The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 19

All week we’ve been busy with test and studies, it’s been stressful but we all managed to get through it. Nadia finally showed me around the house, it was bigger then I had thought, it had a private gym with every equipment there was, an inside pool, the house has 20 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, 5 lounges, 2 kitchens, 2 game rooms, a pool house, 2 libraries, 3 studies, 2 offices, basketball court, tennis court and a garage filled with exotic cars. The house had everything but we all spent most of our time in the family room, studying together and hanging out.

Nadia and me were currently sitting in gym class watching the boys play volleyball, I was so exhausted it wasn’t funny.

“You and Zade seem very close.” Nadia said, watching Silas.

“Do you mind if I date your brother?” I asked nervously.

“No way, I’ve been shipping the both of you since you started this school.” She said, wiggling her eyebrow, “You’re the first girl I’ve seen that didn’t drool all over him from the get go, you just simply didn’t care for him.“.

“All the girls try get his attention, you don’t even notice it yourself and neither does he, he really only has eyes for you.” She carried on.

“Kenna likes him, that’s why she hates me so much.” I nodded at the glare she was currently giving me.

“Kenna loves him, she confessed her love for him the day you started but he brushed her off, I don’t agree with the way he did it but maybe it’s karma for the way she treats others.” She said, “Don’t worry, she’ll get over herself.“.

“I feel worse now, I don’t want to make her feel like I’m rubbing it in her face or something.” I sighed frustratingly.

“See that’s why everyone likes you, you always think of others before yourself, it’s hard not to like you, you’re an amazing person inside and out.” Nadia said proudly, pulling me into a side hug.

“Thanks Nadia, you’re quite amazing yourself.” I smiled at her.

“I know.” She laughed and I laughed with her.

“I’m so not looking forward to the stylist coming over tonight.” She said after we sobered up.

“I totally forgot about that, Zade was taking me on a date, maybe we could go after we finish.” I said, slapping my forehead.

“It’s going to be a long session, it always is.” She huffed in frustration.

I guess we have to reschedule our date, again. I thought.

We’ve been trying to go out on another date but studying’s been stressful and tiring on the both of us so we haven’t had the time to go out anywhere and I was hoping tonight would be it but I guess not.

Once we got home, we all ate a snack before our stylist came in with racks and racks of dresses, her name was Kate and she was stunning, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, perfect body and dressed to the nines.

“I have the perfect dress for you.” She nodded at me and held a dress to my body.

“You will look stunning in this dress, your waistline is to kill for, and I’m actually envious.” She said, her eyes scanning my body carefully.

The dress was a deep red, it had an open back and a deep v neckline that would show too much cleavage, and had long slits on both sides of the dress going all the up to my waist.

“No, I want to wear this one.” Kenna snatched it out of Kate’s hands.

“But Ava was going to wear it.” She scowled, giving Kenna a pointed look.

“No it’s okay, It’s not something I’d be comfortable to wear anyways.” I said honestly, it showed too much for my liking.

“Have a look for a dress and shoes then.” She said giving up on us.

I searched through the beautiful dresses almost giving up till I spotted a red spaghetti dress, it’s length was short, stopping just above mid-thigh, it had a plugging neckline but it was perfect, it wasn’t your typical ‘Ball gown’ but that’s what made it different. Taking it off the rack, I placed it into my arms carefully and picked up some silver pumps with red bottoms, some silver sparkly jewelry and small clutch to match.

“Good, everyone done?” Kate called out before leaving with her assistant and the racks of dresses.

“I’m so glad we’re finally done, I’m so tired.” Nadia said as we walked up stairs together, our gowns and other things in hand.

“Me too.” I replied.

We went separate ways into our own rooms, putting our outfits away for tomorrow night.

Checking the time, it was already 10 pm, I can’t believe we were looking through dresses for 5 hours straight. Sighing I quickly showered and dressed into a matching pajama set and blow-dried my hair before spraying body mist all over. I stepped out of my room and knocked on Zade’s door, his room was the one I had woken up in at Nadia’s birthday.

“Yes?” His deep voice called out.

“Hi, can I come in?” I asked, popping my head through his door.

“Of course, come here.” He patted the space next to him on his bed.

He wore black sweatpants and a white t-shirt to match, his hair slightly wet so I knew he just got out of the shower. Climbing onto his bed, he pulled me closer into his side as he flipped a page over in his book.

“What are you reading?” I asked, playing with his ring on his finger.

“Some book Blaine gave me, it’s quite interesting actually.” He said, shutting it and placing it over on his bedside table.

“Sorry we couldn’t go on that date.” I said softly.

“We have plenty of time to go on another, we’ve been so busy.” He sighed.

“Want to watch a movie with me?” He asked sweetly.

“Sure.” I nodded and he got out of bed to go turn his TV on and look for the remote.

“If you keep looking at me like that then you’ll make me blush.” Zade called out with his back to me.

How did he even know? I thought.

I blushed as he turned around to look at me. He just looked so good in sweats like he did in anything else.

“What do you want to watch?” He asked as he switched the light off and got back in bed.

“I’ll watch whatever you put on, plus you have good movie taste.” I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

“This will do then.” He said, pushing play and getting more comfortable.

We watched the movie as he played with my hand and my head rested on his chest, I fit perfectly into his side, it was comfortable and relaxing. His scent lulling me in and out of sleep.

“Ava?” His voice was soft, his chest vibrated when he spoke.

“Yeah.” I said softly.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously.

“Yes.” I breathed out, my heart fluttering and my stomach filled with butterflies.

“Can I do something?” He asked, I could feel his heart speed up.

“What?” I asked, tilting my head to stare up at him.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, his voice horse.

“Okay.” I blushed, nodding slightly.

Zade’s smooth and soft lips pressed against mine gently and I responded fully, running my hand up his chest and around his neck as I pulled myself up a little so he wasn’t bending down.

We pulled away at the same time, his eyes boring into mine. I couldn’t believe what just happened. The soft smile that stretched across Zade’s face showed his dimples.

“Can I have another?” He winked, tucking me into his side again.

“You wish.” I yawned, resting my hand on his chest again.

“I do.” He chuckled lowly, his chest vibrating.

“Good night.” He whispered, placing a feather light kiss on my head.

“Good night.” I said softly, letting his scent and soft breathing lull me to sleep.

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