The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 3

The rest of my classes rolled by slowly, AP Geometry and AP Biology. I liked both of them but this school seemed to be behind work compared to the school I had come from.

Now standing in the girls changing rooms, I was getting dressed in the uniform the office lady had given me this morning.

“Why do we even bother with this class, not like we do anything anyways,” The girl I spoke to earlier in the hallway said.

“To stare at the hot guys, duh.” One of her friends said, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

Rolling my eyes, I slide my shirt over the top of my head and walked out of the changing rooms.

None of the other girls dressed in their gym clothes besides me and two other girls. One looked like your typical nerd, thick-framed glasses and flinched away every time someone passed her. She was kind of cute in a way, she was one of those girls who never took the time to dress up and do her hair to show her real beauty, she seemed like the type who always blended in with the crowd, never noticed, never heard.

I sat close to her on the benches but not close enough to make her uncomfortable.

The other girl was the one from AP English; she was pretty, long black hair with a single red stripe, and slim build, she sat with the boys from English, in fact, she was the only girl who sat on the boy’s side of the gym. The boys all sat on the opposite side of the gym from us girls. Our gym teacher blew his whistle, signaling for everyone to shut up.

“Alright class, we will be playing dodgeball today.” He gestured to the setup of balls lined in the middle of the huge gym.

“Who will like to play? Raise your hand.” He yelled over the talking girls.

My hand shot up and so did everyone on the boy’s side. I looked at the girls to see if anyone else’s hand was up and to my surprise, the girl with the framed glasses hand was up too.

I like her already. I thought, eyeing her.

“Who are you?” The gym teacher asked, pointing at me.

“Ava.” I called back to him.

Everyone stared and listened closely to our exchange.

“Come here Ava.” The teacher called back.

If anyone in the gym didn’t know who I was, well they know who I am now. My face stoic, I made my way over to him.

“Huh, I didn’t know you were starting today Ava Catia Vice.” He said looking down at his clipboard, saying my full name louder then he needed to.

“Well, here I am.” I said making jazz hands.

People giggled and laughed around us but the teacher soon dismissed me back to where I was once sitting.

“Everyone who wants to play get down here, Silas and Drew you’re the leaders, pick your teams.” The teacher yelled out.

We all waited to get picked out by the two guys I sat within my first class this morning, Silas is the one with dark grey eyes and curly hair, and Drew is the one with green eyes and slicked back hair.

As expected nerdy girl and I were the last picks.

“Pricks.” I muttered under my breath, making the other girl chuckle.

“I don’t want either of them on my team.” Drew said, staring at me and nerdy girl in disgust.

“Go suck your ass.” I bit back, staring daggers at the asshole.

Drew tried staring me down but I held my ground and Glare girl gave me one of her nattiest looks with her arms wrapped around Drew’s torso.

Silas laughter echoed through the gym, some joining him but soon shut up once Drew turned his attention towards them.

“You two can go on Silas's team.” Our teacher said sternly.

“You know how to play right?” I asked the girl standing next to me.

“Ahh, ye-yeah I do.” She nodded, pushing her glasses back up her nose.

“Ava.” I held my hand to her.

“Nadia.” She shook my hand gently.

“Let’s go.” I said, walking towards the wall where our team congregated.

“Hands on the wall.” The teacher yelled, spotting some of the boys trying to cheat, “When I blow my whistle, you all can start.” He continued.

Seconds later, he blew his whistle and the boys went running for the balls.

Nadia stayed along the wall, as did I.

Smart. I thought as I watched her dodge.

The boys eventually got each other out, only leaving a hand full of people on both sides.

Me, Nadia and Silas stood on our side while Drew, Glare girls name I’ve come to know as Kenna and three other guys.

“You’ve already lost Silas.” Drew laughed, staring at me and Nadia.

Nadia sprinted down her end, and I followed suit, sprinting down the opposite side of her. Ball in hand; I threw it at the closest person I saw, hitting his leg and Nadia hitting the other guy on the leg also, making our teams equal.

“What did you say Drew?” Silas raised his eyebrow, mocking his friend.

Hoping Silas would take out Drew, I picked up a ball and watched the other team carefully. Aiming at one, I threw the ball hoping for it to hit my target but it missed, Nadia’s ball came from her side hitting the same target, leaving Drew and Kenna standing on their side.

Silas was too busy mocking Drew that he never seen the ball Drew threw his way, hitting Silas shoulder indicating he was out.

I stared at Nadia as if we could talk telepathically, hoping she’d understand what I had planned. I picked up a ball as I ran towards Drew and Kenna stepping over the halfway line.

“AHHH huh, she’s cheating.” Kenna screamed at me as I went over the threshold.

“I am but she’s not.” I pointed at Nadia as she threw a ball at Drew’s stomach and one at Kenna’s head, finishing and winning the game for our team.

“THAT’S NOT FAIR.” Kenna glared and pointed at Nadia and me.

“Who said life was fair?” I raised my eyebrow at her as she stormed off towards her group of friends from AP English, a guy I’ve never seen before stared at me intently, his stare making a chill run down my spine. I watched Kenna run to him, fuming. Holding his strong arms out to her, he comforted her by patting her back awkwardly.

“Remind me to pick you two next time.” Silas smiled widely at me and Nadia.

“You won’t be picking next time.” The teacher said bluntly as the bell rang for the end of the day.

“Class is dismissed.” He yelled as everyone was already exiting the gym.

“Good game.” I side glanced at Nadia.

“Likewise.” She smiled back.

I hurried and changed back into my clothes, shoving my gym clothes back into my gym bag and ran out of the gym, heading towards my locker to shove my books in there.

The hallways were busy with kids trying to push their way out, so I waited till things calmed down and walked out soon after.

An intense stare landed on me as soon as I made my way down the stairs to the student parking lot.

“Who’s she?” I heard a silvery voice ask, as I walked by to get to my car.

“New girl.” Silas replied, I never paid attention to them, I kept my head straight but I knew it was Silas by the hint of Spanish in his accent, he said more but I didn’t hear the rest as I threw my bags in and pulled out of the school gates.

I cleaned, got our lunches and things ready for tomorrow, and made dinner for Grayson, he was trying out for the soccer team. He’s always loved soccer so I encouraged him to try out for the team here, he insisted to try to get a job to help out but I said no. My teenage years were cut short and I had to grow up for the both of us, I wanted at least one of us to enjoy it.

I held the national title for the best female boxer in the country, everyone in the industry knew Ava Catia Vice, the daughter of Hayze Vice. But everyone in The Underground knew of Vee.

Who is Vee? Me.

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