The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 42

“Mummy?” A little soft hand ran through my hair carefully.

“Hey beautiful, what is the matter?” I woke knowing whom it was immediately.

“I can’t sleep by myself mummy, Daddy is yelling.” She broke down in tears as Maceo’s voice raised down the hall.

“Come here baby, it’s okay.” I cooed.

Wiggling out of Zade’s arms and getting out of bed to scoop her up and shut the bedroom door so Maceo’s yelling wasn’t heard. I checked the time and it was a little after 4am.

“Why is he yelling?” She cried into the crook of my neck, wrapping her little hands in my hair.

“I’m not sure, but you’re okay baby.” I rubbed her back soothingly.

“Pertumeeess.” She giggled, nudging her face deeper into my neck.

I slipped back into bed with Beau in my arms; Zade pulled me back into his naked chest unconsciously, wrapping his big arms around me and Beau.

Within seconds Beau fell back asleep, hers and Zade’s soft breathing lulled me.

I woke again to the soft buzz of my phone, vibrating on the bedside table. I pushed myself out of bed and both Zade and Beau groaned at the sudden movement making me giggle. They both looked so much alike, their dark hair and grey pools, thick lashes that brushed their cheeks and the same beauty spot in the same place, resting above their lips. Beau definitely could pass as Zaden’s daughter.

A text from an Unknown number popped up on my screen. I read Grayson’s and quickly typed that I’ll ring him later this afternoon with an I love you and same for Kota. I clicked on the Unknown Number and read what it said. It was Carter, sending me details where to meet him.

Saving Carter's number and sending him a quick okay. I turned back to the two fast asleep in bed and moved Beau closer into Zade, kissing her cheek and his lips, I headed into my own room to get ready for the day.

I showered and picked out an outfit, simple but very stylish. I slipped the nude tube dress on and my choice in shoes, my black vans. Throwing my hair up in a high ponytail, I gelled back the little fly aways and did minimal makeup, defining my cheeks and adding mascara and lip-gloss with a swipe of peachy blush.

Spritzing myself with the new body mist Zade likes, I did a once over and made my way back into Zade’s room to find them both just waking up.

“Good morning, how was your sleep beautiful?” I smiled, brushing her hair out of her face.

“Morning mummy.” She mumbled, dragging herself onto my lap.

“It was otay, I like sleeping in here.” She sniffed at my neck, giggling to herself.

“Good morning handsome.” I smiled lovingly at Zade, leaning over to kiss his lips.

“You taste heavenly, can we get rid of Beau so I can taste you better?” He said gruffly, groaning at the wink I sent him.

“Mummy, where are you going?” She asked tiredly.

“I just have to go see someone.” I sighed, wrapping my arms around her.

“Can I come please? You said I could come next time remember?” She said, jumping in my lap excitingly.

You have good memory for a 2 year old. I groaned inwardly.

“Only if your Dad says you can.” I smiled.

Beau slid off my lap and went waddling out of the door to find her father.

“You’re so beautiful.” Zade pulled me into his arms, kissing and licking at my neck teasingly.

“Zaden?” I moaned softly, turning in his arms to stare up at him.

“Yes my love.” He stared at me with lust filled eyes.

“Do you want to come with me to see Carter?” I asked, nuzzling into his neck.

“I think you should go see him on your own, spend some time with him and really get to know your new found brother and I’m sure he’ll appreciate you going by yourself.” He smiled, pulling me into a heated kiss.

“Mummy, he said yes!” Beau came waddling back into the room as I pushed Zade away.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to take Beau? I know Carter is my brother and all but I don’t feel comfortable with Beau being there, something might happen.” I said worriedly, pulling her up into my arms.

“She’ll be fine with you and Carter, if anything she’d be in the safest company ever.” He chuckled, tapping Beau’s nose softly.

“Zaee stop.” She giggled, pushing his big hand away.

“You’re sure?” I asked again.

“Positive princess.” He chuckled, pulling me closer to him.

“You smell so good.” He groaned, returning to laying open mouth kisses on my neck and shoulder.

“I’m going to bath Beau.” I said breathlessly, pushing his chest to stop him.

He groaned watching as I sashayed my way out of his room.

I could never get enough of him. I thought.

I bathed Beau and left her in the tub to play with her toys while I picked out an outfit for her, it was already hot out so I picked a dress and cute little vans.

I dressed her and chuckled as she twirled around in her white t-shirt dress and black vans. Making sure I packed a warm coat for her just in case and everything she’d need, I bent down and scooped her up.

“Mummy pigtails.” She clapped excitingly as I did her hair in even pigtails, slipping a white bow into each of them.

“Beautiful.” I gushed, kissing her blushing cheeks.

“Thank you.” She giggled, jumping off of my lap.

“Let’s go have breakfast gorgeous.” I threw her bag over my shoulder and held out my hand for her to take.

“Take my Dodge, it’ll have enough room for Beau’s car seat.” Zade handed me his keys and buckled Beau’s car seat into his car.

“Ring me if you need anything.” I buckled Beau in and slipped her bag into the car.

“Will do.” He winked.

“I’ll see you later.” I pulled him into a kiss, earning another appreciative groan.

“I love you.” He said, gripping my backside in the palms of his hands.

“Love you too Zaeee!” Beau screamed through the window of the car before I could say it back.

“What she said.” I laughed, pecking his lips.

I pulled up at the location Carter had texted me, we were at some fancy restaurant. I pulled Beau out and placed her on my hip, grabbing our things, and making my way into the restaurant.

“Hello ladies, do you have a reservation?” A woman greeted us at the door.

“Hey, just under Soreign thank you.” I smiled.

Once the name Soreign left my lips the woman straightened up more and her eyes went wide.

“Oh yes Miss, f-follow me p-please.” She stammered and gave a waiter we passed a look of nervousness.

I took in the huge restaurant and checked for all exits; one sat to my right and another sat to my left, and of course the front entrance. The woman’s nervousness put me on edge but I continued to follow her.

I finally spotted Carters familiar dark hair and Landon’s blonde hair sitting in the back from everyone else, their table surrounded by people in black suits.

“Excuse me Mr. Soreign, your guest has arrived.” The woman announced, everyone’s attention soon turned to her and she went running back towards the entrance.

“Mummy, why was that lady scared?” Beau asked, a frown resting on her cute little face that stared back at me.

“That’s a question for Carter and Landon, you’d have to ask them.” I gestured to the both of them.

Carter and Landon stared back at me with their mouths sitting in the shape of an O.

“Hey.” I waved and made my way closer towards their table.

"Irmãzinha, you never told me you had a daughter.” Carter stood, pulling me and Beau into a tight embrace.

“Ello, my name’s Beau.” She wiggled in my arms, staring up at Carter with her big doe eyes.

“Very cute, Carter.” He nodded down at her, holding his hand out for her to shake.

With her eye’s in slits, she grabbed onto his thumb and shook it.

“How come that lady was scared?” She tilted her head to the side to stare up at Carter.

“Well you see my friend Landon, he isn’t the most attractive guy out so his face scared the poor lady.” Carter grinned as Beau did a full belly laugh.

“You’re a meanie.” She giggled.

How can a two-year-old be so smart, there’s no way any two-year-old could have gotten that joke. I thought.

“This is Zade’s little sister, she likes to call me mummy. It’s a long story.” I whispered to Carter.

“Oh, I was kind of hoping she was yours. She’s adorable.” He said, smiling down at us.

“Go.” Carter turned to the men standing at the table, staring at us.

Carters voice turned to cold and gruff with a click of a finger.

“Yes, Rei.” They answered, leaving the table in a hurry just like the woman who greeted us.

“Rei?” I questioned, sitting in the seat Carter pulled out for me and quickly thanked him.

“It means King in Portuguese.” Landon smiled, waving at Beau and me.

“I’m not surprised.” I smiled, glancing around the fancy restaurant once again, taking in my surroundings.

“What’s that suppose to mean irmãzinha?” Carter smirked, sitting down opposite me.

“The number of your security team here is insane, only someone of importance would have these many men at a private restaurant.” I deadpanned, laying out Beau’s coloring book and crayons.

“How did you know?” They both stared at me with a mixture of shock and adoration.

“It’s easy to tell, for example.” I helped Beau color without looking up.

“The man in the polo shirt and khaki pants in the far left corner, he’s part of your security team. How do I know? His eyes are strained on the busy sidewalk outside, his feet tapping nervously on the floor.” I held a single finger up. “The man three seats away from him is also apart of your security. His hands keep opening and closing as if preparing himself for something if that something happens.” I held a second finger up. “Four men sitting in the far right are also apart of your team. There are 20 more of them scattered throughout this restaurant who are disguised to be normal everyday people, that’s not including the 10 security guards who have made themselves known to be your guards, dressed in matching suits.” I stated, loud enough for only Carter and Landon to hear.

“Jesus, what the fuck.” Landon stared at me with his mouth in the shape of an O again.

“Jesus, what the-” Beau started off.

“Don’t you even dare young lady.” I tapped her nose softly, Beau giggled and continued to color.

“Language around Beau.” I scowled.

“Sorry.” Landon quickly slapped his hand over his mouth before he broke out into a fit of laughter.

With the wave of Carter’s hand, his security guards escorted the few people who were in the back part of the restaurant to other tables in the front.

“How did you know?” Carter frowned.

“Observant?” I chuckled.

“You know you have your own security following you.” Carter gestured to the two men who walked in after me and Beau had with their eyes glancing our way every minute.

“I do yes, Zade’s had them on me for a while now.” I nodded.

“He doesn’t know you know does he?” Carter chuckled.

“No, I caught him barking orders at them to keep me safe. It helps calms his nerves when I’m not with him so I never fight against it.” I shrugged.

“I approve of Zade.” Carter crossed his arms over his chest.

“Yeah, I do too.” Landon agreed.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to ask if you two would approve. My bad.” I teased.

Low chuckled rumbled from the two of them.

“Sorry to interrupt but may I take your orders Mr. Soreign.” A young waitress asked with a bright smile directed at all of us.

“Mummy, can I have ice cream please?” Beau stood on my lap and showed me her picture she has finished.

“Definitely, you color so beautifully.” I gushed, staring at the colorful elephant.

“Yay.” Beau jumped, turning her picture towards Carter and Landon.

“Very pretty Beau.” They ignored the waitress.

“I know.” She giggled, sitting back down on my lap.

Beau earned a laugh from the two men across from us as she continued to color.

“Let’s order.” Carter handed me a menu and we looked through them.

We ordered our food and drinks, the drinks were sent over almost immediately by another waitress that almost spilled them all over Carter out of nervousness.

“It’s okay, I got it.” I told the poor guy and took the drinks from his shaking hands.

“T-t-t-hank you.” He stuttered, before taking off into what I assumed was the kitchen.

“Carter.” I scowled, putting the drinks down and swatting his arm.

“What?” He asked amused.

“You were scaring the poor guy.” I shook my head.

“I didn’t do anything.” He said defensively, holding his arms up in surrender.

“Sure, so that glare wasn’t supposed to scare him?” I teased, placing their drinks in front of them.

“I didn’t scare you did I?” Carter asked suddenly worried with a frown.

“No, you don’t scare me.” I laughed lightly.

“Me too.” Beau cut in while she happily drew.

Our food soon arrived, Beau and me shared our burger and chips, and Carter and Landon ordered something fancy I couldn’t pronounce.

“My security team is not here for me or Landon.” Carter stated, smiling softly.

“So if they’re not here for you then who are they here for?”

“For you.” He and Landon said in unison.

“What? Why?” I handed Beau more fries.

“I just wanted to be sure nothing would happen to you while we’re out.” Carter’s tone turned dark and serious. “Rumors are already spreading.”

“What kind of rumors?” I held Beau flush against me.

“Hayze Versana has a daughter and she’s joined into the families.” He said cautiously.

“There’s nothing about my brother existing?” I asked in hush tones.

“Nothing.” He smiled at the relief that flooded my worried expression.

“What is the connection between you two?” I asked, trying to connect the dots.

“We’re best friends, have been since we were young. My father runs the Russian Mafia, he’s business partners with Carter. I don’t take over until my fathers ready to hand the title over, our Mafia comes fifth in the five families.” Landon answered.

“Who’s the fourth family?” I wiped Beau’s mouth clean.

“Italian Mafia” Carter watched me intently.

“I’m not safe anymore am I?” I asked softly, busying myself with feeding Beau.

“Do you want the honest truth irmãzinha?” Carter sighed, lifting my head up to stare at him.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“No you aren’t safe anymore, freedom doesn’t exist for you, not anymore.” He said apologetically.

What have I gotten myself into? I thought

“So I’m in danger?” I pulled my hand out of his and wrapped them around Beau.

“You were in danger the moment you stepped into Fane’s house.” He whispered, his eyes pleading with me not to let the tears in my eyes fall. “Associating with us instantly makes you a target.”

“I was just The Girl who Fought to Provide, now look at me.” I breathed in and out deeply; thankful I had Beau here to keep me sane.

“Nothing will happen to you, I’ll protect you.” Carter stared into my eyes with all seriousness returning.

"We will protect you, you’re his little sister so you become mine.” Landon quickly added with the same serious look.

“You two live in different countries, how are you going to protect me from there?” I smiled at their protectiveness.

“You and Grayson should come live with me, it’s safer that way.” Carter nodded.

“No, Grayson loves his school and I’m not taking that away from him.” I said sternly.

“It’s not safe irmãzinha, especially for you.” He leaned forward.

“Thank you.” I said politely to the waitress who placed Beau’s Ice cream on the table and quickly ran off.

“Yay mummy.” She clapped, putting her crayons to the side.

“Say thank you to Carter for getting you ice cream.” I kissed the top of her head.

“Danku Carter.” She said with a mouthful of chocolate flavored ice cream.

“You said what now?” Carter’s serious expression disappeared and replaced with a wide grin.

“Thank you Carter.” She giggled, pushing his hand away from her little bowl.

“Sharing is caring.” He winked at her.

“Otay, only a little tiny bit.” She pushed the bowl towards him, holding her little spoon to him.

“I’m only kidding Beau, it’s all yours.” He gently pushed her bowl back to her.

She squealed and dug in again.

“Has anyone noticed the ring around your neck?” Carter asked.

“Yes, they all moved away from me once they spotted it.” I frowned, taking in the ring for the first time. It had Soreign etched into the thick ring with some fancy detailing around the name.

“No one without a death wish would touch you, not if they want their heads to be chopped off and sent to their mothers with my surname tatted to their forehead.” Carter said casually.

“Is he serious?” I turned to Landon.

“Very much so.” He nodded.

“So you live with Zade and his family?” He asked, changing the subject and I was grateful.

I told him everything that has happened over the months. My reasons for living with Zade and his family, to Maceo and Chris.

“I’d like to meet Maceo and Christopher.” Carter smiled at Beau’s sleeping figure in my arms, she had fallen asleep as we talked.

“Why?” I asked quietly, not wanting to wake her, her little hands wrapped in my hair like always.

“I want to personally thank the men who looked after my little sister. You talk about the pair very fondly; it only shows that they treat you very well.” He shrugged.

“They’ve become a father figure to me.” I nodded.

“It’s safer for you to come stay in Brazil Ava.” Carter pushed again.

“Not happening. Grayson is happy, after everything we’ve been through, it’s what I owe to him.” I shook my head, keeping my voice firm.

“Ava, you’re not being sensible.” Carter said softly.

“Carter look, everything is moving too fast. I haven’t even told my brother about you yet; he’s going to freak.”

“I know it’s overwhelming.” He started, clasping his hands together.

“You don’t say.” I sassed.

“I assigned you a security team.” Carter stared into my eyes seriously, leaving no room to argue with him.

“I already have one.” I pointed to Zade’s men.

“No irmãzinha, I mean a real one.” He waved over to the men in suits.

Five of them stepped forward. Their expressions intimidating and their builds broad and buff.

“Meet Messiah, Zion, Felik, Preston and Elliot. They’re your security team from now on and forever.” Carter’s tone firm.

“Carter-” I started off but he cut in before I could finish my sentence.

“Please, the only thing I’ll ask of you is to please let me do this. It would help me knowing you’re in safe hands at all times. I even have one set out for Grayson, he’ll watch Grayson from the distance and make sure he’s always safe.” Carter pleaded with bright eyes.

“We have to handle this seriously Ava, people might come for you and we can’t risk it.” Landon said with hopeful eyes.

“Okay, it’s just so much Carter. These last few days have just drained me completely. My heads everywhere.” I burst out crying into the top of Beau’s sleeping head.

“Please don’t cry, I don’t like it.” Carters voice came out frantic.

Landon stared at me like he was caught stealing something, the look of not knowing what to do.

I snorted through my tears and rubbed at my nose. Carter ran around the table and pulled me and Beau into a warm embrace.

“I don’t like it when you cry, it does this thing to my heart.” Carter frowned more to himself then at me.

I laughed at him and shook my head, wiping at my cheeks. “I’m sorry, I was just having a moment.”

“Don’t ever be sorry, not to me anyway.” Carter kissed the crown of my head.

“Sorry.” I laughed at the team of security guards who stood there awkwardly.

“No need to be sorry to us Ms. Versana.” Messiah spoke for all of them, he looked like he held more power than the rest.

“It’s nice to meet you all, you can just call me Ava but if you want to address me formally I’d like it if you called me by Vice.” I said softly.

“Of course Ms. Vice.” They nodded.

“Maybe just Ava, you’re making me feel old.” I laughed and they threw me smiles.

“So you’re letting me assign them as your security team?” Carter grinned.

“Yes.” I nodded pulling out of his hug.

“Thank god.” He and Landon sighed heavily, moving back to his seat.

“Messiah is head security, the rest fall under him. Messiah will be at your side majority of the time, they’ll rotate between each other when needed. Wherever you go, they will go. They’ll set up camera’s and other things around the house, Messiah will talk to Maceo about everything so you don’t need to worry.” Carter explained.

“So are they starting today?” I asked with wide eyes, they’re going all out with cameras and things.

“Yes, they’ll leave with you. You won’t be driving, and you will always sit in the back for safety precautions. Do you have a car?”

“That’s a bit extreme Carter, I can drive.” I pouted.

“Not working.” He slapped his hand over his eyes. “Every car I own is bullet proof so I’ll be sending over bullet proof vehicles as soon as I can for you.”

“Has she stopped pouting?” Carter asked Landon.

“I don’t know, I’m trying not to look myself.” He exclaimed in reply.

I stared at them amused, they looked like little kids and it almost made me laugh. Carter slowly let his hand drop from him eyes.

“You guys are silly.” I teased, grinning at the pair.

“Messiah will give you a new phone and other things, my contacts will be in them so ring me whenever you want, if it’s just to talk to your older brother or for anything you need. I’ll always pick up and be there, that’s a promise.” He said, turning back to his serious expression.

“I don’t need a new anything Carter.” I scowled; I had a perfectly working phone.

“It’s for safety reasons, the phone I’m giving you can’t be traced or anything.” He pleaded once again.

“Do you know how to work fire arms?” He quickly asked before I could protest further.

“No.” I shook my head.

“They’ll teach you.” He nodded at Messiah and the rest.

I couldn’t deny the excitement that engulfed me, I’ve always wanted to go to a shooting range to see how it felt to hold and shoot a gun.

“You look like you’re about to pass out irmãzinha, that’s enough for today, you should get home and go rest.” Carter’s expression turned into a worried kind.

“Like I said before, it’s just a lot to take in.” I sighed heavily.

“But I should start heading home so I can put her down.” I smiled down at Beau’s sleeping figure.

“You should, I’m leaving for Brazil after this so if you have anymore questions that can’t wait until I see you next week then just ring me.” He stood as I did.

“I’ll take her bag for you.” Messiah took the heavy nappy bag from my shoulder.

“Thank you.” I said gratefully.

“You’re going to be back next week?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ll be back to check in on you.” He wrapped his big arms around me and Beau.

“Thank you, I feel like I’ve known you all my life.” I mumbled into his suit.

“Me too irmãzinha, I’ll see you soon. Remember to ring me if you need anything.” Carter said before letting me out of his tight embrace.

I said a quick bye to Landon before I headed out of the restaurant; Messiah spoke to the other four of my security guards in Portuguese and had formed a human shield around me as we walked to the parking lot.

Three of them split and headed to a blacked out SUV leaving Messiah and Zion to ride in the Dodge. I handed the keys to Messiah and slipped into the back all too eagerly after giving them the address and buckling Beau in, I was too exhausted to do anything and fell asleep as soon as the car was on the road.

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