The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 32

“I won’t leave you.” He grabbed onto his ring on my neck.

“Zade! Please no, don’t.” My sobs grew louder; the pain in my heart unbearable.

“Zaden!” I cried out as his eyes fluttered shut.

“Wake up please.” I begged, rocking back and forth with his head in my arms.

“You’re a stupid girl for being with him.” Ace spat.

My body shook with rage, how dare he. I placed Zade’s head on the floor softly and stomped my way over to Ace. I disarmed him immediately and threw his stupid gun at the wall. I laid into him; I threw everything I had into every punch. Never in my life have I fought with so much anger and heartache, tears ran down my face as I beat Ace to a bloody mess on the floor. The ache in my heart never healing even when he fell unconscious.

“Ava, stop.” Blaine lifted me into his arm, pulling me off of Ace who looked like he just got his face reconstructed.

People came running into the room, taking care of Zade and I watched them sprint off with him. Maceo stood just watching, his hands in fist at his sides as he stared at Ace on the floor. Seth stared at his son with disgust and Lucian stared wide-eyed at the screen in front of him.

“YOUR SON DID THIS.” Chris yelled at Seth.

“HE’S NOT MY SON ANYMORE.” Seth yelled back and spat on Ace.

“I can’t breathe, Blaine make it stop.” I cried loudly.

Blaine turned me around in his arms, and wrapped me in a hug that reminded me of Zade, he spoke softly and the thoughts of Zade overtook my head. The heartache was eating me alive, my memories of Zade flashed through my head and the next thing I knew, black dots started clouding my vision.

And I finally blacked out with the image of my one and only.

“IT’S ALL HER FAULT THIS HAS HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY, SHE’S THE REASON WHY ZADE IS IN THAT BED!” Kenna yelled as Zade lay in his bed with monitors and things connected to him.

Her words hurt and I knew she was right; he wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for me. Angry tears slipped from my eyes, anger directed at myself.

“KENNA SHUT THE FUCK UP.” Nadia boomed throughout the room.

Everyone in the room stared at her with slack mouths, me included. I’ve never heard her use such language before and by the look on everyone else’s faces, it showed that they hadn’t either.

“Get the fuck out of my brothers' room!” She pushed Kenna out and slammed the door in Kenna’s face.

“Can I talk to Ava alone?” She turned to the boys who sat around Zade’s bedroom.

They all nodded and headed for the door, shutting it behind them.

“I know what you’re thinking.” She made her way over to me.

“And if you even try act on your thoughts I’ll personally come get you and drag you back here.” She threatened.

“It’s all my fault, why can’t you hate me like everyone else?” I stared at my hands in my lap.

“No one hates you besides Kenna.” She deadpanned.

“He’s going to hate me when he wakes up.” I cried.

“No, he will not. If I knew my brother any better, the first person he’ll want to see when he wakes up is you. You’re his happiness and it’s easy to see he’s yours.” She said sternly and placed Zade’s sleek phone in my hand.

She pushed the on button and I watched as the screen lit up. The photo of Zade and me at her pool party sat as his lock screen, he had a smirk on his lips as he stared at me and I stared back shyly. The photo switched to another from Lucians Ball, Zade had me twirling, his smile small and soft as I stared at him with bright eyes. The next was a recent one of the two of us with Beau in my arms, his arm over my shoulders and me leaning into his side as he kissed my cheek and I stared down at Beau, the all black suit clung to his broad chest and arms, and the soft pink dresses me and Beau wore matched.

My vision blurred with tears as I watched the three photos flick passed over and over again.

“Don’t go because if he wakes up and you aren’t here, World War III will break loose and he’ll drag himself out of this bed hurting or not just to come find you.” She pulled me into her warm arms.

“Plus, I don’t want you to leave. I love having you here.” She added.

Weeks passed, he never woke and I lost all hope. I sat at his side all-day and everyday. I left for a shower and to eat but I was right back and at his side seconds later. I didn’t speak; I didn’t do anything but watched his heart monitor. I cried myself to sleep every night as I listened to the beep of his machines from my bedroom. Everyone in the house was down but they all went about their lives, mine stopped because mine sat in a bed connected to a heart monitor and IV drips.

I was currently sitting next to Beau in Zade’s room drawing, me and Beau have been hanging out a lot since I haven’t been going to school. She calls me mummy now and again, at first it was weird for me but then I got some what use to it.

“Is Zaee going to wake up soon mummy?” She asked, making herself comfortable on my lap.

“Yes, he will soon.” I tried to reassure the both of us.

Zade’s wound is healing nicely but the only problem was that he wasn’t waking up.

“Okay, can you help me with this one please?” She pointed to a butterfly to color in.

“Of course.” I nodded, picking up the crayons she had and helped her color in.

I stared up at Zade’s figure, his chest moving up and down slowly.

“I love you too.” I whispered.

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