The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 26 (Unknown POV)

“So she’s a Monrovian?” I asked.


“Does she know anything?”

“No, she knows nothing.”

“Why hasn’t anyone told her yet?” I raised a questioning brow.

No one replied.

“Tell her later tonight, I want to be there.” I stood and so did everyone else.

“Let’s get this shit over with.” I lead everyone out.

People were already milling around the large dining room with their kids. I made my rounds, shaking everyone’s hands but not bothering to make conversations. I stood talking to Lucian, Maceo, and Chris. We had formed some kind of circle once Zade and the rest of them joined.

And then I saw her.

She walked in; her dark hair bouncing, as she took long strides with Nadia and Kenna by her side. Beau on her hip, she bent down and placed Beau on the floor. She dressed differently to the woman in this room. Simple but still elegant and nice, the soft pink dress clung to every curve of her body flawlessly. Her heart-shaped face looked around the room until she spotted what she was looking for. She made her way over to our group, her eyes focusing on something or someone, her smile warm and loving. Her eyes were something I’ve never seen before; they were the color of honey, warm and inviting. She screamed confidence but not the uptight kind I’ve gotten used to, she screamed the kind a real woman could only hold. Her aura was like a motherly kind, caring and soft.

I shamelessly stared at her with want, my eyes going up and down her body, thoughts of wanting to take her to my bedroom made their way into my head. Then she placed her soft hands on Zade’s and I almost lost it.

She stared up at him with a loving look and he returned it. The urge to punch Zade in the face was getting more intense by the second. I wanted to rip her out of Zade’s arms and have her to myself. She giggled at something he whispered into her ear; my fist clenched and unclenched trying to calm myself. My jaw tight at her happiness being with someone else.

I growled my distaste, actually growled and she didn’t even look my way.

Everyone gave me curious glances but I kept my eyes on her.

What the fuck is wrong with you, you don’t even know this girl. I thought.

“Ava, I’d like you to meet Ace.” Maceo introduced us.

Once her eyes hit me, my anger diminished.

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