The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 6

Days passed and it was now Friday, Zade and the rest of his group watched me carefully. I learnt a lot about them over the couple of days as they tried getting my attention.

Zade was for sure the leader of the group; his eyes were grey and appeared lighter in the light. I found his eyes to be gorgeous and different from the ones I’ve seen. He was a head and a half taller than me, and taller than his friends. His hair was a deep black. His jaw was firm, squared. His muscles under his designer t-shirt were prominent, though I never let him see that I checked him out quite often, Silas caught me once before but he only laughed it off, teasing me.

It was easy to tell who was Zade’s right hand. Blaine was quiet and very serious, no serious then Zade though, I watched Blaine at least chuckle a little at his friends’ antics. He had dark colored eyes and dark locks to match. He was slim and tall but looked like he could handle his own if he had to. I watched Blaine and Zade interact seriously a couple of times, I was under the impression Silas would have been Zade’s right hand but it was easy to tell Blaine was, since he and Zade stuck together like glue.

Silas was easy going and laughed a lot, his laugh was contagious but I always suppressed my laugh, sometimes I’d smirk down at my work as I listen to him and the other boys bicker at each other.

The other two boys I haven’t had any encounters with yet were Julian and Jasper.

They were just as serious as the others sitting at my table when they wanted to be, but I quickly learned Julian and Jasper were twins, they both had soft brown hair and hazel eyes, they looked identical if you didn’t stare back and forth between the two. Buff shoulders, prominent facial features and body features, though Jasper wore glasses and seemed shy compared to the rest, he was the one who humbled the group, telling them what and what not to say when Zade wasn’t listening to anyone but staring at me intently.

Julian was very similar to Silas, always laughing at something dumb Drew did. Julian had a girlfriend named Cherry, who blew his phone up every minute of the day or during our AP English lesson, though I could Imagine her doing the same during his other classes. I could tell he loved her, even though I haven’t seen the two together.

“Texting your boyfriend?” Drew asked, leaning over my shoulder, staring at the text I had received.

“My brother.” I corrected, shoving my phone into my bag.

“Since when did you have a brother?” Silas asked, confused.

“Why does it matter?” I fired back.

They might hurt him, stupid. They know you’re Vee.

“Is he the one you jumped on and left with the other day?” Zade asked, his light grey eyes studying me.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked nervously, scared for the safety of Grayson.

“We aren’t going to hurt him so you don’t have to worry.” Zade said, in his normal stoic tone though it was an inch softer then he used with everyone else.

For some reason, I trusted his words but I remained wary.

“He’s my brother.” I nodded.

Standing as the bell rung, I left the classroom and headed to the gym, Zade and his group followed behind me closely, making me groan internally.

Spotting Nadia, I quickly caught up to her, matching her pace, “Hey.” I smiled.

“Hi.” She stared at me like I’d grown another head.

“What?” I asked, staring at her confused.

“You know you’re being followed right?” She said jotting her chin out behind us.

“Don’t remind me.” I said huffing in frustration.

“Well you are gorgeous, so I get why they’ll do it.” She muttered as we entered the changing rooms.

“And you have confidence, what aren’t you good at.” She complained as I changed into my gym clothes out in the open of the girls changing room.

“No one ever comes in here but me and you, there’s no use anyways.” I said stripping out of my jeans and into my gym uniform.

“Do you know what we’re doing today?” I called out as she changed inside one of the stools.

“No, he never told us last lesson.” She called back.

Once we entered the gym, the hot topic was the party later tonight thrown by someone named Tyler. The gym teacher allowed us to do anything we wanted since it was the last class of the day so me and Nadia threw hoops since every other gym equipment was taken.

“Are you going to the party?” She asked throwing me a ball.

“No, parties aren’t my thing.” I shrugged.

“Are you going?” I asked bouncing the ball against the wall.

“I wasn’t invited.” She scoffed.

“Well neither was I.” I laughed; I couldn’t even go if I wanted to.

“Oh trust me you were, you just never noticed.” She said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked sitting back down on the bleachers.

“Tyler tried inviting you but Zade and Silas told him to piss off when you were laying under that tree the other day, I’m surprised you haven’t heard all the gossip about yourself but then again you don’t interact with a lot of people to know any.” She said, pursing her lips.

“And you know all this how?” I asked raising a questioning eyebrow.

“My friends Emma and Jake keep up with it all and they tell me.” She shrugged.

“Jake? The cute boy with the glasses?” I asked, watching Zade and the rest of the boys play volleyball.

“You know Jake?” She asked with a hint of surprise.

“Blonde shoulder length hair, black glasses, a little awkward with a red backpack that has ‘I hate you’ written in Chinese on it?” I asked, watching as Zade won their team a point, his usual scowl sitting on his face.

“Exactly him, he’d be thrilled to hear you called him cute.” She clapped excitingly.

I shook my head at her playfully. We talked more about her friends, what they were like and what they did during lunch. They sat in the open area near the cafeteria at one of the tables and her friend Emma talks everyone’s ears off about anything and everything. They sounded nice enough so I told her I’d hang out with them sometime next week.

“Hey.” Zade’s deep voice sounded from the side of me, I didn’t even notice he was sitting there nor did I notice Silas and the rest sitting on the benches below us, Kenna rolling her eyes at me.

“Hi.” I nodded at him and then at the rest since they seemed so interested in my face.

“Nadia, can you give us a minute.” Zade asked politely but still using his stoic tone.

“Sure.” She said casually as I begged her with my eyes to say no.

Nadia stared at me, her face beet red as she took off down the bleachers and into the girls changing rooms.

Thanks a lot friend. I thought, groaning inwardly.

“Are you fighting tonight?” He asked, staring at me seriously.

“Are you fighting tonight?” I repeated his question.

“Yes.” He said, surprising me.

“Hey Sis.” Grayson called out running up the benches towards me.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I asked after he kissed my cheek.

“I have practice after school but there’s a party on tonight, I was wondering if I could go, I tried calling you but you weren’t picking up.” He said with pleading eyes.

“I don’t know Gray, I have something on tonight and I don’t want to be worrying about you while I’m out.” I said.

“That’s okay, I understand, maybe next time.” He winked with hopeful eyes.

“Keep dreaming, but tomorrow you can go out with your friends since I need to do some things in town as well.” I said bumping shoulders with him as the bell rang for end of the day.

“Okay, thanks Av.” He said, standing.

“I’ll make dinner when I get home and I’ll leave it in the fridge for you, have fun at practice.” I smiled, as his long arms wrapped around me.

“Love you, bye.” He ran back down the bleachers to meet his waiting friends.

“I like your brother, he seems like a good kid, very respectful.” Silas said giving me a fright.

I forgot they were even there.

Hoping they never heard too much, I turned to leave but was stopped by the grip Zade had on my hand.

“Why does your brother ask you for permission? Shouldn’t he ask your parents instead?” He asked, not making an attempt at letting go of my hand.

His hands were soft but bigger than my small ones. His hands felt comforting on my skin but I shook the feeling off.

“None of your business.” I said too harshly, the mention of our parents was a hard topic for me.

“Sorry.” I apologized, feeling guilty and slipping my hand from his.

“Don’t be, so I’m taking it that you are fighting tonight.” He said changing the subject, I was grateful for but not since the topic was also a touché one.

“Why?” I asked guarded.

“We just wanted to know.” He said shrugging carelessly.

“I guess you’ll find out.” I said, jogging to the girls changing rooms.

Not bothering to change, I grab my things and headed straight home to get started on dinner.

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