The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 23 (Maceo's POV)

“What’s the matter?” I asked Lucian who was currently pacing my office with his phone to his ear.

“Someone opened fired at The Pit minutes after we left.” He said before yelling back into his phone.

“Anyone dead?” Chris asked, frowning.

“Seven dead, twelve injured. They were after the Monrovian Family.” Lucian replied, shoving his phone into his pocket.

“Where’s Ava? I’d like to thank her.” Lucian said, his politeness amazing me yet again.

“She’s asleep, Zade took her to bed.” Blaine said from where him and Lucians two boys sat.

“I’m glad we listened to her.” Lucian sighed, his head in his hands.

“Are her and Zade serious?” Killian asked, his question directed at Blaine.

Colin scoffed, rolling his eyes at his brother. “She’d never give you a second glance, I can tell you now.”

Blaine stayed quiet, ignoring Killian.

“Yes she would, she won’t be able to resist this.” Killian gestured to himself.

If you weren’t one of my boss’s sons, I’d walk over there and beat you black and blue. I thought.

I already thought of Ava as one of my daughters even though I haven’t known her long. She’s a sweet and caring girl, very respectful and she fits into the family very well already. Nadia’s the happiest I’ve seen her since my wife passed, all thanks to Ava.

I turned to side-glance at Chris and he looks like he wanted to do the same thing as I did.

“Do not talk about Ava like that, she’s obviously got too much class to even look your way.” Lucian glared at his son, surprising me and everyone else in the room.

The door swings open and in walks Zade his face with an icy look as he stared down Killian. “Too much class.” He says, striding towards a seat and taking it.

Zaden reminds me of his father with his cold and distant persona. He knows better then to challenge Lucian’s sons but all common sense goes out the window when he’s mad.

Killian rolls his eyes and shuts his mouth in return. Him and Zade have had run ins before but they always seemed to be civil with each other.

“The house is on lock down, I doubled security.” Zade said without looking away from Killian.

“Good, I was just about to do that.” I nodded.

“We better get going, it’s getting late.” Lucian stood, giving Zade a respectful nod.

“What are you going to do about the shooting incident?” I asked, my tone serious.

“Don’t worry just get me that deal sighed off.” He replied, straightening his suit. “See you all at Ace’s birthday dinner.”

“Tell Ava I said thank you.” Lucian and his two sons left, one holding the back of his head after Lucian slapped it for being disrespectful and the other rubbing his broken nose Ava gave him.

“When is Ace’s birthday dinner?” Zade asked, throwing his tie off.

“This Friday, we’re all going so don’t even try get out of this one.” I said sternly.

“Who’s all going to be there?” Blaine asked.

“Everyone of importance.” Chris sighed tiredly.

Zade grunted his distaste, running his long fingers through his hair.

“Someone shot up The Pit trying to get at the Monrovian Family.” Blaine informed Zade.

“How many were killed?” Zade asked, his expression of a surprised kind.

“Seven, twelve injured.” Chris filled him in.

“How did Ava know?” Blaine asked, sinking deeper into the leather couch.

“I don’t know she just said something felt off, do we know who the shooter was?” Zade said.

“Lucian didn’t say.” I shrugged, falling back into my seat at my desk.

“I can’t believe one of them spoke to her. They never speak to anyone.” Chris stared at his hands intently.

“Did you see them all looking at her, it was creepy.” Blaine shook his head.

“You know what’s even creepier, they look like Ava’s mother.” Zade stared into nothingness.

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