The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 36

It was now the next day, tonight I was fighting at The Pit again. The boys asked if I wanted to join them in the gym so I agreed, making my way there with Nadia.

“I wish I could come watch you fight but Dad wont let me.” She huffed frustratingly.

“It’s nothing special really.” I laughed at her pouting facial expression.

“Well at least I can see you beat them.” She nodded towards the boys who were strapping their hands.

“There you are, I was beginning to think you had bailed.” Drew teased.

“You’re going to wish she had.” Blaine called out.

“I can handle her.” Drew rolled his eyes playfully.

“Good, you can go first then big mouth.” Silas said.

“You good?” Zade asked, strapping my hands for me.

“I am now.” I stole a kiss and walked over to the ring sitting in the middle of the gym.

“Psst, go easy on me.” Drew whispered.

“Don’t listen to him, beat his ass!” Nadia yelled.

“DING DING DING!” Silas yelled for us to start.

I laughed at Silas and watched as Drew crept his way over to me. He lunged himself at me and I side stepped, letting him fall face first. I waited for him to get up before moving towards him and trapping him into a corner of the ring, I threw a couple of punches into his side and he tapped out. I stopped immediately and backed away.

“OUCH!” He yelled, clutching onto his ribs.

“Sorry.” I smiled sadly.

“I thought you said you could handle her.” Blaine called out.

“I’m up.” Zade jumped into the ring and kicked Drew out.

We stared at each other smirking. Silas yelled for us to start and so we did.

Zade hung back so I made the first move, advancing towards him. I threw a kick and he caught my leg, I let him hold on to my weight and swung back around with my fist, I watched in slow motion as my fist made contact with his chest making him drop my leg so I could stand on two feet again.

“NO!” A loud cry broke through the gym.

Zade tackled me to the floor as I caught sight of Beau, tears running down her face.

“Zaee you leave my mummy alone!” Beau yelled from Judy’s arms.

Zade pecked my lips and pulled me up with him.

“I didn’t hurt her Beau.” Zade held his hands up in surrender.

“Come here.” I held my arms out to Beau.

Judy handed over Beau and she cried loudly, clinging onto my hair and neck.

“It’s okay Beau, I’m fine.” I rubbed her back.

“Bad Zaee!” She cried.

“Has Beau had her nap yet?” I asked Judy and she shook her head no.

“I’m out, I’ll go put Beau to sleep.” I pecked Zade’s lips before heading out of the gym.

The rest of my afternoon was spent doing homework before heading to The Pit, I wanted to see Kota first so me and Zade left before the others.

“Kota!” I yelled, skipping over to him.

“Hey, I’ve missed you.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Missed you too.” I kissed his cheek and sat in the booth with him.

“Kota.” Zade nodded, sitting next to me.

“Who are you again?” Kota joked.

“Kota.” I scowled.

“I’m kidding, good to see you again.” Kota nodded.

“Know who I’m fighting tonight?” I asked, leaning into Zade’s side.

“Frank Dallas, he’s special-ops and but now works for one of the families in The Underground. He’s quick, he strikes fast and finishes fast, and he doesn’t waste time at all. He’s pretty slim built but don’t underestimate him, he has upper body strength and no lower so use that to your advantage.”

“How do you know all of this?” Zade asked curiously.

“I watch and observe for her, I don’t like her going unprepared even though I know she can assess them herself, I go watch everyone fight even when she isn’t fighting and I have some connections to know other things.” Kota answered.

Zade nodded appreciatively and I smiled warmly at Kota.

“We better get going or else you’ll be late.” Kota stood.

We made the long drive to The Pit and the place was full, every seat was occupied besides a couple of seats in the booth. The Monrovian Family sat in the same place they did last time but this time Fane and his wife sat among them. Chris, Maceo and the rest of the guys sat in the middle of the booth all dressed in suits. Other people I’ve never seen before sat in the booth next to Maceo and Chris.

“You’re up in five, go get ready.” Kota said, pulling me out of the daydream I was stuck in as I tried taking in everyone sitting in the booth.

I made my way into the changing room with Zade and stripped out of my clothes, changing into my fighting attire.

“Are you nervous?” He asked, strapping my hands.

“No, excited would be the better word.” I smiled.

“You never fail to surprise me.” He whispered.

“Good.” I laughed.

He stared at me with panic and worried eyes.

“I’ll return to you safe as long as you do, don’t worry.” I kissed his lips.

He nodded reluctantly and I pulled him out of the changing rooms with me.

“I love you.” He whispered before letting me go into the ring.

A guard lifted me into the ring and jumped out right after, Frank is tall and lanky. He stared down at me worriedly but I gave him a small smile.

“FRANK VS VEE.” The MC yelled.

Frank looked hesitant so I made the first move, I jumped at his height and threw a powerful punch and watched him stumble back with a surprised expression. He stood at a stance and advanced towards me, once he was close enough he threw punches at my head. I dodged and snuck in uppercut punches, pissing him off.

He was fuming as my eyes danced with excitement. I wanted him to make a move and he did by tackling me to the floor. He straddled my stomach, leaving my legs free to do whatever.

A flaw. I thought.

I waited for him to throw a punch or something so I didn’t feel guilty about what was going to happen next.

I watched in slow motion as his fist came down towards my face, I flicked my legs up and around his neck, jerking his body back just before his fist could make contact. I flipped us and held his arm between my legs and against my chest with a tight hold. Pushing his body away from me at an angle with my feet, I waited for the pop of his shoulder and his loud scream filled the quiet warehouse.

I got back onto my feet and Frank blacked out from the pain. Pulling him over to the edge, everyone watched me curiously as I did so.

“VEE the winner!” The MC yelled and the warehouse broke out into cheer.

I gave Frank to the guards and jumped out of the ring into Zade’s arms. We both made our way back to the changing rooms, people tried stopping us to congratulate me but Zade stared them down and I was grateful.

“How do you always do that?” He asked as I dressed into the clothes I arrived in.

“Do what?” I laughed.

“Never come out of a ring harmed or out of breath.” He said buttoning up my top as I buttoned my jeans.

“My Dad taught me everything he knew, he was always learning different kinds of fighting skills and techniques, he started teaching me once I started showing interest in fighting. I can’t even remember how old I was when I started training with him.” I replied, running my hand along his.

“I wish I could have met him.” He smiled sadly.

“Me too, he would have liked you.” I pecked his lips before slipping my knee-high boots on.

We made our way back into the warehouse; Frank was awake and groaning in pain. I made my way over to him since no one was helping him, which made my heart sink.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked.

“Does it look like I’m okay?” He grunted, holding onto his shoulder.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

“What the fuck, of course not!” He yelled in pain.

I laughed out loud at my stupid question but grabbed onto his shoulder and arm.

“Ready?” I asked and he groaned in response.

I jerked his arm and his shoulder popped back into place, my father taught me good sportsmanship so I always helped out my opponents when I use to fight professionally.

“Does it feel better?” I asked, examining his shoulder.

“Thanks.” He nodded with a frown.

“Don’t mention it.” I smiled and walked back to Zade.

“God you’re a beautiful woman.” Zade pulled me into him.

I stared at him questioningly but he only gave me one of his many smirks in return. We made our way over to the booth, everyone stared at me as I made my way up to Maceo and Chris, pulling the both of them into hugs and sitting down in the seats next to them.

Fane and his families eyes stayed locked on me, tears dripping down his wife’s face as she watched me. The other family that sat in the booth stared at me with sad eyes, tears running down the woman’s faces in their family, I stared back at them with a blank expression, I searched every one of their faces. No doubt in my mind were they my father’s family.

I turned forward and leaned into Zade’s warm arms, blocking my parents families out.

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