Agent 13

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Chapter 16


“This isn’t going to work.” I hiss at her and she just rolls her eyes.

“I can see that.”

“Maybe we can just go around?” Devin suggests. I give him a deadpan look.

“Go around the freaking sixty guards!” I whisper-yell at him.

“Please, there’s only like forty.” Thirteen retorts.

“That’s thirty-nine too many. You never told us it would be this hard to get into one warehouse.”

“How was I supposed to know that this one has double the guards as the one we did yesterday.” She snaps back.

“We could try going in through the roof,” Jason interjects. She gives him the most bored look I’ve ever seen.

“Yes that’s a fantastic idea, find a wall to climb, start climbing, and get shot, since you know there’s no place to hide on freaking wall.” She bites back sarcastically and he glares back at her.

“Well let’s hear some of your bright ideas then Sunshine.” He retorts.

“Someone could cause a distraction and everyone else runs in.”

“There are forty guards. How in the hell is someone supposed to distract all forty?” I question and she shrugs.

“Find a way.” She mutters.

“Why don’t you find a way.”

“We could try to play it off like we’re part of their group.” Chase pipes up.

“I’m not sure that’ll work.”

“Uh, Cody?”

“Well we can try to see if there’s a window we can get in through.”

“It’s a warehouse... there are no freaking windows.”


“Well this one could have windows.”

“Not likely.”

“Any more bright ideas?”

“Um, Jason?”

“No I got nothing.”

“Same here.”

“Hey! One of you idiots.” I clap a hand over Devin’s mouth.

“Shut up, you’re going to give us away.” I hiss. “Now what do you want?” Instead of answering he lifts his arm and points. We all turn to look at where he’s pointing.

“Oh hell.” Jason murmurs and Chase facepalms.

“You know this is technically your fault.” Devin whisperers to me. “I mean you kind of dared her.”

“Oh shut up.” My eyes are trained on Thirteen who is walking right up to a few of the guards. Does she have a death wish?

“Hey what’s she holding?” Jason questions quietly.

I glance at her hands which she holds behind her back, an object nestled safely in them.

“I don’t think I like where this is going,” Devin mutters.

“Cody hand me a set of binoculars will you?” I pass Chase one of the three sets we brought along with us.

“It’s a grenade.” He finally says after a moment of silence.”

“Oh yeah man! Shit’s about to get real!”

“Shut up!” we all whisper yell at Devin in unison. My eyes travel back to Thirteen who seems to be talking to the guard.

“She’s on comms right?” I ask.

Chase gives me a deadpan look “It’s Thirteen, how the hell am I supposed to know.”

“Right now I’m beginning to believe she’s on crack,” Jason interjects.

I snatch an earpiece from the bag resting next to us and place it in my ear. Her voice rings through my head.

“I’m so sorry. Hold on a minute could you possibly hold this for me?” she says to the guard in front of her as she hands him the grenade. As soon as it leaves her hands she bolts, and seconds later an explosion sounds.

Immediately all the other guards run towards the sound and she stands ready, a knife in each hand.

“Hey shit squad, want to take advantage of the distraction or are you thinking of just sitting there all day.” I glare in her direction even though she can’t see me.

“I know you’re glaring Cody.” How the hell would she know that?

“Let’s go,” I say to everyone else and we quietly make our way to one of the side doors, guns drawn. Chase quietly opens the door and we proceed single file into the warehouse.

“This place smells so bad,” Devin whispers rather loudly.

“It’s the dead silence that concerns me,” I reply.

“That’s cause we are most definitely walking right into a trap.” We all whirl around to face Thirteen. “Spin any faster and you’re going to give yourselves whiplash.”

“How did you get in here?”

“Through the door.” I give her a deadpan look.

“And the guards?...” I trail off.

“Dead, or unconscious. But mostly dead.” She shrugs.

“You took on that many guards and won.” Devin’s eyes are wide as saucers as he speaks.

“I had quite a few grenades.”

“Of course you did,” Jason mutters as we begin creeping forwards again. “Why don’t you have a gun?”

I glance at Thirteen, who as Jason has pointed out, lacks a gun.

“I have one it’s just not in my hand.” She retorts icily.

“Just drop it both of you.” hisses Chase, just as he finishes his sentence, something comes flying through the air and lands next to us before exploding into fire and gas.

“Get down!” Thirteen yells as black dots begin to invade my vision. I begin to cough as the gas fills my lungs. The last thing I see before I lose consciousness is everyone else dropping to the floor as well.


My eyes flutter open and are immediately blinded by the large overhead lights. I turned to look to my right only to see Devin strapped down in a chair beside me.

“Oh, you’re finally awake.” He says.

“What happened?”

“Not entirely sure. All I know is Jason and Chase were taken out of this room about an hour ago and Thirteen has yet to make an appearance.”

“So how long exactly have we been out?”

“I was just as unconscious as the hell am I supposed to know?”

The thudding of footsteps coming down the hall silence both of us as seven men come through the doors.

“Grab ’em and let’s go boss wants to talk to them.” One of them speaks. We’re untied from the chairs and restrained as we make our way down the hall into what appears to be a large office, with Jason and Chase restrained by metal chains on one side of the room. Their heads snap up when they hear us enter. We’re shoved against the opposite wall and chained as well before the men leave.

“You guys alright,” Chase asks.

“Yeah, where the hell are we?” I question.

“Beats me,” Jason responds. “Where’s Thirteen?”

“Don’t know, she wasn’t with us,” Devin replies.

“We haven’t seen her either, and I’m beginning to worry.”

“It’s Thirteen what could possibly happen to her?”

“I’m going to quote those words back to you if we find her dead Devin.” Chase retorts.

“Any idea how to get out of here?” I ask.

“None,” Chase replies, “There’s a series of hallways and rooms, honestly I think we’re under the warehouse.”

“Great.” I rest my head back against the wall. The door creaks open and several people enter. One of which I recognize from the photo I’d seen before. Tony Martin.

“Hello boys.” He says. The rest of the people in the room line up next to him and behind him, each wearing bulletproof vests. All of them in their twenties.

“Now,” he starts, “I’m sure you’re all familiar with the process of interrogation. So I’ll ask the questions and you’ll answer honestly, and this will be as painless as possible. Ok?”

We all stay silent and just glare at him, none of making a sound or moving.

He lets out a dramatic sigh. “Well guess you need some motivation then.”

“Nothing you say or do to us will ever get us to tell you anything.” Chase growls and a sadistic smile spreads over Tony’s face.

“Oh I’m not going to do anything to you. After all I know how agents think, you’d all die before you said anything. You’d never try to save yourselves or even each other. But...” he trails off as he walks up to Chase. “You would talk to save the life of a family member, or an innocent.

My blood runs cold at his words while Chase visibly pales. Devin’s eyes widen, and Jason just stares at him blankly, but with slight worry in his eyes.

He smirks at us before motioning to a few of the men at his side. They leave the room, and enter again a few minutes later, with someone in their arms. The guards throw him face first into the floor.

He looks to be about fourteen or fifteen, with reddish-brown hair. His clothes consist of a bloody and torn t-shirt and jeans. A blindfold covers his eyes, duct tape across his mouth, and ropes bind his hands. But otherwise, he is unrecognizable to me and judging by the looks on everyone else’s face they don’t know who he is either.

“Now I’m already aware that if one of you know this aren’t going to let it show, but you’ll still want to answer my questions.” He claps his hands together. “So first question, how did you find us here?”

None of us make a sound, in all honesty, I don’t know how we got here, that part was all Thirteen.

He pulls a gun from his jacket pocket. “Every time you don’t answer the question right, or don’t say anything at all I’m going to put a bullet n this boy. Got it? So I’ll ask you again, how did you find us?”

“Thirteen got us here, I don’t know how,” Jason mutters.

“Aw yes, Thirteen. Your legendary agent.” He smirks. “How well do you know her?”

“Well enough.” Chase retorts.

“ I guess she’s told you what happened to her old team then right? Oh wait of course she hasn’t. Why would she? Why would she tell that she was responsible, that it was her fault they’re all dead.”

“You’re lying.” I hiss. No way that was true, he was making it up, he had to be.

“Am I?” he asks “Do you know that for sure?”

Do I?

I glance at Chase and Jason, who both look like they’re pondering over that.

“So what?” Devin speaks up. “So what if it was her fault, she’s done nothing but help us...and I refuse to believe that unless it comes out of her mouth.”

I stare at Devin in shock that is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever heard him say.

My eyes began traveling over all the guards’ faces while Devin continues arguing with Tony. I feel my body freeze up after my eyes land on a familiar face...Thirteen.

I guess I really don’t know her as well as I thought...

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