The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 27

Placing Beau on the floor with the other kids who were running around the huge dining room. I followed Nadia’s lead and walked deeper into the room; my eyes searched the room for the one person I couldn’t wait to see again.


He stood with his back to us, my eyes focused on him almost immediately and I walked towards him without even realizing myself. My smile small at the sound of his laughter. Slipping between him and Blaine, I rested my hand on his arm.

“I think I’m going into cardiac arrest.” He whispered into my ear, gazing down at me.

I tried holding in my laughter but failed miserably, it came out like a small giggle with my cheeks hot.

“Ava, I’d like you to meet Ace.” Maceo said, gesturing to a guy next to him.

His face was sat in an angry kind seconds before I turned to look at him.

“Hi.” I waved, “Nice to meet you.” I smiled, slipping into Zade’s arms.

“Pleasure is definitely all mine.” He gave me a tight smile, he moved forward and held his hand out to me.

He wasn’t close enough so I could just reach and stay in Zade’s arms so I had to leave Zade’s warm body and walk over to Ace.

Placing my hand in his and getting ready to shake it, he flipped my hand over and was about to kiss the back of my hand but I slipped it from him and shook his other hand that rested to his side.

“Happy birthday.” I said, staring up at his shocked expression.

The only person who’s going to be kissing my hand is Zade. I thought.

Letting his hand go, I moved back to Zade’s protective arms. Zade’s tight hold on me let, me know he wasn’t comfortable with Ace trying to kiss my hand.

Lucian stepped forward and slapped Ace’s back laughing a hearty laugh.

“Av, that boy stole my pretty.” Beau cried, pointing to her hair where her bow had gone missing.

“Beau go to Judy please.” Maceo pushed her softly towards Judy.

“Noooo.” She cried.

“I got it.” I smiled at Maceo.

Bending down, I picked her up and placed her on my hip. “How about I swap you? You can have some of mine.” I pointed at the small diamond studs in my hair.

“Otay.” She clapped, her tears stopped.

Placing her back down on the floor, I took some studs from my hair and placed them into hers and slipping her bow out.

“You definitely wear them better then I do.” I said tapping her nose as she giggled, wiping her tears away she waddled back over to the kids.

Zade pulled me back into his arms and I slipped Beau’s bow into his suit pocket. “My ring looks good on you.” He winked.

“Doesn’t it.” I winked back, laughing lightly.

“Ace you alright?” Killian called out.

I was too busy checking Zade out for the fourth time now to look away, Zade had me tuck into his side with his arm wrapped around my waist.

“Dinner is going to start getting served, please everyone make your way over to your seats.” A beautiful lady called out from the head of the table that sat in the middle of the big room.

“Hey, Ace.” Kenna’s voice called out, it sounded high pitched and baby like.

Everyone in the circle groaned, Blaine being the loudest. I raised a questioning brow at him and he whispered he’d tell me later.

We all made our way to the table and sat; I sat between Zade and Blaine with Nadia. Beau came running towards me so I sat her on my lap, Judy looked like she was having a rough time with Beau since she kept running around.

“Are you okay?” I leaned back so I could look at Judy, she looked puffed out.

“Yeah, she’s getting too fast for me.” Judy laughed.

“I got her, you can go sit down.” I smiled warmly.

“Are you sure?” She asked hesitantly.

“Of course.” I nodded.

“I’ll be over there if you change your mind.” She pointed to a group of woman who held the other kids I assumed they were the nannies.

“Thanks.” I smiled back at her.

Beau laid back on my chest, her hand in my hair gripping it softly. She stayed still and quiet as we all waited for dinner to start. Small conversations erupted among the dinner table once everyone was seated.

“Kenna and Ace have hooked up a couple of times and every time they have, shit goes south.” Blaine explained to me, only saying it loud enough for Zade, me and Nadia to hear.

“Oh, makes sense then.” I nodded in understanding.

“Yeah and Kenna always goes running to Blaine crying about how bad Ace treated her because Blaine’s so awkward when it comes to emotional problems that he never knows what to do but sit there and he always gets stuck with Kenna.” Nadia laughed loudly, I caught sight of her Dad looking at the both of us as I shook my head at her.

“I am not awkward.” Blaine bumped her shoulder playfully.

“He is awkward.” Zade laughed as Blaine gave him a glare.

“You two are the worst.” I laughed at Zade and Nadia.

“Only the best for you.” Zade said smoothly.

“Cheesy but very cute.” I leaned over and kissed his jaw.

A growl broke out on the table and the wine glass sitting in Ace’s hand broke. A look of menace directed at Zade.

What is his problem? I thought and moved closer to Zade.

“I think someone’s jealous.” Nadia leaned over to rest her head on my shoulder.

“Why?” I asked not taking my eyes off of Zade, Zade looked pissed as he had a stare down with Ace.

“Why? Didn’t you see the way Ace was looking at you.” Nadia whispered.

“No, I was too busy looking at your brother.” I replied in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen between them. They’ve been best friends since they were baby’s.” Nadia shrugged and her words calmed my nerves a little.

I ignored Ace’s eyes once he turned his attention to me, slipping my hand into Zade’s he relaxed and I leaned my body into him.

Lucian sat next to Ace laughing again like something was the funniest thing in the world. Ace’s face sat in a permanent scowl throughout the whole dinner, well that’s what Nadia kept saying. I didn’t really know because I wasn’t paying attention to him.

Maceo and Chris introduced me to more people, everyone I met was nice and easy to get along with. Beau was being really good, just sitting in my lap. She kept her hand in my hair the whole time during dinner; people were staring at the two of us curiously.

“Av.” She yawned turning in my lap, once I saw her face I knew she was tired.

“We go home now?” She asked sleepily as I rested both her legs on either side of my hips.

“In a little bit.” I said softly as her chubby little arms reached up for my neck.

“Otay.” She mumbled out a tired Okay, her chubby cheek pressed flush against my chest.

“Here.” Zade shrugged out of his suit jacket and draped it over Beau and me.

His scent hit me with full force and the same butterflies from before erupted in my stomach. Once the warmth of Zade’s jacket rested on Beau, she fell asleep immediately. Zade’s arm draped over my shoulders the rest of the night as we stayed at the table enjoying the conversations with everyone who sat near us and before we knew it we were all walking out of Ace’s and his parent’s house to our waiting car’s. I was exhausted but Maceo and Chris asked to talk before going to bed so I had no choice but to stay awake during the ride home.

“You look so beautiful tonight.” Zade placed his free hand through mine as he drove.

Zade made everyone ride with Maceo and Chris so we could ride alone together. He looked dangerously sexy as he let my hand go to shift the gears; His muscles flexed oh-so-temptingly through his black business shirt.

“You’re making me blush.” He said as the side of his lips twitched, not taking his eyes off the road.

“You do things to me.” I sighed heavily, pressing my thighs together and laying back into my seat comfortably.

His low laugh filled the car as he raised my hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly.

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