The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 31 (Zade's POV)

I knew she was tired but I also knew she wouldn’t settle till I came back to bed so I made her come with me since it was going to be a long night. I was pissed at Maceo and Chris for letting Lucian and Seth come here but my anger disappeared once her soft breathing against my neck started, letting me know she had fallen asleep.

“Were they hard on her?” Maceo asked, staring at her with soft eyes.

“She was hard on them.” I said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Good, they deserve it.” Maceo gave an approving smile.

“How did she react to them?” Blaine asked.

“She didn’t at first, she just stood there staring at them. She reacted once she got pissed off at them, they didn’t know that her parent’s passed.” I filled them in.

A knock at the door sounded and in walked Lucian, Seth and Ace.

We all exchanged nods, Blaine took the seat next to Ava’s feet before Ace could, Blaine didn’t like Ace being near Ava.

“What happened?” Seth nodded towards Ava’s sleeping figure.

“We found out the real reason why her mother was disowned. Her father is Hayze Versana, she’s the granddaughter of Vice Versana.” I filled them in.

“Jesus what the fuck.”

“Fucking hell.”

“You’re lying.”


Everyone said at the same time.

“You didn’t do a good job in looking into her parents.” I growled at Lucian and Ace.

“We didn’t know she was going to be so important so we only did a simple once over, she was just a girl who fought underground.” Lucian said with a frown.

“She holds more fucking power then the two of us put together.” Ace said, staring at her.

“I think we should cut a deal with her grandfather’s, I want to marry into her family.” Ace turned to his father.

“She won’t marry you and her Grandfather’s won’t even acknowledge you or your deal.” Blaine scoffed, cutting in before I could.

“He’s right.” Lucian laughed at Ace.

“Our little business we have doesn’t make the cut for her Grandfathers, they aren’t fucking ring leaders for nothing.” Lucian said.

“To her Grandfathers, us two.” Lucian pointed at himself and Ace. “We aren’t shit.”

“You don’t even make her standards so I don’t know what made you think you could make her Grandfathers.” I stared Ace down from across the room; I wanted to snap his neck at this point.

“Fu-” Ace started but was cut off by his father.

“Don’t even open your mouth again, I don’t feel like being embarrassed tonight.” Seth seethed at his son.

“Why was she crying?” Maceo asked worriedly.

“The new information was too much for her, she couldn’t handle it. You should have seen their faces once she blew up, she stared the whole lot of them down. Her grandfather Fane cried once she told me to bring her home, he chased after her and he broke more once she walked out of the house.” I answered.

“Does Vice know about her and Grayson?” Maceo asked worriedly.

“Fane doesn’t even know about Grayson, I can’t imagine Vice knowing about her and him.” I said.

Everyone stayed quiet, thinking about the situation at hand.

“Did my father know Fane? Because he seemed to know who I was.” I focused on Maceo.

“I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if your father did. You know your father never told me anything.” He replied and I nodded in understanding.

“Why is she sitting on you like that?” Ace demanded.

I flicked him the bird and ignored him before I woke Ava up and beat him black and blue.

“Jealousy is an ugly thing.” Blaine stared at Ace with a hard look.

Blaine is very observant to the point where he ends up repeating sentences or words he’s heard before.

“What should we do?” Lucian asked Seth.

Ace wasn’t head of his fathers business yet but in training to be, to say Ace was failing at every aspect of running the business was an understatement.

“You don’t do anything, it’s got nothing to do with you or him or us.” I pointed at them and myself.

“It’s all up to her.” I stared down at her sleeping figure; her arms wormed their way around my neck.

I’d do anything for you. I thought, running my thumb along her bottom lip.

“We should push her to go meet Vice, maybe we could get into her grandfather’s good graces for finding her for him.” Ace said.

Grinding my teeth together, I hung onto Ava tighter then I already was but not enough to hurt her.

“Actually we should threaten them with her, use her to make them give us power and money for her in exchange.” Ace continued and I finally lost it.

I lifted Ava off of me and into Blaine’s arms softly. I was shaking with rage once I turned back to Ace; he stood and moved back towards the bookshelf. Storming towards him, I held him up against the bookshelf and started punching him in the face repeatedly. My anger towards him has been building over the last week and he finally pushed me over the edge.

“Zade.” Her tired voice called out with distress.

Ace fell limp in my hands and I dropped him on the floor, spitting on his face with disgust.

Seth never interfered because he wanted his son to prove to him he had grown up and could man up but Ace is always going to be the spoilt little brat he always was.

I turned my back and once I saw her scared expression, my anger left me and my features softened.

“ZADE!” She screamed and her eyes went wide.

A gunshot rang out in the room and my hand flew to my stomach, lifting my hands up. I stared at the blood covering my fingers.

What the fuck? I thought.

I looked back up and Ava came plowing towards me, tears running down her beautiful face as I fell to the floor.

“CALL THE AMBULANCE.” My princess screamed.

“Zade, stay awake.” She cried, holding my head in her lap.

“You know, I haven’t met someone like you before.” I stared up at her, her eyes filled with sorrow as she cried hard.

“Zade, I can’t lose you.” She shook with sobs, kissing my face all over.

“I love you Princess.” I said as the taste of blood entered my mouth.

“You can’t say that and then leave me.” She cried into my chest.

“I won’t leave you.” I whispered, grabbing onto my ring around her neck.

“Zade! Please no, don’t.” She screamed as I slowly slipped.

“Zaden!” My princess called out.

And I finally slipped with the imagine of my girls tear stained face.

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