The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 2

“Grayson, wake up we got to be ready in an hour, school starts at 8:30 but we have to go early to get our schedules.” I yelled, knocking on his door.

“Okay.” He yelled back.

His bedroom was opposite mine, with a bathroom between the two.

He soon came running out with his towel draped around his neck, “Morning sis.” He said groggily, running into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

Snapping out of my daydreaming state, I too ran into my room to quickly shower. Since I had already picked out my outfit the day before, I got dressed into a cream bell-sleeved top, matching it with black high-waisted jeans, even though my top was cropped, my jeans covered my abdomen not showing any skin. I wasn’t the type to fuss over what I wore and how I wore it but like everyone else, I’d like to look at least decent for my first day. Brushing out my long dark hair, it cascaded down my back in soft waves, the length stopping at my waist. I had naturally full eyebrows that arched to suit my face perfectly and eyelashes girls these days paid to have, high cheekbones, full lips, and warm honey colored eyes.

I move the boxes filled with my trophies to the side to get my lip-gloss and shoes from my closet. My trophies were my Dads and I pride and joy, my dad was a great boxer, he’s won hundreds of fights and so have I.

Checking my watch, my brother swung my bedroom door open in a panic, “Does this look okay?” He asked, pointing down at his outfit.

Tapping my index finger against my bottom lip, I examine his outfit carefully; blue denim t-shirt, brown shorts that stopped above his knees and black shoes.

“It looks bad doesn’t it.” Throwing his arms up in defeat.

“No, I like it, maybe change the shoes to the blue ones I brought you, it’ll go with the denim t-shirt you have on.” I said, slipping on my black vans.

My brother is handsome like our father, although he held more resemblance to our mother. I looked more like our father with dark hair and warm honey colored eyes, people always thought Grayson and I weren’t related since we looked so different but if you saw us standing next to our parents you would see the resemblance. Grayson had mums blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Thanks.” He says, dashing out of my room to change his shoes.

Grabbing my school bag and dropping the essentials in, pencil case, notebooks, gum, and phone before heading downstairs.

“Grayson lets go.” I yell, finished packing both our lunches.

We spent our weekend unpacking and setting the house up the way we wanted it, the house was great, it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, lounge, kitchen, and washroom. The walls were all white and had brown wooden flooring, it had a cozy feel to the house, which I was grateful for, it felt like a home.

“I’m ready,” His deep voice called out from the entrance.

Hurrying out of the door, I quickly lock it before the both of us rush to the car, throwing our bags in the back.

The drive to school was only ten minutes, so we didn’t need to fuss too much about getting there on time.

Once we arrived, the school was completely deserted, the buildings were exactly like our old-school but colored different, large regular brick buildings with blue and white flags hanging off of tall posts. Only a lone janitor in the hall of the entrance, sweeping the floors. We made our way to the student office to collect our schedules and the office lady was nice enough to mark out our classes and lockers on each of our school maps. We started school a week later than everyone else, the entrance hall was buzzing with chatter and laughter by students standing at their lockers.

“God I hate being the new kids,” Grayson said, slinging his arm over my shoulders.

“Tell me about it.” I muttered, annoyed at the stares but I never showed my annoyed expression.

People glanced curiously at us, unsure who we were, some pointed, others stared just because others did.

“This schools so big, there’s has to be at least a thousand kids here.” He said staring down at his map.

“That I agree with.” I replied staring at my own, “Are you good to find your way?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“What am I? Twelve?” He laughed, rolling his eyes.

“Sometimes.” I dumped his arm playfully.

“Very funny, I’ll see you after tryouts.” He said, pulling me into a quick hug and leaving just as fast.

Watching him leave was like watching my very own child leave, oh the heartache.

The curious eyes followed me as I walked through the hall looking for my locker.

“Hey.” A high-pitched voice said as I punched in my locker code.

“Hi.” I replied, smiling at her and the group she had behind her, wearing the same cheerleader’s outfit.

“Want to be apart of our clique?” She asked, playing with her well-manicured nails, her gorgeous blonde hair framing her face.

“No, thanks for the offer though.” I say as nicely as I could, pulling my leather jacket from my gym bag and shoving it into my school bag.

“We wouldn’t want to be friends with you anyways.” She muttered, walking away with her ‘clique’.

The feelings mutual. I thought.

My parents taught me to never say something if it wasn’t nice, and I kept to it.

The bell finally rung, signaling for the first set of classes to start. Shutting my locker, I rushed to my first class being AP English.

Lovely. I thought, huffing my distaste at the subject.

I arrived before everyone else; the teacher was writing something up on the blackboard so he wasn’t paying attention to who walked in, making my way over to him I cleared my throat to try to get his attention.

“Who might we have here?” He turned to face me, smiling down at me, his eyes crinkling on the sides.

“Hi, I’m Ava Vice.” I replied handing over my schedule.

“Oh yes, I’m Mr. Franklin but everyone calls me Mr. F, we are working on a group project at the moment, that is why we have four of the tables made into one big table,” He said gesturing to the table layout, “I will put you into this group over here.” He made his way over to the back of the room, “You can sit over here.” He pointed to a specific chair, closest to the window.

“Thank you.” I nodded appreciatively.

“I will explain the project to you during the lesson since everyone has started already, but take these notes for now.” He handed me some papers.

I read over the notes as the rest of the students piled in, I’ve already done the same project at my old school so I already knew what to do. People shamelessly stared at me as I sat waiting for the lesson to begin. Every table in the room finally filled besides mine and one other, though I wasn’t complaining.

The teacher finally started the lesson, telling the class he doesn’t want to see anyone on their phones unless they want them taken off them. I watched him talk until he finally made his way over to me.

“Your group hasn’t shown up yet.” He pointed at the empty seats.

“I figured.” I stared deadpanned.

“They always come late, so they’ll be here any minute,” He said staring at his watch.

“And now.” He pointed at the door.

On cue five guys and a single girl strolled through the door, their hands shoved into their designer clothes.

“You’re all late, like always.” Mr. F called out.

“Yeah yeah, save it old man.” One of them said, rolling his green eyes.

Mr. F huffed in frustration, muttering something under his breath.

The two guys carried on their conversation, pulling out chairs at the table I sat at; they didn’t notice I was there so they carried on talking.

But again, I wasn’t complaining.

The other four sat in the other empty table next to ours, chatting away.

“So you think he will do it?” The one with dark curly hair asked, straightening out the white shirt he wore, blinking his dark grey eyes.

“Who knows what he’ll do, when do we ever.” The other said, running his long and lean fingers through his nicely combed back hair.

The curly head had strong features, sharp jawline, thick brows, thick lashes, and dark grey eyes, he had a beauty spot resting on his lip. The one with slicked soft brown hair was just as handsome as curly head, strong jawline, bright green eyes framed by thick lashes. They both had a similar build, puff at the shoulders but toned everywhere else.

“Is he coming today?” Grey eyes asked.

“I don’t know man.” Replied the other.

Ignoring their conversation, I started writing notes down.

“Who the hell are you?” The girl who walked in late called out.

Assuming she was talking to me, I never flinched or acknowledged her but carried on writing like I never heard her.

“Who the hell are you?” Curly head demanded, staring at me like I grew another head.

“This is Ava our new student, if you paid attention you might have noticed she was there.” The teacher yelled.

“Yeah yeah, whatever old man.” They both said, staring at me warily.

“How long have you been sitting there?” Green eyes asked, moving his chair away from me like I had a disease.

“Since class started.” I replied calmly, pretending to read over the notes Mr. F gave me.

“What the fuck.” One of them said, they both eyed me for the rest of the lesson but I ignored them both and drew aimlessly into my notebook.

The girl from before glared at me with pure dislike.

Why? I don’t know but I never paid her any mind.

As soon as the bell rung, they were the first out of class. I was glad they left in a hurry as I packed everything up into my bag. My next class went by fast since it was art, though I wasn’t good at it, it was still a fun class.

The whole school had lunch at the same time, which I found strange for such a big school.

Checking my phone for any calls or messages from Kota, one popped up as soon as I opened my message app.

I set you up at 23:00. Meet me somewhere before then.


Kota was my knight in shining armor I’d like to call him, though not romantically, he had other benefits. He was the one who suggested I do underground fights to make quick and easy cash. I didn’t like the idea at first but I was desperate to provide for my brother and me so I eventually gave in and started fighting for money. It wasn’t legal, nowhere near it actually. When I first started trying to provide for us I was sixteen and Greyson was fifteen, I cried and cried for the first couple of weeks, I hated everyone. My dead parents included but I couldn’t hate my brother, that’s where I drew the line. To survive for the first couple of months after the car crash, I sold my mothers car, knowing the money wasn’t going to last, I looked high and low for a job but I always came up empty-handed. No one would hire me and that is when I met Kota.

The club that I’ll be fighting at tonight, I’ve never been to but I’ve heard stories, not good ones anyway.

Making my way into the cafeteria, I walk around for a couple of minutes till I finally spotted my brother sitting with some kids wearing soccer shirts.

“Hey Grayson, can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked, smiling at his new friends, they looked nice enough.

“Hey sis, yeah one moment.” He said running over to the rubbish bin and back.

“This is my sister Ava, Ava, my friends.” Grayson said gesturing to the group sitting at the table.

“Hey.” I waved.

A chorus of hey’s from the group replied before I pulled Grayson away, to talk to him privately.

“I have something on tonight, so after you try out for soccer later this afternoon, head straight home, I’ll cook dinner and leave it in the fridge for you to warm up, okay?” I said pulling the spare key from my keychain and handing it over to him.

“Be safe please.” His eyes silently pleading.

“Always, and good luck, you’ll do great.” I hugged him before walking out of the cafeteria doors and out into the open area where more kids hung out.

I was glad my brother made friends so fast; he was a humble and easygoing kid so I wasn’t too worried about him.

Curious eyes watched me as I took in the open area, green grass coated the ground with park benches scatted everywhere. Deciding to sit under a tree far away from everyone else, I pulled out my lunch and ate in peace. Unlike my brother I preferred to be alone, it was something less I had to worry about.

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