The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 40

“How are you feeling?” Zade asked, the side of mouth twitching into a small smile.

How do you do that? I thought.

I woke a couple of minutes ago and watched him as he tapped away at his laptop, the top half of his body naked only wearing grey sweat pants.

“I feel okay.” I rose, blushing at getting snapped.

“I got you something for your headache and there’s cold water over there as well.” He smiled pointing to the bedside table next to me.

“Thank you.” I murmured, taking the panadol and downing the glass of water.

“I haven’t told Maceo and Chris about what happened yet, I thought I’d leave it up to you if you wanted to tell them or not.” He placed his laptop to the side.

“I didn’t mind if you told them.” I smiled, checking the time, it was a little after 9pm.

I must have been really drained. I thought.

“How are you handling the news of having a half-brother?” He asked, wrapping his arms around my waist as I straddled him.

“I don’t know, I’m still shocked. I’ll have to ring Grayson in the morning to tell him.” I mumbled, running my hands over his bare chest.

“I can’t believe they put it on you like that, what were they thinking?”

“Apparently they weren’t.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed the space between us.

“What was that for?” He chuckled, licking his lips.

“My thank you to you.” I smiled, swiping his bottom lip with my thumb.

“And why are you thanking me?” He murmured against my neck.

“For everything you’ve done for me, being there for me.” I moaned, gripping his hair.

“Always.” He whispered against my lips.

“We have to leave soon.” He groaned as I bit at his bottom lip teasingly.

“Okay.” I pulled him into a fiery and heavy kiss.

I smiled into our kissed, his hands running up my legs and under my sundress, slipping in my lace underwear to massage my backside, pulling me flush against him in the process.

Our tongues tangled together, fighting for dominance but Zade won and a groan of appreciation rumbled from his chest. His hands ran up my back pushing my dress up and off my body. He broke our kiss and stared at me with hooded eyes.

“Fuck you’re flawless.” He grunted as I rocked against his growing member, his fingers flicked at my back and my strapless bra fell from my body.

I crashed my lips against his again, moaning into his mouth, loving the feeling of his hard chest pressed against mine. He flipped us and rested himself between my spread legs; his hand gripped one of my breasts before making its way lower and lower.

“Tell me what you want Ava.” He ordered, brushing his thick fingers between my legs teasingly.

“I want you Zaden.” I moaned before he ripped the lacey material covering my sex from my body and throwing it to the side.

There goes another pair of my underwear; I’m going to have none left at this rate. I thought in utter bliss.

“Jeez you two took forever to get ready.” Silas huffed as we descended the stairs.

“I’m going to say goodnight to Beau, I’ll meet you out front.” I took off running into the family room and away from the guy’s intense stares.

“Mummy, where are we going?” Beau asked rubbing at her eyes.

“You aren’t going anywhere little miss, time for bed mmm.” I held my arms out to her.

“Can you sing that song I like please mummy?” She mumbled into my chest.

“Yeah, please mummy.” Nadia snickered, sending me a wink.

“Chicken shut!” Beau mumbled at Nadia.

“Beau.” I scowled.

“Sorry.” She giggled.

“Go to sleep.” I said softly, wrapping her in a blanket.

She soon fell asleep and I tucked her in bed before me and Nadia made our way out of the house. The guys all had a car each, standing against them. My eyes zoomed in on the muscle car that Zade leaned on with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at the air in front of him.

So cliché but I love it. I thought, making my way over to him with a smirk.

“Tell me about this car.” He said with a glint in his eyes, leaning down to kiss my lips.

“It’s the only Mustang like it, when did you get it?” I murmured against his lips.

“I always had it, I keep it in the back with the cover over it.” He smiled into my lips.

“So tell me about it.” He repeated, running his hands over my backside.

“A specially built 408 cubic inch crate motor was commissioned from performances here in the states since this specific car was made over seas. Instead of it running an old school carb setup, it runs a fuel-injected system with a huge procharger.” I said popping the bonnet.

“The car also runs a massive MRP Motorsport radiator, oil cooler and gearbox cooler to make sure all the temperatures are kept under control.” I checked the motor out, my excitement evident on my face.

“If I was lesbian, I’d jump you right now.” Nadia whistled, her eyes running over my body.

I knew what she was doing and by the look on Zade’s face, it was working.

“Yeah I’d jump you back.” I winked over my shoulder, jokingly.

“You’re mine.” Zade growled jealously.

Nadia and me rolled our eyes at him; ignoring the glare he was giving his sister.

“Let’s get going.” I wrapped my arms around Zade.

“Let’s.” He smirked down at me, turning us so I was cut off by everyone’s view and ran his big hand between my legs.

“Mine.” He whispered huskily into my ears.

God damn it Zade. I thought, pushing his smirking face away from me.

Situated in our cars, Nadia rode with Silas and they looked so cute together. The guys raced, seeing who could get to our destination first. Zade drove the car more then skilled, dodging every single car down the highway as I watched him with admiration.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked as we pulled up to a desert road coated in exotic cars.

“Taking you back to your room.” I teased, getting out of the car.

“Ava.” He groaned, taking long strides to me.

I chuckled at his frustrated expression and kissed his cheek.

“You’re a cheater.” Drew pointed a finger at Silas after storming out of his car.

“You just suck at driving.” Silas laughed.

“Whatever.” Drew huffed in reply.

They bickered among themselves as we made our way over to Killian and Colin who were talking to a group of people.

“Killian and Colin run this.” Zade whispered into my ear.

Their father liked cars so I wasn’t surprised that they would run a street race. The place was packed with all sorts of expensive cars, girls walked around half naked scoping out a guy to cling to.

Once we grew close to everyone else, I spotted Carter standing off to the side with Landon. Their faces stoic and still dressed in their suits from earlier today. Girls swarmed them; Carter was swearing profanities at the girls and Landon seemed to love the attention. I laughed at Carters death stare he was giving the poor girls.

“Do you want to go over to him and say hi?” Zade asked.

“Later, I’ll come with you.” I moved closer to him, trying to make it obvious to the girls who walked by us staring him up and down.

“Jealous?” He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

I could hear the smirk in his voice; I didn’t need to look at him to know.

“Yes.” I said honestly.

“I like your honesty Ms. Vice but do not worry, I’m all yours.” He pulled me into his side, seriousness etched onto his face.

Sometimes you seem like a grown man instead of a teenager. I thought.

“Hi Ava.” Killian and Colin waved as we joined their group.

“Hello.” I smiled awkwardly.

“Are you going to race tonight?” Killian asked excitingly.

“No.” I shook my head.

“Can’t ride?” Kenna challenged.

“I know what you can though.” Zade whispered against my ear.

“Zaden!” I backhand his chest.

Zade tightened his arms around my waist, pulling me flush against him as he chuckled lowly. Everyone stared at us expectantly only making me blush harder then I already was.

“Where did you get that from?” Killian hissed, moving away from me.

“What?” I frowned at his strange behavior.

“That ring around your neck, where did you get it?” He frowned back at me and everyone in the group stepped away from me and Zade.

“It’s my-” I started but Zade cut in, tightening his arms around me.

“None of your business, do not ask questions.” Zade said in a warning tone.

Killian and Colin eyed me worriedly but nodded towards Zade.

“So are you racing? The winner gets money.” Colin nodded at me.

“No but the guys do.” I nodded to Zade and the rest.

“Nah, we all want you to.” Silas piped up and I threw him a pointed look.

“Then it’s settled, you and Soreign.” Killian nodded over to Carter.

Once Killian said Soreign, all the guys in the group visibly stiffened like Zade had at Fane’s.

I frowned at Carter, as if suspecting someone looking at him. He turned towards me and immediately started making his way towards us.

“I think I heard someone call out to me.” Killian and the rest of the group went running in the opposite direction of Carter. Silas even took Nadia away.

“Why are they running?” I asked worriedly, turning in Zade’s arms to face him.

“That’s a question for your brother princess.” He smiled sadly.

“Ava, what are you doing here?” Carter asked worriedly, pulling me into a warm embrace.

“I’m just here with my boyfriend and friends.” I said softly.

“Oh.” He smiled down at me.

Carter and Zade shared a brief nod before Carter pulled me over to Landon.

“This seems to be a little under you to be at.” I gestured around us to the teenagers that walked around the desert road.

“I run one in Brazil, I wanted to see how Americans do it.” He smirked, slinging his arm over my shoulders.

“And your thoughts about what you’ve seen so far?” I asked curiously.

“Two words.” He held two fingers up. “Fucking shit.”

I rolled my eyes at him playfully earning a chuckle.

“Why is everyone scared of you here? Everyone tenses or run away when you come near them.”

“He’s a prick that’s why.” Landon cut in, earning himself a glare from Carter.

“No reason.” Carter waved his hand, dismissing the question.

I could see right through him, he was hiding something from me.

“I like your cars.” I stared behind me, Carter and Landon positioned themselves in front of me protectively with their arms crossed over their chest.

“Landon has boring taste.” Carter, pointed at the matte black Dodge.

“It’s not a boring car.” Landon rolled his eyes.

The first race was announced to start between Killian and Landon. Killian had his Koenigsegg and he would easily win if he knew how to drive it and apparently he didn’t. Killian lost and dark smoke drifted from the bonnet.

“Fucking idiot.” Carter mumbled, shaking his head.

I agree. I thought, watching as everyone swarmed down the dessert road and towards Killian.

“Ava! Killian wants you to have a look at it.” Nadia rushed towards me.

“No.” Carter stepped in front of me.

“Ava?” Nadia frowned.

“Carter, this is Nadia my best friend. Nadia this is Carter.” I introduced them.

“Hi.” Nadia squeaked, stepping away from him.

Carter said nothing but I slapped his arm and moved around him.

“What makes him think I can fix it? I’m not a mechanic.” I protested as Nadia started running with a tight hold on my arm.

“But you know about it so you might be able to fix it.” She picked her speed up, continuing to drag me with her.

“Ava you have to fix it.” Killian panicked, pushing me over to the car bonnet.

I lifted the bonnet and more smoke drifted out, causing me to cough. I waited for the smoke to disappear and peered down at the motor, it was in perfect condition just a little over heated.

“You must have stayed on the same gear for too long, it’ll be fine just let it cool down for now.” I shut the bonnet and pushed my way passed everyone else standing around us.

“You’re up next beautiful.” Zade wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“I don’t have a car.” I frowned, shaking my head.

“Take mine.” He held the keys in front of me.

“Are you sure?” I asked hesitantly.

“I’m more then sure Ava but I’m coming with.” He smiled.

“Wow I thought I’d never see the day.” Someone yelled out towards us.

“Zade is getting in the passenger seat, who would have known?” The guy joked.

Zade gave him the finger, flicking the guy off as we got into the car. The windows were tinted completely black, illegal but it made the car that more badass.

I pulled up next to Carter’s car at the start line, everyone gathered along the sidelines to watch. Carter revved his car and everyone jumped in excitement.

“Ready?” I smirked at Zade.

“Always.” He said as the flag hit the ground and I stepped on it, all the while keeping my eyes on Zade as his head hit the headrest in shock at the fast take off.

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