The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 5

My alarm went off at 7 o’clock, indicating I had to get up for school. Rolling out of bed tiredly, I quickly showered and headed downstairs to have something to eat since I was so starving from the lack of food I ate yesterday.

I whipped up pancake batter and made a stack of pancakes for me and Grayson, adding some sliced fruits to the side before calling him down.

He came running down dressed and with his school bag on his shoulder, “Morning.” He smiled.

“Morning, how were the tryouts?” I asked, placing his plate in front of him.

“Good, I think I’ll get in.” He replied, eyeing the pancakes happily.

We talked over breakfast about how he liked the school and about the friends he’s made so far. We both complained about the school being behind but we were happy at the same time since we didn’t have to study or anything like the other kids.

“I’ll clean up and you can go finish getting ready.” He said, packing the used dishes into the dishwasher.

“Deal.” I ran back upstairs to pick out an outfit.

The weather was going to get hotter than it already was, so I picked out something simple but nice.

Slipping on a black and white checkered skort, I threw on a grey crop top and put my black vans on. I let my hair out, cascading down my back, applying mascara and lip-gloss before heading back downstairs.

“Lunches in your bag already and I put a bottle of water in there.” Grayson handed me my bag.

“Thanks Gray.” I said, using his nickname.

“Let’s go shall we.” He said checking to see if the doors are locked.

“Let’s.” I said checking the time.

It was 8:00, though school didn’t start till 8:30, we left anyway, giving us enough time to get our books and things.

People stared once again as we walked up the stairs to the entrance of the school.

“When do you think the stares will stop?” Grayson asked, his arm slung over my shoulders.

“No clue.” I huffed.

“Well, I have to go find my friends.” He said kissing my cheek and heading off into the sea of students.

I had AP English up first like yesterday, so I went to my locker getting out my notes and other things I needed.

“Morning Ms. Vice.” Mr. F said from his desk.

“Morning.” I said back, stopping in my tracks, as I stared at the full tables that were empty for half of the lesson yesterday morning.

They all stared at me with curiosity like the rest of the school, though Kenna had her head in her hands not paying attention like the rest. I gave back a stoic look to the guys and made my way to the seat I sat at yesterday.

“Vee, right?” Silas was the first one to speak.

“Ava.” I shook my head, pulling my notes out.

“We’re almost finished the whole project so you don’t need to do anything.” The silvery voice I recognized from the student car park yesterday said.

“Is there anything I can do? I’d like to do something so I don’t feel bad about not helping and getting a grade from you guys.” I exclaimed, pulling my hair into a high ponytail.

“No.” He replied, his eyes looking me over slowly.

“Are you sure? I’d like to help.” I insisted.

“He said no, so shut up.” Kenna spat, glaring at me.

“Wow okay, never meant to upset anyone.” I said, shoving my notes back into my bag.

“Do you guys have to stare? I get it enough from the rest of the school.” I said, frowning at Silas and his friends.

“Can we talk in private later?” Silvery voice asked.

“Subject of discussion?” I raised an eyebrow.

Without saying a word, he pulled at my notebook and wrote something down before handing it back.

Last night. Written in neat writing sat on the piece of paper.

“No.” I replied simply.

I watched in the corner of my eyes as Silas and the rest stared at each other as if talking telepathically. I admit they were all incredibly attractive but I planned on getting through the year without any distractions.

Kenna glared at me the whole lesson but again I never paid her any attention, I knew how embarrassed she would have felt after last night but I wasn’t going to hold it against her, I wasn’t that kind of person but I had the feeling she was.

Not like yesterday, Silas and his friends stayed back and watched me as I packed up my things, arms crossed over their broad chests, and stoic faces.

“Hey Zade, sit with me at lunch.” The cheerleader from yesterday asked, standing next to the guy with the silvery voice, whose name I now know is Zade.

“Go away Hailey.” Kenna spoke with venom dripping from her words but I also caught a hint of jealousy.

I felt embarrassed for Hailey so I quickly left, taking long strides to my next class.

I sat in AP Chemistry in the back by myself as everyone chatted about a party this weekend, everyone was excited for. I remember when I use to get excited to go out with my friends back at my old school but shit happens.

“Hey.” A cute boy with glasses stood in front of me, “Do you mind if I sit here? There are no other chairs left.” He said awkwardly.

“I don’t mind no.” I returned his smile and carried on listening to everyone else’s conversations.

“I’m Jake by the way.” He said, pulling out his work.

“Ava.” I replied, holding my hand out to shake his.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled, shaking my hand.


The teacher started the lesson by handing out papers for everyone to finish by the end of the class, the questions were easy so I quickly finished them and handed my paper in. Jake soon handed his in after me, both sitting bored, I plugged my earphones in, hoping the next twenty minutes went by fast.

My phone vibrated in my hand, signaling I had a text.

Hey sis, meet me at the open area near the cafeteria at lunch.


I bolted from the classroom as soon as the bell rung, heading to the cafeteria. The halls were buzzing with conversations; I didn’t even know how they managed to hear over all the yelling and laughter.

I quickly placed my school bag in my locker on the way and slipping my leather jacket on. Once I arrived in the huge cafeteria, everyone was just as loud as the ones in the hallways, so I made a dash for it into the open area. My brother stood with his back towards me, looking for me I assumed.

I jumped on his back, wrapping my arms and legs around his tall figure.

“Looking for me?” I laughed at the surprised look he had on his face.

“Jesus Av.” He said, after realizing it was me as I fell back on to my feet.

Slinging his arm over my shoulders, he guided me away from everyone else, “You aren’t fighting tonight right?” He asked worriedly.

“Nope.” I said popping the p, “Why what’s up?” I questioned.

“Nothing I was just checking.” He said, relief flooding his facial features.

“You know you’re quite popular, well everyone in my grade is talking about you.” Grayson said, rolling his eyes playfully, “I’ll meet you at the car after school.” He continued, kissing my cheek and leaving in a rush as his friends waved at him.

Wonder why they’re talking about me? A question for later. I thought.

I made my way over to the tree I sat at the day before and listened to music, oblivious to my surroundings.

The warmness of the sun suddenly disappeared from my skin, popping my eyes open there stood the seven people from my AP English class.

Raising a questioning eyebrow at them, I stood from my sitting position, taking my earphones out and dusting the back of my skort.

“Something the matter?” I asked staring down at my watch.

“We’re curious.” Zade spoke, his tone of voice stoic like his facial expression.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” I said, sidestepping them as the bell rung.

“Ava!” Nadia’s quiet voice called out as I left the school library.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked, pulling my hair from my ponytail letting my hair cascade down my back.

“I just wanted to congratulate you, congrats.” She smiled, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“On what exactly?” I asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“For having the highest GPA in school.” She said with a ‘what do you think’ expression.

“Um since when?” I replied, genuinely surprised at the news.

“Since this morning.” She stared at me funny.

“Ava!” Another person called out, slinging their heavy arm over my shoulders.

“Hey Gray, this is Nadia, Nadia this is my brother Grayson.” I said pointing between the two.

“Hey Nadia.” Grayson waved sweetly as he took my textbooks from my arms.

Thank god, those things were heavy. I thought.

Nadia blushed, saying she had to go meet her friends somewhere, leaving in a hurry.

“So, I made the team.” Grayson said, his voice happy.

“CONGRATS.” I yelled, kissing my brothers cheek.

Grayson’s hand went to his ear, rubbing at it.

“Sorry.” I chuckled, smiling sweetly.

The same intense stare lingered on me as soon as we walked out of the school, the stare more intense then yesterdays one but I kept my focus on Grayson as we talked about his first game being next week.

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