The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 35

“Good morning beautiful.” Zade hovered over me with a bright smile.

“Good morning.” I stretched, my body humming from the events of last night.

“Are you feeling okay? You aren’t hurting or anything?” He asked worriedly as he stared down at me.

“I feel perfect.” My heart fluttered at the care he had for me.

My legs were aching but the good kind, nothing a hot shower couldn’t fix.

“We have to leave to go see your brother soon, let’s go get ready. Breakfast should be ready soon.” He pulled me up out of bed, wrapping his bed sheet around my naked body.

“Go before I pull you back into my bed.” He smirked.

I didn’t move, I didn’t mind being pulled back into his bed.

“Ava.” He prolonged my name with a sly smile playing across his lips.

“I’m going.” I winked, kissing his lips and walking out of his room with his bed sheets tailing behind me.

I showered and the warm water helped with the ache between my legs. My smile never leaving my lips, last night was everything I expected it to be and more. I couldn’t be any happier with who I lost my virginity to, he was more then perfect.

Today we’re going to see Grayson for lunch; I needed to tell him everything before I saw our so-called families. I couldn’t stand not having Grayson know anything, we told each other everything so I rung him a couple of days ago to see if he had any spare time to go out to lunch with me, I wanted to introduce Zade to him properly. I knew Grayson had seen the two of us hangout around school when he was here but I hadn’t introduced the two of them properly yet.

Dressing in a cream blouse that had a chain print spiraling on it and dark grey skinny jeans, I did my makeup natural like always and curled my hair. Doing a once over, I quickly slipped some loafers on and headed for the door with my purse and lip-gloss in hand.

Once I made my way down stairs, the whole family room was cleared out and was getting cleaned by the maids. Everyone sat at the table talking and waiting for breakfast to be served. Zade sat at the table looking all kinds of bad boy with his white shirt and leather jacket, tapping his feet against the floor like he was waiting for something or someone.

“And here I thought you looked better in my bed naked.” He whispered as I sat in my seat next to him.

“Zaden.” I slapped his chest lightly.

“I’m not going to take it back.” He laughed, sending me a wink.

“I didn’t want you to.” I said simply, turning my attention to everyone’s conversations.

Zade’s low groan caught everyone’s attention and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Kenna snapped at me.

“Like what?” I raised a curious eyebrow.

“Like this.” She tried copying the smile I had on my lips but it just looked all kinds of wrong on her.

I held in my laugh and waited for the food to be served, I was starving after last night.

I quickly promised Beau we’ll be back soon and we left for the garage, Zade decided on his Aston Martin and clipped his keys to the new leather keychain I got him. We left for Colton Academy, it was a long drive and I slept the whole way but Zade woke me once we got close.

“How much are you going to tell him?” He asked as we came to a stop at a set of lights.

“Everything about moving in and the family thing, I don’t think I can keep anything from him.” Lacing my hand through his.

“How do you think he’ll take it?” He asked, dropping the hammer and taking off once the light turned green.

“I don’t know.” I sighed.

“It’ll be okay, don’t stress.” He smiled, calming my nerves.

Once we pulled up to Colton Academy, Zade quickly parked and we made our way into the reception area to wait for Grayson.

Once I saw him walking towards us, I jumped out of my seat and sprinted towards him.

“Hey sis.” He chuckled, catching me into a hug.

“Hi.” I kissed his cheek, hanging on to him.

“I missed you too.” He laughed at the tight hold I had on him and put me back down on solid ground.

“Jesus, Gray you’ve gotten tall.” I stared up at him.

“Ava.” Grayson nodded towards Zade.

“Oh sorry.” I smiled sheepishly, pulling Zade towards me. “This is my boyfriend Zade, Zade my brother Grayson.”

“Hey.” Grayson nodded.

“Hey, congrats on making it into Colton.” Zade nodded.

“Thanks, appreciate it.” Grayson nodded back.

“Well let’s go, I have things to tell you.” I slipped my arm through Grayson’s.

“Woah.” Grayson whistled as he stared at Zade’s car.

“Right?” I agreed.

Zade opened my door for me, his face was in a stoic kind. He always did it around everyone who wasn’t me so I knew he wasn’t uncomfortable around my brother. We made our way to a small café and sat in one of the booths in the back and ordered our drinks.

“So what’s going on? It must be important Av.” He stared at me worriedly.

Everything spilled out of my mouth in a rush, Grayson remained calm and nodded now again for me to carry on.

“So you live with him and his family?”

I nodded.

“You fought at the most dangerous and highest ranked fight club?”

I nodded.

“You met mums family at The Pit and they’re gang related?”

I nodded.

“Dads parents aren’t dead but alive and well, and are also gang related?”

I nodded.

“You met our mothers family only because they threatened to see you?”

I nodded.

“Dads parent’s want to see you too?”

I nodded.

“Both our parents were disowned by their families because their families are rivals?”

I nodded.

“You haven’t told them about me?”

I nodded.

“The idiots don’t know or didn’t know our parents are dead or were dead?”

I nodded nervously.

“Jesus Av.” He stared at me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t want you to be affected. I wanted to keep you safe.” My eyes filled with tears but I fought to keep them in, I hated that I lied to him but it was the only way I knew to keep him safe.

“Come here.” He smiled sadly, motioning for me to go around to him.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad at you Av, I can never be. You always carry too much weight on your shoulders for the both of us and I’m glad you’ve had people around to look after you too, even if it’s a boyfriend.” He said pulling me into a hug and nodding towards Zade appreciatively.

“I missed you so much.” I sighed in his arms.

“Trust me, I’ve missed you more sis.” He chuckled.

“So if our so-called Grandparents are these people then who the hell is that woman who called herself our Grandmother?” He asked, his jaw locked.

“She was just one of our neighbors our parent’s trusted us with, they put her down as one of our guardians because they had no one else.” I replied.

“They're stupid for putting her down, she treated us like shit.” He said angrily.

Zade stilled at the mention of us being treated badly, he knew we were kicked out by her but I never told him how badly we were treated. Zade’s facial expression reflecting Graysons.

“It’s okay, we managed didn’t we?” I said softly, trying to calm the both of them.

“We did, thanks to you.” Grayson nodded.

“So you’re in a gang?” Grayson turned to Zade.

“Me and Maceo work for two gangs.” Zade said honestly.

“Nothing of what you do will affect my sister would it?” Grayson leaned over the table.

“Nothing, you have my word.” Zade said with a promising tone.

“Your words mean fuck all to me.” Grayson replied with a hard look.

“Grayson!” I stared up at him with my mouth slack.

“You’re right.” Zade nodded respectfully.

“You better not hurt her or else I won’t hesitate to come to your house and beat you up in your sleep.” Grayson threatened.

“If I ever do hurt her, I’ll open the door for you.” Zade stared me in the eyes as he spoke.

My heart raced and fluttered at the same time, I wanted the two of them to get along, it was important to me that they did.

“Then I guess we’ll get along well.” Grayson held his hand over the table to Zade.

They shook hands and exchanged smiles and I finally relaxed as they both engaged in conversation. I told Grayson about how I was going to meet our father's parents in a couple of day.

“You’re going with her right?” Grayson stared at Zade worriedly.

“Yes, I wouldn’t let her go by herself.” Zade smiled at me.

“Good, It’ll help me sleep better and as much as I want to spend more time with you sis, I have to get back for practice.” He gave me a sad smile.

“Okay.” I nodded reluctantly.

Slipping my hand in Zade’s, we made our way back to the car and headed back to Colton Academy to drop him off. Zade and him nodded at each other as a bye and I clung to my little brother.

“You look happy with him.” He whispered. “Lover boy over there stares at you with goggly eyes.”

I giggled at Grayson, rolling my eyes playfully.

“Ring me after you see them, I want to know everything. I love you.” Grayson gave me a last hug.

“I love you.” I kissed his cheek as he turned and walked back into the Academy.

There goes my baby brother again. I thought.

“You’ll see him soon.” Zade pulled me into his arms as I stared at the swinging doors Grayson walked into.

“I know, thank you for coming to meet my brother and sorry he was a little hard on you.” I pulled him into a kiss.

“Don’t be sorry, he’s only doing his job and I respect that.” He smiled.

“You look tired, want me to drive?” I kissed him again.

“You can drive.” He gave me another breath taking smile.

“Let’s get going then.” I said giddy.

We got situated in his car and I took off, swerving down the highway skillfully. Zade fell asleep to the soft music with his hand resting on my thigh. It was a long drive but I cut it short with the back roads.

“We’re home.” I pecked Zade’s lips.

“That was fast.” He said groggily against my lips.

“I drive fast.” I winked.

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