The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 22

“How generous of you.” Kenna smirked.

I was shocked at the sudden change in her mood; she gave me a different facial expression, her normal glare that always seemed to rest on her face at me disappeared.

“You’re up in 20 minutes, do you want to go change?” Zade whispered, his eyes were big, like he was worried about something.

I could feel eyes on me, close by. It was a weird feeling; chills ran up and down my back in whirls. The back of my head was burning hot. Turning to the source of the stares, 9 pairs of eyes stared back at me with intense curiosity, I smiled warmly hoping they’d turn away but they never did so I turned back around to Zade.

“Yeah, I’ll go in a little.” I said, trying to calm Zade’s nerves.

I stared at Lucian and his two sons, Colin looked different to his father and brother, he looked older then 25, he had dark hair and brown eyes, and his build was of any attractive guy, buff shoulders, strong arms and narrow hips. I assumed he looked more like his mother since the dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. I guess he didn’t know who Vee was too since he kept looking around the warehouse.

People in this room, held some sort of power in the underground Maceo explained before, he told me to just stay with them at all times and I’ll be fine, I had no intentions of wandering off by myself anyways, Zade’s presence helped to cope with our surroundings and so did Kota.

“I’ll go strap up now.” I whispered, pushing off of Zade and Blaine’s arms.

“Security will follow, please come back to me safely.” Zade said, his voice worried and his face pained.

“Always.” I kissed his cheek and left.

Sure enough, three of Maceo’s security flanked me as I walked to the changing rooms.

The intense stares of the other people in the booth followed me, it gave me a different vibe I couldn’t explain, it wasn’t creepy but it was at the same time. I ignored them and the rest of the people in the room, they all stared as I walked by, nothing I wasn’t use to now.

I quickly dressed in my fighting attire and strapped my feet and hands, butterflies erupted in my stomach at the challenge, I haven’t fought anyone with so much experience and it was accelerating.

Walking out of the changing room, people stared again, this time curiously.

“Remember to tire him out.” Kota said, slapping my back and taking my bag. “Just go up to the MC over there in the velvet suit, you got this.” Kota gave me thumbs up with his sausage fingers.

I walked over to the MC and told him who I was. He of course gave me a once over and laughed.

Asshole. I thought but I smiled in return.

“Are you sure about this?” His sandpapery voice asked.

“Yes.” I waved him off and jumped through the ropes.

I waited and watched as Colin made his way out of the guys changing room, a frown replaced his emotionless face as soon as he saw me standing in the ring. The stares grew more intense by the second.

Finally, Colin got in the ring, he had a muscle tee and shorts on, and his hands and feet weren’t strapped.

“Are you really Vee?” He asked and I nodded.

He seemed like a nice guy but I really did hope he’d give me a challenge like I wanted.

“Colin vs. Vee.” The MC said through a microphone.

I advanced towards Colin, landing punches into his face, trying to let him know I was serious. He threw skillful punches but none ever landed, a smile broke out on to my face as I dodged, he was for sure skilled. I watched his stance very carefully, he stood with his knees bent and walked around the ring like a crab, it almost made me laugh every time he walked side ways.

A flaw. I thought.

Running towards him, I jump onto his left knee, pushing off, his face looked so confused I almost felt bad on what I was about to do next. Almost.

I came down just as fast as I went up, punching the left side of his cheek bone, retracting my right hand, I quickly land another powerful punch to his nose with my left just as I landed back onto solid ground, he fell to the floor seconds later. KO’d. Blood rushed from his now broken nose, I picked him up and dragged him to the edge so the guards or someone could help him.

Silence, nothing was heard in the warehouse, just intense stares of amazement and curiosity.

I turned my attention to Maceo and Chris; they both gave me silent claps with wide and proud smiles. I laughed at their antics, my heart squeezed tight, they reminded me so much of my father when he use to watch me fight but I pushed the feeling away and focused on jumping out of the ring and headed into the changing rooms again, I didn’t break a sweat during that fight, it wasn’t the challenge I was hoping for.

I walked back out into the warehouse, dressed back into the clothes I arrived in. Whispers broke out into the warehouse as I went back towards the booths. I slipped into Zade arms once I arrived.

“You were great, I saw the disappointment on your face at the end.” Zade whispered, he knew me so well in such sort time.

“You did great kid” Kota patted my hand.

“Thank you.” I whispered to both of them.

I felt antsy, everyone was still staring at me, normally I would have left the place straight after the fight but since I was with Maceo and Chris, I couldn’t exactly go anywhere.

“Come on, let go sit back down, the boys are eager to congratulate you.” Zade smooth lips pressed to my ear.

As soon as we neared, the boys pulled me into a hug each. Kenna gave me an eye roll and I was good with that.

“You fought flawlessly, congratulations.” Lucian smiled.

I was half expecting him to yell at me for hurting his son but I got the exact opposite. I smiled at him and Killian before turning forward in my seat.

So tired. I thought.

A finger tapped my shoulder.

“Blaine, stop that.” I slapped his hand away as I watched the security walk around the room, alert of their surroundings.

Something felt off, I spotted a guy sitting in the crowd. He looked on edge, his feet tapping against the cemented floors impatiently.

“I don’t recall my name being Blaine.” A deep voice said, his tone playful.

Turning slowly to the voice, unfamiliar ice blue eyes stared back at me.

“Sorry, I thought you were someone else.” I smiled at the stranger.

“Understandable, how do you do?” He nodded, his smile small.

“I’m good, how do you do?” I said in the same posh tone as him.

“I’m very well.” He laughed, he was apart of the group who sat in the other side of the booth.

His group watched our exchange, seven men and a single woman. They all looked similar but I ignored looking at them.

“Good to know.” I smiled before turning away from him.

Zade pulled me from my chair and pushed me to Lucian.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Zade worriedly, he was making me nervous with his stoic facial expression and his stiff posture.

“Just sit here, trust me okay.” He kissed my lips and sat back in his seat.

I talked to Lucian a little, he was sweet and easy to talk to.

I watched the security again, they weren’t Maceo’s security, they were someone else’s but I didn’t know who’s exactly. They were ten times more alert then Maceo’s, they looked prepared for anything, I spotted the same security outside in the clearing near all the cars when we arrived, whoever’s they were are very important people.

An airy feeling swept through the warehouse and it made me feel uneasy, I moved back to Zade’s protective arms.

“Something feels off, we should go.” I frowned, staring at our surroundings.

“You’re sure about this?” He asked, tightening his arms around me.

“I’m positive about this, we should really go.”

Zade leaned over and whispered into Maceo and Chris’s ears and the three stared back at me worriedly before they got up and spoke to Lucian.

Lucian gave a nod and our family’s all stood.

“Come on, we’re leaving.” Zade wrapped his arms around me.

Relief flooded my body as we all made or way out of the warehouse leaving the other family in the booth and others in the warehouse. We got into our waiting vehicles and made our way home, the cars silence and Zade’s strong scent sent me in and out of sleep.

“Go to sleep.” Zade chuckled as I played with the ring on his finger.

Putting his suit jacket on me, I fell into a dreamless sleep into his side.

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