The Girl who Fought to Provide

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Chapter 7

“People have been blowing my phone up since Monday night, they really like you up here.” Kota said, sipping at his coffee cup.

We met at the same place on Monday but a little earlier since my fight was at an earlier time.

“Why?” I asked, eyeing other customers around us.

“Your skills, they like what they see.” Kota nodded as if he was having a sugar rush.

“Who am I fighting tonight?” I said, barely a whisper.

“This guy named Chad, he’s been requesting to fight you since Monday night.” Kota said with a worried tone.

“This guys huge, he’s like three times the size of you.” He said wide-eyed at the mental picture in his head.

“Again, you aren’t helping.” I deadpanned.

“Sorry, I don’t think he’s a professional fighter but he has muscle on his side, I don’t know his weaknesses because no one has ever seen him fight but you should be able to assess him easily.” Kota said, sliding out of the booth.

“Let’s go.” He said, opening the café door for me.

We arrived thirty minutes later at the warehouse, I thought it was packed Monday but tonight was easily tripled. The lines to be let in were going out the door but Kota managed to get us in faster by using the business cards he’d made for ‘Vee’.

I spotted Zade and Silas watching a fight up from one of the booths with Kenna hanging off Zade’s arm, normally when people are in the booth, it shows that they are either the highest paying or highest respected fighters in that particular fight club.

I always got invited to the booths but I never sat in them, it felt weird to me so I always turned down the offers.

I watched Zade and Silas carefully, they both wore very expensive suits, cigars in hand, and both looked tense watching the current fight.

Stepping onto a bench, I watched as Blaine repeatedly hit someone in the face till a security guard finally pulled him off.


“You’re up in 10, go strap up and I’ll meet you at the ring.” Kota said, pushing his way through the huge crowd.

Pushing my way through the crowd also, I finally make it into a changing room. Strapping my hands and feet, I quickly slip my jeans and leather jacket off, replacing them with a tight crop top and high-waisted tights.

Pushing my way up to the ring, some stared at me excitingly and others looked at me in disgust, not knowing who I was yet.

“Remember what I told you.” Kota patted my back, with his short stubby hand.

Stepping into the ring, again everyone fell silent like the last time I stepped in. It was a blessing and a curse; they all judged me but I never let it get to me, you’d think that by now I’d be used to it.

I stood in the ring waiting for Chad to get in the ring so the match could start, whispers filled the warehouse as we waited. Zade’s stare was intense and he stayed staring at me the whole time.

Finally, after a long five minutes, Chad stepped up into the ring, when Kota said he was huge, he really wasn’t kidding. Three times the size of me was a literal understatement. I watched Zade’s and Silas’ eyes turn wide as soon as they seen Chad, Zade and Silas came running down to the ring, shouting something I couldn’t hear but it was too late.

“VEE vs. CHAD everybody.” The MC yelled through the microphone.

Chad came towards me immediately not wasting any time.

I like his enthusiasm. I thought.

I dodged his every punch, only making him angrier, he looked like Hulk on steroids, and it was funny to watch. Finally done in toying with him, I jump backwards from a punch he almost landed and sidestepped, leaving a second gap to punch the side of his head. Landing a fast and heavy punch to his temple, he stumbles to his right, giving me time to position myself to throw another. Moving quickly, I run to stand in front of him, throwing punches into his face and the crack sound of a bone blessed my ears as I threw one last punch. Watching him fall forward, I quickly jump out of the way not wanting to get squished.

“VEE wins.” The MC yells as the warehouse remained silent.

Jumping out of the ring, I threw my leather jacket and shoes back on and walked out of the warehouse with Kota in tow.

“Ava, wait up.” Familiar voices called out using my real name.

Pissed, I ran back and slapped my hand over Zade’s and Silas big mouths.

“Don’t use my real name.” I threatened, staring around the blacked out car park.

“You pissed her off now, she’s not going to like you three.” Kota tsked.

“Kota!” I whisper-yelled.

“Do not use my real name, not here, not ever.” I said, pushing away from them and storming to my car.

“Sorry.” They said in unison, with Jasper standing behind them shyly.

“Here are your winnings.” Kota said, handing over the whole lot.

“You take care of me, I take care of you.” I said, giving him back three wads of cash.

Jumping into my car, I take off home, not wanting to stay there any longer.

I got home around 11:30 this time to find Grayson not in the living room, panicking I ran upstairs to check his room to find him passed out on his bed, still wearing his soccer uniform and dirty socks. Giggling at the site in front of me, I pull his blanket over him before heading into my room to shower.

Finally falling into a deep sleep with the thoughts of dealing with Zade and his idiot friends on Monday.

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