The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 33

I sat in Maceo’s office with him and Chris, they asked to talk about a couple of things regarding my mothers family and my fathers family. Maceo and Chris have been taking Fane’s phone calls for me, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with my families’ drama right now, I had more important things to worry about.

“Both of the families want to see you.” Maceo started off.

“I’m not going anywhere till Zade is awake.” I sighed.

“I knew you were going to say that.” Maceo smiled sadly.

“If they want to meet me they’ll wait till I’m ready.” I leaned back against my seat.

“You’re right, it should be on your terms and not theirs.” They both agreed.

“So how did Vice know about me?” I raised an eyebrow, they knew more then I did.

“Fane got in contact with him, they want to make things right with you but I think Fane and Vice will always hate each other.” Maceo replied.

“What do you know about Vice?” I asked because I didn’t know anything about him.

“He’s just as bad as the Monrovian Family if not worse, he runs Mexico 100% there’s no question about that. Vice is known to be a man of few words, he has other kids, your father was the second oldest and he has two younger siblings.” Maceo answered.

“If dad was the second oldest then why was he next in line to take over?” The questions flowed.

“The oldest is a girl and your grandfather believes it is a man's job to run the family.” Chris said softly.

“Makes sense.” I nodded.

“Fane said that Vice doesn’t know about your parents passing either.” Maceo stared at me sadly.

“Doesn’t surprise me.” The loss of my parents tugged at my heart.

How much can my heart bare through? First my parents and now my Zaden. I thought.

“If he doesn’t know about my parents being gone then why the hell is he not trying to get in contact with them but with you?” I frowned.

“That’s a question I didn’t think about asking.” Maceo and Chris frowned also.

“Did you two find information on my so called grandmother who has custody of me and my brother?” I asked.

“Yes we did, she’s been acting as your grandmother since you and Grayson we’re younger. She was just one of your neighbors your parents trusted you with and they put her down as your guardian if anything happened to them because they had no one else.” Maceo stared down at his hands.


I knew she couldn’t have been our grandmother, she held too much hate towards Grayson and me. I thought.

“So are both my grandparents alive on my fathers side as well?”

“Yes.” They nodded.

“Fane or Vice haven’t been threatening you guys have they?” I stared the both of them in the eyes, I didn’t want them to lie to me.

“No they haven’t.” Maceo said truthfully with a smile.

“I’m sorry I’ve caused you two so much trouble, once Zade wakes I think I should leave.” I said, tears sprung to my eyes.

“Don’t be so silly, you haven’t caused us trouble if anything it was us who caused you so much trouble.” Maceo rushed towards me. “Don’t even think about leaving, we love you and you’re family now.”

“We were the ones who forced you to moves in, we were the ones who made you fight at The Pit and we were the ones who introduced you to Ace.” Maceo pulled me into his fatherly arms.

“Nadia is pissed at me for how we handled things and Me and Chris should have apologized to you a while a go.” He continued with his soft tone. “I’m very sorry Ava from the bottom of my heart.”

“What he said.” Chris said making me laugh as the tears dripped.

“He’s hopeless isn’t he?” Maceo laughed along with me.

“I’m an idiot and now I’m hopeless, make your mind up.” Chris argued.

“You’re both of them.” Maceo argued back.

I laughed harder at the two of them.

I hope the two of you remain in my life. I thought.

The day passed by in a slow blur like every other these last couple of weeks. We all sat in Zade’s room watching as the Doctor checked everything, I sat in the back of the room playing with the ring on my neck.

Out of nowhere the heart monitor started speeding up and everyone started panicking, my heart was thumbing against my chest with nervousness. My heart broke a little more at the sound of the racing beeps. I stared down at my hands and the loud sound of my heart pounded in my ears.

“Where is she?” His voice sounded sleepily.

You’re going mental, now you’re hearing his voice. I thought.

“Princess?” His voice called out groggily.

“Zaee, mummy missed you.” Beau shouted.

Everyone in the room started talking at once and rushed towards Zade’s bed. My eyes snapped up to his bed and there he was, trying to sit up in his bed with his eyes locked on me.

Relief flooded my body and I broke out in silent sobs.

“Princess, what did I say about crying.” He called out, his worried eyes searched mine.

I couldn’t stop my tears or move out of my chair, the sobs raked through my body uncontrollably.

“Ava, you better come here before I come to you.” He called out.

I didn’t budge, I couldn’t move even when I tried to.

“Don’t rip those out!” The doctor yelled.

“Whatever old man.” Zade grumbled back, ripping his IV drip out and throwing the heart monitor pads off of his chest.

“Zade!” I called out between my sobs but he carried on ripping things off of him.

“Everyone get out of my room, I want a minute with my girl.” Zade commanded and everyone headed for the doors without a word.

“I’d rather take another bullet then see you cry princess.” He made his way over to me.

“I lost you.” I said and he pulled me up from my sitting position.

My legs wobbled as I stood but he held me.

“I said I wouldn’t leave you didn’t I?” He pulled me into him.

He had nothing but pajama bottoms on, the patched up wound sat to the right of his bellybutton and on the same spot on his back. Ace had shot him with a Glock 22 Gen4 Semi-auto pistol, it shot through his back and all the way through to his front.

“I’m sorry I did this to you.” My bottom lip quivered as I wrapped my arms around him gently not wanting to hurt him.

“You didn’t do this princess.” He murmured against the top of my head.

“As for Ace, I’m going to fucking kill him.” He said Ace’s name with disgust.

“You don’t need to do that, I pretty much already did it.” I mumbled into him.

“What happened?” He asked, tightening his arms around me.

“I put him in hospital, he needs surgery. I shattered 70% of his facial bones.” I said softly.

I didn’t feel guilty about what I did to Ace, I should have but he almost made me lose Zade.

“That’s my girl.” He said proudly.

“Seth or Lucian haven’t threatened you have they?” He asked panicked.

“No, they haven’t spoken to me since but I think Ace has been disowned by his father. Seth wasn’t happy that Ace pulled a gun, he said something about Ace not being a man.” I filled him in.

“Good fucking job.” His arms squeezing me to death but I didn’t mind it, I love the feeling of his arms around me.

“I missed you so much.” I cried into his naked chest.

“Shh, I was always here.” He rubbed my back.

“Come lay in bed with me and show me how much you’ve missed me.” He said playfully, dipping down and kissing my lips.

“You aren’t hurting or anything?” I asked as I got into bed with him.

“I can never be hurting when I have you.” He sighed of relief as I lay in his arms.

“I love you.” I crashed my lips against his.

I put everything I had into the kiss, love and happiness. My body buzzed at the eagerness and tenderness he showed.

“Those are the three words I’ve been waiting to hear since I woke up.” He said cheekily, wiping my face gently.

“I love you more princess.” He breathed my scent in deeply with his strong-arms hugging the life out of me.

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