The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 25

“Ava, can you help me? You have good fashion sense.” Nadia said, holding two dresses up to her body.

It’s Thursday night and we were looking through dresses again for the birthday dinner tomorrow.

“She has no fashion sense.” Kenna scoffed, pointing at me.

“Zade doesn’t think so.” I walked over to Nadia.

I was over trying to be nice to her today, she’s been at me all day.

“I like the peach one, it’ll compliment the heels you already have picked out.” I held the peach colored dress next to her lace-up heels.

“Thanks Av.” She smiled before taking the dress and laid it on the couch.

“What are you going to wear?” She asked as we walked around the rack of dresses and clothes Kate had brought in.

“Nothing has caught my attention yet.” I huffed. “How formal is it?” I asked, searching through the racks.

“It’s not really that formal since it’s all close friends and Ace’s family going but everyone dresses up like their going to the red carpet.” She said, shrugging.

“I’m going to dress comfortable.” I said, making my way over to a different rack.

“Comfortable is good for you, Beau’s coming and I know she’s going to ditch Judy and want to be with you all night.” Nadia said, helping me pick out a dress.

I laughed as Beau waddled her way passed us with Judy running after her.

Picking up a soft pink two-piece, I threw it over my arm and made my way over to the shoes. Some nude strappy heels caught my attention so I grabbed them and followed Nadia back up to our rooms after saying a quick thank you to Kate. I didn’t feel like jewelry was necessary so I didn’t bother grabbing any.

“Glam team is going to be here straight after school and we have to be ready by 5 pm so we aren’t late for the dinner, see you in the morning.” Nadia hugged me.

“Goodnight.” I said before making my way to my bedroom.

Zade is out with Maceo and Blaine, they didn’t say where they were going but I didn’t question them either.

Hanging the dress in my closet, I slipped into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

Something heavy landed on me and I let out a scared scream.

“Av. It’s me.” His silvery voice laughed, pulling my blanket down from my face.

“Good morning.” I said sheepishly.

“Good morning beautiful.” Zade dipped down, kissing my lips softly.

“Hey, have you slept yet?” I asked, staring up at his tired eyes.

“No, we only just got home.” He shrugged, still straddling my body.

“What’s the time?”

“7 in the morning.” He yawned.

“Jump into bed, I’ll get ready for school. Stay home today?” I smiled as he flipped us.

“No, I’ll come to school with you.” He started sitting up but I stopped him.

“You’re staying home.” I said sternly, pecking his lips.

“Okay, miss bossy.” He replied, a sexy smirk resting on his face.

I jumped off of him and made my way to my bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. Once I came back out Zade was fast asleep, tucked into my bed. I quietly made my way to him and kissed his lips before heading out with my school bag and car keys.

Today went slower without Zade at school but it continued like any other day, now pulling back up to our house. I was not excited about makeup and hair, Me and Nadia said a quick goodbye to Emma before we headed up the stairs. We entered the house to find the glam team sitting and waiting patiently. I ran upstairs before Nadia could stop me, I just had to go see Zade before we started. It’ll make me a little happier, stepping into my room I found him still fast asleep.

He must have really been tired. I thought as I crept closer to him.

His chest raised and fell slowly, his body spread out with an arm over his eyes. His white t-shirt tight on his arms and shoulders.

Straddling his stomach, I moved his arm and watched as his light grey pools flutter open. A smile swept across his handsome face at the sight of me.

“Hello.” I blushed at the sight of his dimples.

“Hi.” He breathed, pulling me down to him.

“You’ve been sleeping all day?” I murmured against his lips.

“I guess I was tired.” He chuckled as I nibbled on his bottom lip.

“I have to go get ready with Nadia and Kenna.” I sighed, pulling away from him.

He groaned both our frustration, laughing at him I slipped off and ran out the door throwing a wink over my shoulder.

“Ava we don’t have all day.” Nadia scowled playfully.

“Very sorry.” I laughed, making my way over to the empty chair.

I told Sal what I wanted and he did an amazing job with my hair. It sat in a high ponytail; my hair in loose curls with little diamond studs spread out through them. They sparkled, catching the lights above us. I think Sal had a thing for putting studs in my hair but I definitely wasn’t complaining. Jess changed my nail color to white, I wanted plain and she gave me exactly that. Polly knew what I wanted and gave me a flawless and natural look, she knew me so well already. They were faster than last time and I was over enjoyed about it, I couldn’t sit through a long session like our last.

I was just about finished when Zade came striding into the lounge dressed in an all black-tailored suit. I stared at him with my jaw slack, butterflies fluttered in my stomach. He looked every bit dangerous; his suit clung to his broad shoulders and arms. He didn’t look like a teenager; he looked like a grown man around the age of 21. His hair pushed back into a neat comb over with some gel. His eyes seemed more piercing than before, with his hand tucked into his pockets he made his way over to me.

“Hey princess, can you wear something for me?” He asked, his face in a worried kind.

“What’s the matter?” I reached out for his hand.

“Just wear this, it’ll calm my nerves.” He pulled off his silver ring and placed it in my palm.

I put it on my fingers but it was too big, he chuckled down at me and reached up to his neck. Taking off a platinum silver chain from under his black business shirt, he took the ring and slipped it onto the chain.

“Come here.” He instructed softly, spinning me around slowly.

Placing the necklace on my neck, he quickly clasped it together and spun me back around to face him.

“You look beautiful, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” He smiled, pulling me into him.

His cologne clouded my thoughts; my hands ran up his chest and wormed their way around his neck.

“I’ve died and came back twice after seeing you.” I mumbled into his lips.

His body vibrated with laughter, his smile breathtaking as always.

“You are something else.” He commented.

“A good something else?” I winked, tiptoeing and breathing in his addicting scent.

“Definitely.” He kissed my neck teasingly.

“Zade, lets go.” Blaine called out.

“I’ll meet you at the dinner, we just have to take care of something first.” He said, pecking my lips.

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” I played with his ring sitting around my neck.

“Can’t wait to see the finished look.” He whispered into my ear and left with the rest of the boys.

“See Sal, what did I tell you. Aren’t they just perfect together.” Nadia yelled happily.

“More then perfect.” Sal gave me a knowing look.

“Ew.” Kenna huffed.

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