maceo said, tapping at his daughter’s nose softly as she pushed his finger away, stirring in my arms.

Maceo had a resemblance to Zade, dark hair, and grey eyes and seemed very standoffish.

“Attached is an understatement.” Zade said, nodding respectfully at Maceo.

The rest of the boys gave Maceo the same nod before following Zade deeper into the house.

“You can place her in here, you guys must be starving.” Maceo said, guiding the rest of us towards a dining area that sat next to a huge family room.

“You have a beautiful home.” I took in my surroundings.

Everything was pristine and high end.

“Thank you Ava.” Maceo said, his smile genuine.

The boys sat in the family room so I strolled over and placed Beau on the soft couch, she clung onto my hair as I laid her down gently, covering her with my jacket and sliding my hair out of her hand, she cried in her sleep but I soon soothed her by rubbing circles on her stomach. Slipping a long cushion into her side so she didn’t roll off the couch if she moved.

“How are you so good with baby’s?” Asked Nadia and Emma as everyone stared at me curiously.

“Ah, I’m not sure actually.” I shrugged.

“Dinners ready.” A maid announced and the boys went running.

“Let’s go eat.” Nadia said, pulling me along with her and Emma.

The tabled was set fancy with three different plates, seven different forks and knives, and three different glasses. I stared wide-eyed.

“You’re funny.” Nadia commented as she stared at me with amusement.

“How exactly?” I asked, slightly confused.

“I’m taking it you don’t know why there are so many different utensils?” She guessed.

“Exactly that.” I replied, picking one up.

Everyone chuckled at me as I silently ate, probably because I was using the wrong fork.

“Use whatever one.” Blaine whispered into my ear with amusement clear in his voice.

I sat between Blaine and Nadia, Emma to Nadia’s left, Jasper to Blaine’s right. Across from us sat, Julian, Drew, Silas and Kenna, with Maceo and Zade at the head and foot of the table.

“So Ava, what do your parents do?” Maceo asked.

“Umh, my parents?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He nodded, his grey eyes focusing on me.

“Ahh, well.” I studded out, I couldn’t bring myself to say the words so I didn’t.

“Someone have mummy and daddy issues?” Kenna laughed.

“My parents are dead actually, so no not really.” I said, my face clear of any emotions.

The table soon fell silent, Maceo and Zade were the first to stare at me and then back to Kenna with anger and disappointment.

“Thank you for inviting me to dinner Nadia, and thank you for having me in your home Maceo.” I said politely, pushing my chair out and standing.

“Kenna why can’t you just shut your mouth.” Jasper growled, his soft and gentle voice I knew was long gone.

Jaspers outburst seemed to surprise everyone at the table but they soon focused back on Kenna.

“Jasper, it’s okay don’t worry, really.” I said softly, “Julian, can I have my keys please?” I asked.

“Julian?” I called out; the tension in the room was suffocating.

Blaine got up from the table, his face in a scowl.

“Come on, I’ll get them for you.” He said softly, guiding me with his hand on the small of my back.

“Sorry about Kenna, she’s just really childish.” He said, handing me my keys.

“You don’t have to be sorry, it’s fine.” I said, giving him a small smile.

“See you at school tomorrow.” He said, but it sounded more like a question.

“Sure.” I nodded.

“Goodnight.” He said before I got into my car and drove home.

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