The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 34

The next week was spent with Zade recovering, to say guys have no ears was an understatement. Him and the rest of the boys still played fight like he didn’t have a gunshot wound. Today is his birthday and all he asked for was to have a quiet one with his immediate family, meaning only our household. Everyone was disappointed because they wanted to have something big and flashy for him but he stood his ground.

“What would you like to do since you won’t let us throw you a party?” Nadia huffed as she stormed into his room.

I sat doing mine and Zade’s homework that we’ve missed on his bedroom floor with papers and textbooks scattered around me in a circle while Zade was getting dressed in his closet.

“Movies and Pizza in the family room.” He called out.

“That’s cute, at least let me go shopping for snacks and things.” She called back after giving me a hug.

“Okay.” He agreed with a chuckle as Nadia squealed.

“Come on Av, let’s go shopping.” She pulled at my hand.

“Can’t you take Kenna instead?” Zade frowned.

“Kenna? Really.” Nadia deadpanned.

“I’ll be back soon.” I pulled him towards me.

“You’re leaving me on my birthday?” He held his hand over his heart.

“Oh shut up Zaden, I’ll have her back in a hour or so.” Nadia rolled her eyes and left for her bedroom to get her purse.

“Can I open my present now?” He asked dipping down and kissing my neck softly.

“No not yet.” I moaned as he sucked gently.

“Curiosity killed the cat right?” He stared at the neatly wrapped box that sat on his bedside table.

“And satisfaction brought it back.” I laughed against his lips.

“Indeed.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I’ll be back soon.” I ran my hands up his shoulders.

“You better be.” He kissed me once more before Nadia came back into his room with her purse.

“Here take my wallet.” He held out his wallet to me.

I was about to protest but Nadia stepped in and plucked it from his hand.

“Thanks bro.” She winked and pulled me along with her.

“Nadia!” He yelled as she looked back at me with a sly smile.

I laughed along with her as we grabbed Beau and left for the garage.

“Lets take one of his cars too.” Nadia giggled.

“Are we going to get ice cream?” Beau jumped in my arms.

“We can.” I nodded as she clapped excitingly.

“Let’s take his Dodge, we can fit Beau’s car seat in there.” I pointed at the Dodge Charger key that hung next to all of the other keys.

We made our way to the mall; people stared at the car once we pulled up. Guys whistled and cat called but stopped once I pulled Beau out of her car seat and placed her on my hip. Beau called me mummy making me and Nadia break out into laughs at the guy’s faces. I was grateful I decided to bring Beau, she stopped the uncomfortable stares.

We went to different shops to buy everything Nadia saw, me and Beau unwillingly followed her to every store she saw that sold candy.

“Can we go get ice cream now?” Beau huffed, her chubby cheeks a shade of pink.

“Soon.” I promised, kissing her forehead as we walked around another candy store.

We spent another thirty minutes walking around before Nadia finally decided she had everything we needed. I drove us to the ice cream place Zade had taken me to.

“Yay mummy.” Beau giggled happily as we made our way into The Ice Cream Pala.

“What flavors can I get you three pretty ladies?” The owner asked as he stared at the three of us.

“Chocolate.” Beau jumped excitingly in my arms as I held her up to look at all the flavors.

“Chocolate for me too please.” Nadia nodded.

“Two chocolates coming right up.” The old man smiled.

“Yay.” Beau clapped.

“What can I get you?” He asked me as I searched for the one Zade had gotten me when we came.

“Can I have a scoop of the Pala please?” I asked sweetly, staring at the familiar lime ice cream.

“You like Pala?” He raised a gray eyebrow.

“Yes, it’s my new favorite.” I gushed.

“It was my wife’s favorite too, she passed so I named it after her.” He smiled sadly.

“That’s so sweet, I’m sorry about your loss.” I gave him a warm smile.

“Thanks, now here you three are. Enjoy.” He handed us our little bowls and spoons.

“Thank you.” We all said in unison.

We ate our Ice creams happily, Nadia told me more about Beau’s mother and why she’s never around. Turns out Grace is 27 and doesn’t think motherhood is cut out for herself. Grace and Maceo were never together as a couple and it looked like Nadia was very happy that they weren’t. I shook my head at everything Nadia had to say about Grace and they weren’t nice things either.

“So you and Silas?” I wiggled my eyebrow.

“You noticed that huh.” She smiled.

“Of course.” I winked.

“We aren’t dating.” She sighed, stuffing more ice cream into her mouth.

“And why not?”

“I don’t want to date him and then something happens, it’ll just make everything so awkward in the house. You know.” She explained.

“I see your point but look at me and your brother, we date.” I shrugged.

“But you two are meant to be together.” She stared at me pointedly.

Blushing at her words, I pushed my hair out of my face. “You don’t see yourself and Silas the same way?”

“Yes and no, he gives mixed signals. It’s irritating.” She fell back against her seat.

“Tell him how you feel, he likes you more then you know.” I said, wiping at Beaus mouth.

“You think so?” She asked shyly.

“Definitely.” I nodded.

I know Silas has feelings for her, his face lights up every time he hears her laugh, he watches her with a longing look, he blushes when they lock eyes. They’ll be a cute couple and I believe they’ll have a forever.

Wiping Beau’s mouth clean of Ice cream, we made our way out saying a quick bye to the owner.

Walking up the familiar stairs to the house with Beau on my hip, I place my purse next to Nadia’s and made our way into the family room where all the shouting was coming from.

“God they’re loud.” Nadia commented.

The boy’s sat playing some game on one of their many game consoles. Zade and Blaine were versing each other and the others were shouting at them. I watched with amusement at the screen in front of me and placed Beau down with the boys before heading into the kitchen to help Nadia unpack everything.

We both decided to cook dinner, I made Spaghetti Bolognese and she made Tacos. The boy’s laughter filled the house as they played their games, Maceo and Chris returned with Jaylin. Nadia and me said a quick hello to the three of them before we returned to the kitchen to finish dinner. We played music as we cooked and danced around the kitchen, Beau joined us as we sung the lyrics of a song we all like.

Zade came waltzing through the kitchen and pulled me into his arms.

“It smells delicious in here but you smell divine.” He nibbled at my neck.

“Zade stop that.” I said as my body hummed.

He chuckled lowly and ran out of the doors but not before throwing me a wink.

“Yum.” Silas groaned with appreciation as he ate.

“I second him.” The twins called out.

“Everyone thank Nadia and Ava for cooking this delicious dinner.” Maceo called out over the table.

Everyone broke out into thanks making me and Nadia blush, to make my blush deepen Zade leaned over and whispered into my ear.

“This food taste incredible but I bet you taste better.”

“Zaden.” I elbowed him in the side as he fell into a fit of laughter.

“I’m sorry, I’ll stop.” He kissed the side of my head.

Everyone stared at us expectantly only resulting in Zade falling back against his seat as he laughed.

Dinner passed by with funny stories told by the boys, they left everyone in fits of laughter. Nadia laughed so much she was on the verge of throwing her food back up. The maids cleaned off the table and brought out Zade’s cake, I tried moving out of the way but he kept me in my place next to him. The boys sang him happy birthday just to piss him off and he groaned in annoyance but his eyes said otherwise, he looked so happy with his birthday surrounded by his family.

“PRESENTS” Nadia yelled and everyone pulled out their wrapped presents.

After almost thirty minutes of him unwrapping presents, it was finally my turn and I pushed the little box towards him and he unwrapped it almost immediately.

His smile fell when he saw what was in the box, making me nervous.

Does he not like it? I thought.

“Where did you find this?” He breathed, his smile finally returned when he lifted the leather keychain out of the box.

“Secret.” I laughed.

“You got him a keychain? Is that it?” Kenna scoffed.

“Are you dumb? That’s not just a keychain, it’s a limited edition by the Aston Martin Company.” The twins yelled.

“We’ve been looking everywhere for one! Where did you get it from?” Blaine asked excitingly.

“Kota helped me get it, Kota has some weird connection.” I chuckled at the boys as they rushed around to look at it.

“How did you know?” Zade pecked my cheek.

“I heard you guys talking about it awhile ago at school when we were eating lunch.” I explained.

“Always the observant.” He grinned down at me.

“Arrgg.” Kenna huffed and sat back down in her seat.

“Don’t worry Kenna, I’m sure Zade liked your present too.” Maceo patted her shoulder.

“What possessed you to get him a framed photo of yourself?” Nadia asked.

I stayed quiet and listened from the distance; Zade was too busy talking to the boys.

“Who wouldn’t want a photo of me?” Kenna snapped.

“You’re loopy, what the actual chicken shut.” Nadia shook her head, trying not to let the swear words leave her mouth for Beau's sake.

“What does chicken shut mean?” Beau tilted her head to the side, staring up at me from her high chair.

“It’s a bad word baby.” I picked her up out of her chair.

“CHICKEN SHUT!” Beau screamed.

“Nadia!” I groaned.

Everyone laughed loudly at Beau and headed into the Family Room so Nadia and I helped the maids clean and prepare the snacks. Once we came back into the family room, the boys had set the lounge up with pillows and blankets scattered everywhere.

Beau jumped out of Zade’s arms and came waddling towards me, rubbing her eyes.

“Tired?” I asked as she climbed onto my lap.

“Yeah, mummy.” She yawned, her little arms wrapping around my neck and in my hair.

Nadia made herself comfortable on my shoulder and Beau laid on my chest. The boys pushed play and the movie started playing, snacks got passed around and we all watched the movie silently with Beau’s soft snoring. Forty minutes into the movie my eyes finally drooped shut and I fell into a comfortable sleep.

Something touched my cheek and then my forehead. My arms tightened around Beau’s small figure protectively and my eyes fluttered open, staring up at Zade’s.

“Come back to bed.” He whispered and I let a sigh of relief left my mouth.

Nodding, I stood to let Nadia’s body fall onto a pillow I had been laying on and threw a blanket on her before making my way out of the family room with Beau in my arms, she’d feel more comfortable sleeping in her own bed. Zade watched as I placed Beau in her bed and made my way back to his arms.

“Did you enjoy your birthday?” I asked as we walked back to his room.

“I did, thank you.” He murmured against my lips, kicking his door shut behind us.

“I’m glad.” I pulled him into a kiss, when he tried pulling away; I held him by the nape of his neck and intensified the kiss.

He walked the both of us back towards his bed and I pulled him down onto me, our lips moving against each others passionately. Running my tongue along the bottom of his lip, he growled at my eagerness to explore his mouth.

Letting my hands glide under his shirt, I ran my fingers over the tough planes and contours of his toned stomach, tracing his abs. He moaned as I let my hands dip lower, my own shirt rose as I wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling his body flush against mine.

Zade’s fingers traced the exposed skin of my stomach, and slowly pushed my shirt higher and higher as his other hand held onto my waist. His fingers dug into my side as he continued his assault down to my neck, kissing and sucking at the skin but not hard enough to leave hickeys.

My soft moans muffled by my own hand. I pushed him back and helped him out of his shirt before I threw my own off and tugged him back towards me. He bit his bottom lip as he stared down at me, his eyes shining with lust.

I pushed him, taking him by surprise and slipping my pants off before straddling him to continue my assault with my lips against his. He moaned into my mouth as I rocked against him.

“Ava, you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.” He said huskily as I kissed down to his neck.

“I want to.” I moaned into his neck.

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