The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 17

“Who are those suitcases and what the hell are you doing here?” Kenna asked, her voice making me cringe internally.

“Hi to you too.” I muttered under my breath.

“AVA!!” Nadia and Beau both screamed, running through to the entrance where we all stood.

“Hi.” I smiled, Nadia was always welcoming.

“Dad told me everything, I’m so excited.” She screamed, pulling me along with her as Beau jumped with her hands up so I could pick her up.

Zade and the boys smiled at Nadia’s excitement.

Picking Beau up, I headed into to family room with Nadia.

“This is going to be great.” Nadia clapped, her excitement was overwhelming but I felt welcomed by her with open arms.

“Nadia, we should let her settle in.” Maceo’s voice called out from behind us, his tone light and full of playfulness.

“You’re right! How rude of me.” She laughed, “I’ll let you settle in and once you’re all done come back down here and I’ll show you the rest of the house.” She hugged me, pushing me towards Zade.

“I’ll show you your room.” Zade chuckled at his sister’s excitement.

“Welcome to the family.” Jasper, Julian and Drew said, hugging me.

Kenna of course stared at me with one of her deadly glares but I only smiled at her hesitantly.

“I’ll take Beau, you go ahead and get settled in.” Maceo said, taking Beau.

“Thank you.”

I followed Zade and Blaine up the stairs, we went down the hall way where Silas’s room was, Blaine opened a door at the end of the hallway, right next to the one I had woken up in at Nadia’s birthday.

We entered a room with double doors like the other rooms down this hallway, it was just as grand as the others, same set up and everything, though this room had cream walls with silver trimming, a huge bed sat in the middle, half of the bed taken up by plush pillows, everything in it was white with silver accents, it was huge and had it’s own walk-in and bathroom, also with doors leading out to a balcony.

“This is your room.” Zade smiled, his dimples making an appearance.

“Wow, it’s beautiful.” I gushed, staying rooted in place.

Blaine chuckled at the amazement that rests on my face, “It’s refreshing seeing someone so amazed at the things we take for granted.” He spoke to Zade.

“Indeed.” Zade gazed at me.

“See you downstairs.” Blaine smiled, pulling me into a side hug.

“Thank you for helping.” I nodded to my suitcases.

“Always.” He smiled and headed out of the room.

“Want me to help you unpack?” Zade asked, pulling me into his tall figure.

“I got it, you can go downstairs with the others.” I blushed.

“I don’t mind helping.” He insists.

Always a gentleman. I thought.

“It’s fine, I got it.” I tiptoed and kissed his cheek.

“Give me another one of those and I’ll do anything you want without reason.” He winked, his tone playful.

“You wish.” I blushed, pushing him out of the room, shutting it behind him.

He chuckled behind my door before disappearing.

I checked out the rest of the room, everything was spotless and looked like it got cleaned regularly since there weren’t any dust insight.

Huffing, I pulled open my suitcases and got started on hanging everything up inside the closet, the walk-in was bigger then my old room and the bathroom was the same size as the room itself with a jacuzzi tub and a huge shower, big enough to fit 10 people in easily, 15 if you’re pushing it.

It took me 2 hours to have everything situated where I wanted it, my clothes and shoes were lined neatly in the closet, my makeup was placed neatly on the bathroom counter tops, my products were placed in the shower accordingly and my photos sat either side of my bed with my favorite blanket folded neatly on the bed.

I sighed relieved and tiredly as I flopped down onto the couch in the little lounge area. Questions of why Silas and the others live here floated around my head, maybe they were like me. Even if they were, it was none of my business to pry.

I stared aimlessly into the room for a while before pulling myself from off of the couch to go freshen up, I’m sure Nadia was waiting for me and dinner was going to be ready since the sun had already set. Heading out of the room, I shut the door behind me and quietly made my way to the family room.

This house was seriously so big. I thought.

Once I got closer to the family room, Beaus screaming got louder, hurrying I turned the corner to see everyone was gathered around Beau I assumed.

“Hey what’s going on?” I asked tapping on Blaine’s shoulder.

“Something’s wrong with Beau, she’s been crying for a while.” Blaine said worriedly.

“Ava!” Beau called out, she must have heard me though I don’t know how that’s possible since she’s screaming so loudly.

“Give her to Ava, she can calm her.” Nadia said, to Kenna who held Beau.

Kenna walked over to me and put Beau into my arms carefully before glaring at me.

“Av.” Beau cried, calming slightly. Her eyes we’re red and puffy, her skin was an irritated red and her nose runny.

“Where’s Judy?” I asked, looking around.

“Beau won’t go to her, she just cries louder.” Nadia said, worry on her face.

“Okay.” I nodded understandingly, Judy stood in the dining room with her hands over her ears.

“What’s wrong with her?” Everyone asked.

“Beau, shhh, it’s okay just hang on a minute.” I cooed, touching her forehead with the back of my hand gently, her temp was really hot but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

“Judy can you get me some Advil, a clean jumpsuit and her baby wipes for Beau please.” I asked, sitting down with Beau carefully.

“Can someone else get me a wet clothe, please.” I asked no one in particular.

“On it.” Blaine yelled before running off, the rest sat down relief coating their faces as Beaus crying came down a notch.

Taking Beau’s clothes off that clung to her little body, she was over heating by the amount of layers she had on, sweat covering her back and stomach.

Judy and Blaine came back seconds later with the things I asked for.

Wiping Beau’s body down with the baby wipes, I quickly dress her in a loose jumpsuit before picking her back up and holding her in my arms. Laying the wet cloth on Beau’s forehead, I give her a teaspoon of baby Advil, everyone watched silently.

“Can you make her a bottle please Judy?” I asked politely.

“I made her one a couple of minutes ago.” Judy handed me a bottle of milk.

Taking the cloth off Beau’s head, I place my hand back over her forehead and it’s cooled down.

“She had a high temp, she’s okay.” I said as Beau finally stopped crying.

Sticking the bottle into Beau’s mouth, she drunk her bottle while she sniffled and her eyes finally fluttered shut but not before she reached up for my hair.

“You’re going to be a great mother one day.” Judy commented and the rest nodded in agreement.

“I thank god you moved in.” Nadia smiled.

I slipped the bottle from her mouth after she finished it all and slipped her onto the soft couch, placing a pillow along her so she didn’t roll off. Her soft snoring soon filled the room making everyone laugh lightly.

Zade stood and pulled me into his arms, “You surprise me everyday.” He said.

“Glad that I do.” I laughed.

“Dinners ready.” A maid announced before disappearing.

“Go on a date with me after dinner.” He whispered into my ear.

“Where to?” I blushed.

“I was thinking a dessert date.” He said, pulling me away to the side.

“Okay.” I nodded, my cheeks hot.

“Okay.” He repeated, his smile was the happiest I’ve ever seen it and I could stare at it all day if I could, his dimples did things to me.

Slipping his hand in mine, he guided me to the dining room where everyone was already seated.

“Where are Maceo and Chris?” I asked him as we neared.

“They had business to take care of, they’ll be back later tonight.” He replied, his smile never leaving his lips as we ate dinner.

We all ate and the table was full of all sorts of conversation, it was refreshing to see so many faces at dinner but it made me miss Grayson a whole lot.

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