The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 41 (Zade's POV)

Her smirk grew as she watched me instead of the dirt road in front of us. In shock at the sudden take off, I gathered myself and sat up properly.

She finally focused on the road; Carter was in the lead but not by much. She shifted the car with control and confidence, her grin wide and bright.

She looked so beautiful, her hair flying around her heart-shaped face caused by the window that was rolled down a quarter way.

I expected her to drive with both her feet like every other girl I’ve been in a car with but she managed flawlessly with using the one. She drove with one hand and shifted with the other, pushing the car higher. As the numbers went up the more her eyes shone with excitement, no doubt the adrenaline pumping through her veins.

Once we reached the end of the track, she downshifted and swung the car around before taking off again, pushing the car. We were in the lead but Carter came up, matching our speed. She changed gear and pushed the car to its limits.

I’ve never seen someone handle a muscle car as flawless as she does.

“Jesus Ava.” I shouted over the loud roar of the car.

She smirked at me in reply as if telling me that this wasn’t it. She got ahead of Carter and swerved in front of him, watching his car through the rearview mirror, she stayed in front of him by falling in sync with his every move.

Once closer to the finish line, she moved to the side to let Carter have a try at winning but that never happened. She passed the finish line before he did; she downshifted and swung the car back around, making the dirt flick up into a thick cloud.

“You good?” She asked softly, reaching over to me.

“I will be after you kiss me.” I threw my seat belt off and leaned over to cover her mouth with mine hungrily.

“You’re so sexy.” I drew her bottom lip into my mouth.

“As are you Mr. Noels.” She said seductively, pulling me back into a hot kiss.

“Ava?” Carter frowned as he watched her get out of the driver’s seat.

“You drive mean.” She skipped over to him and responded to his hug.

Everyone watched their exchange closely; Blaine and the rest of them stared at me expectantly, they questioned me when Carter had taken her away earlier but I told them nothing.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were racing me?” He raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I didn’t want you to go easy on me.” She laughed.

“Good point.” He grinned, not hiding the fact that he would have if he had known it was her.

"Rei, você precisa levar isso. (King, you need to take this)” Landon ran over with a phone held out to Carter, his expression serious and nervous.

“What did he say?” Ava asked with hopeful eyes.

“Nothing your pretty head needs to worry about.” He dismissed her question like she predicted.

“I’ll answer all your questions tomorrow irmãzinha, I promise.” He quickly added, his eyes melting at the pout he was receiving from her.

"Irmãzinha?” She giggled, happy with herself that she got him to crack with a single look.

"Irmãzinha means little sister. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He chuckled at her antics; he didn’t seem to mind but adored her.

“Okay, goodnight.” She kissed his cheek and responded to another one of his hugs.

“I trust you to get her home safely.” Carter stared at me expectantly.

I always will. I thought, giving him a firm nod in reply.

Ava made her way back to me, she was so comfortable with him being her half-brother so fast but you couldn’t deny the sibling connection they seemed to already have.

“Are we going now?” She yawned, snaking her arms around my neck.

“Yes.” I stared down at her with amusement.

She fell asleep on the way home during a sentence, I laughed at her sleeping figure as her head lulled back and forth.

I parked and made my way around to her door, slipping off her seat belt and lifted her up into my arms bridal style, her arms automatically wrapped themselves around my neck while she breathed softly into my neck.

“How does she know him?” Blaine asked as he and the rest of the guys followed behind us.

“She’ll explain everything when she’s ready, she has more important things to think about and we all don’t need to add to it.” I sighed, laying her on my bed and slipping her jewelry off her wrists and taking her boots off.

“Soreign is the most feared fucking person in the world, what the fuck does Ava have to do with him?” Blaine hissed, keeping his voice down as we passed Beau’s room.

“Again, not a question for me and do not question Ava about it.” I warned the whole lot of them as we descended the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Maceo would want to know.” Silas spoke up.

“And just like you five, he can wait until she is ready. Are we clear?” I challenged them.

Nods all around were thrown my way before I grabbed a bottle of water and made my way back up to my room. I stripped my clothes off and slid into bed next to her, pulling her flush against me.

“I love you Zaden.” Her sweet voice whispered, pushing me into a deep sleep.

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