The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 18

“It’s windy outside, do you want to change?” Zade asked, his voice laced with worry.

“I’ll just go get my jacket.” I said, running back up to my new room. I came back down minutes later; I fixed my makeup and hair before I came down.

“The Ice Cream Parlor awaits us.” Zade said, his hand outstretched for me to take.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, I laced fingers in his as we headed out. We took an Audi there, I don’t know much about Audis so Zade told me what their features were, although it wasn’t the kind of car I was into it was very nice and luxurious.

The ice cream place he took me to was a cozy and cute one, it is called The Ice Cream Pala, it had an old 1960′s feel to it with red and white décor. It had 100 flavors of Ice cream and it was so hard to choose, Zade suggested we get a scoop of each but I told him he was crazy because it was, how were we going to eat it all.

“Surprise me.” I said, and headed over to an empty booth.

I sat waiting, staring Zade up and down. He wore black jeans, a leather jacket and a dark maroon shirt under it. We were matching; I wore a dark maroon shirtdress and my black leather jacket. It was cute. I turned away as soon as I looked up to meet his eyes; he was staring at me with a lazy smirk.

“I got you three different flavors and myself three different ones, we can share if you don’t like what I got you.” He said, placing down containers filled with different colored ice cream.

“What flavors are they?” I asked, giddy.

“I have no clue actually but I guess we will find out.” He chuckled, handing me a spoon and we both dug in.

“I like all of them.” I exclaimed, stuffing more of the delicious ice cream into my mouth.

“You don’t want to get a brain freeze, slow down.” Zade chuckled, swiping the side of my mouth.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” I said, sneaking ice cream from his container.

“My actual name is Zaden.” He said, his eyes watching me carefully.

“What? How didn’t I know that.” I asked in disbelief.

“Everyone calls me Zade so I didn’t think it was a big deal.” He shrugged, a smile on his lips.

“I like Zaden, it’s different, unique even.” I smiled, sneaking more of his ice cream.

“You know you don’t have to sneak to try to get my ice cream if that’s what you want to call sneaking.” He laughed and I soon joined him.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He said after we calmed from the laughing we just did.

“I know every fighting style there is.” I said, he pretty much knows everything about me after this morning.

His mouth hanging open, I bent forward touching his chin and pushed it up to close his mouth, “You might catch flies.” I said, falling back into my seat laughing.

The people in other booths stared at us, wondering what was so funny. Zade watched me closely, a small smile playing across his lips.

“Did you just snort?” He asked, his eyes full of amusement.

“Noooooooo.” I said back, laughing more.

“You did!” He exclaimed, pointing a finger at me.

“I did not!” I argue back, my cheeks blushing. I did snort I just didn’t want to admit it.

“It was a cute snort, one I could get use to.” He said, pulling my hand towards him and played with my hand.

“Can you tell me something else.” I breathed out as he raised my hand to his mouth and kissed my knuckles gently.

“My favorite color is black.” He said.

“Blacks not a color.” I stated.

“It is.” He argued, his tone playful.

“Is it?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Indeed.” He laughed lightly.

We played 21 questions but the PG version of course. I learned so much about him, he hates chocolate and honestly I wasn’t complaining about it even though I love it, if I ever had chocolate I knew I wouldn’t have to share with him, cue the evil laugh. He likes all sorts of movies but not chick flicks and I couldn’t be any happier, I hate chick flicks also, they’re too predictable, chick flicks are inevitable. We talked for hours and finally the old man who owns The Ice Cream Pala let us know he was going to shut the shop, we were shocked to see the time was 11:00 pm.

Zade opened my door for me before I slid into the car and closed my door behind me before walking around to his side and slipping in. His scent was lulling me to sleep as we drove home, it was so comforting and reassuring.

“Thank you for tonight, I really had a great time.” I mumbled, my words coming out as a soft whisper.

“I had an amazing time too, go to sleep.” He said softly, grabbing my hand with his free one.

“Okay.” I whisper before passing out to his musky scent.

I stretch out in bed, it was the best sleep I’ve ever had. The bed I now realize is mine, the white bed sheets cover my body, I was still in my maroon dress from last night but my shoes and jacket were placed neatly at the foot of my bed and the events from last night came rushing in as a small smile and blush crept across my face.

Checking the time, it was 7 o’clock and I rushed to the shower, not wanting to be late for school or breakfast with the others if they were up yet.

The shower was amazing, it has two heads and you’re able to control the pressure, it was a dream shower that’s for sure. I quickly got dressed in something simple, a plain black t-shirt dress and my black vans. I applied light makeup and left my hair out before stepping out of my room with my wallet, school bag and keys, heading downstairs to see if anyone was awake. To my surprise only Maceo and Chris sat in the dining room, talking over breakfast.

“Good morning.” They said in unison.

“Morning.” I smiled, “Isn’t everyone awake yet?” I asked, slipping my school bag onto the floor and out of the way.

“Zade is in the kitchen but the rest haven’t come down yet.” Maceo pointed to a set of door.

Assuming the way he pointed was the kitchen, I made my way through the doors to find Zade cooking something.

“Good morning.” I said, bumping my shoulder with his.

“Hey, how was your sleep?” He smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.

“It was great, how was yours?” I said, resting my hands on his broad chest.

“Would have been better with you.” He winked.

“Is that so.” I smiled.

“Indeed, I made us breakfast, you like scrambled eggs?” He asked, moving around the kitchen skillfully.

“I’d like anything you cook.” I winked, laughing lightly.

“Let’s go eat then.” He smirked, handing me my plate, guiding me back into the dining room.

We talked with Maceo and Chris as they asked how I was liking it here so far and we talked about other things, the rest of the household came down soon after, saying good morning to everyone and making themselves breakfast as well.

“Ava, I forgot to tell you, this weekend coming we have a party to go to so this Friday the girls' stylist will be here for dresses and what not so be prepared for that.” Maceo smiled.

“Everyone have a good day at school.” He said before disappearing with Chris.

“Whose party is it?” I whispered to Nadia as she ate next to me.

“One of Dads and Chris’s good friend Lucian De’vore has this ball party every year, he’s a billionaire and is into cars.” She rolls her eyes.

“He does car shows and things during the ball, you’ll see on Saturday.” She said, “We better get going to school or else we’re going to be late.”

“Ride with me?” Zade asked.

“Nope, she’s driving me and Emma.” Nadia cut in, grabbing our bags and dragging me out the door as I gave Zade a sad smile, mouthing ‘I’ll see you there’.

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