Agent 13

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Chapter 32


She grabs me by the back of my neck and pulls me towards her. Fear immediately begins to settle in.

Oh shit, she’s going to knock me unconscious.

Only, she does the last thing I ever expected her to do. She pulls me in and places her lips softly on mine. I freeze in complete shock, as she pulls away after a few seconds, her eyes not meeting mine as she leans back against the wall again and closes her eyes.

“Distracted?” She questions, still with her eyes closed.

I let out a breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. “Yeah,” I mutter back quietly. Still staring.

“Good.” She says, “Focus on that.”

A part of me flares up, angry that the only reason she did that was to distract me, so it obviously meant nothing to her. Another part of is just shocked and well, happy that she did, even if it did mean nothing to her.

She remains pressed against the wall with her eyes closed, and it’s quiet for quite some time. Until she jolts forward, her breathing heavy and her eyes wide. I stare at her curiously.

“Did you fall asleep?” I question softly. She doesn’t say anything and just stares ahead. I study her cautiously, for the first time I realize just how tired she looks.


“You’re lying,” I state.

“So what if I am.” She hisses. “It doesn’t matter anyway.” I just stare back at her silently. “Hayden’s quieted down. They’re likely bringing him back.”

As soon as the sentence leaves her mouth, the door to the room swings open and several people enter, Hayden being dragged in behind them. The cell door opens and he is tossed unceremoniously to the floor. I move towards him quickly, as he groans and rolls onto his back, eyes shut.

“Your turn.” One of the guys says as he points to Thirteen, who simply crosses her legs and puts her arms behind her head, leaning against the wall as if it’s the most comfortable thing in the world. Her posture basically saying ‘make me’. I see the guards hesitate.

One pulls a gun from his waistband and aims it at me and Hayden.

“Let me put this in simpler terms. You come with us now and they live, you fight against us in any way or if I even see you twitch wrong, I put a bullet in one of their heads. We clear?”

“Crystal.” She retorts dryly.

She gets to her feet, painstakingly slow on purpose, and holds her hands up slightly trying to make herself seem as non-threatening as possible. Of course, the deadly glint in her eyes seems to only make her look even more threatening.

She starts to exit the cell and as soon as she steps foot outside of it, she’s shoved face first into the floor. I watch her clench her fists and she turns her murderous glare on the guy who shoved her. He raises an eyebrow at her, a smirk on his face, practically begging her to fight back, taunting her.

“We got a problem?” He asks her as she continues to glare.

“No.” She grits her teeth. “I just tripped, kinda like how you’re going to just die.”

His eyes darken before he delivers a punch to her face and a kick to her stomach. She groans, before spitting blood out on the floor. I cringe slightly. She starts to get to her feet, hands balling into fists.

“Get moving.” He orders as he aims the gun at me and Hayden, she glances quickly at us before turning her back on us and walking out of the room, with almost all the guards following. Two stay behind.

“If you hear any gunshots, pick one and shoot.” One of the guys order the two guards staying behind, they just nod in reply.

Hayden laughs. I turn to him as he braces himself up against the wall.

“What’s so funny?” I ask quietly, trying to make sure neither of the two guys hear us.

“They won’t hear any gunshots.” He replies with a smirk.


“So, do you really think Thirteen needs a gun to take out those guys?” He mumbles something quietly after he finishes the sentence.

“What?” I question.

“Nothing.” He dismisses. “You better get ready though.”

“Get ready for what?”

He stares straight ahead at the clock on the wall. “Give it...ten seconds.”

“Give what ten seconds?”


“Hayden,” I growl out, getting irritated with him.

“” As soon as the last word leaves his mouth, a siren blares, an alarm. Hayden tries to stand, and nearly falls over.

“Whoa hold still. You really shouldn’t be standing.” I tell him.

“I’m fine.” He dismisses. I see the two guards tense up in anticipation.

“No, you’re clearly not.”

“I’m still breathing so I’m fine.”

“You have the same stupid logic as Thirteen.” I scowl at him, he snorts.

“Uh, no. Her logic is if she’s dead she’s fine.” I glare at him and he just shrugs innocently. “You know it’s true.”

He nearly falls over again as he attempts to move towards the cell door.

“You idiot stay put,” I order. I see him grin like a fool. “What?” I ask suspiciously. He jerks his head towards the door. I stare at him like he’s lost his mind...that is until the door get’s kicked in.

The guards pull their guns almost immediately as Thirteen comes through the now empty doorway. Arms shoot out and grab hold of one of the guard’s wrists as he swings his gun around. She twists the gun from his hand and kicks the second coming up behind her in the gut.

“Catch.” She yells out as she tosses the gun towards the cell. She throws her fist into the first guy and brings her knee into the second guy’s face.

I reach my hand through the bars and grab the gun, as Thirteen continues to fend off the two guards. I raise the gun as Thirteen watches and ducks, I fire two shots killing them instantly.

“Took you long enough.” She says as she gets back on her feet.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s slow as hell now give me the keys.” Hayden pipes up, as he stumbles forwards. I reach my hands out and hold his shoulders to keep him from falling.

“Keys, what keys?” She asks innocently. Hayden gives her a deadpan look before ripping the gun out of my hand and shooting the lock twice, he passes the gun back to me.

“Hey, Hayden.” He looks up at her. She tosses him a set of keys. He looks at her dryly. “Should’ve waited a couple more seconds.”

“Oh haha, very funny.” He retorts.

“We should get moving,” I speak up, looking over at Thirteen, who seems to be avoiding my gaze completely.

She gestures to Hayden. “He’s going to need help.”

“What are you talking about I’m fine, see.” He says, as he stands up to his full height, and standing still.

“Uh huh, sure.” She states as she moves towards him and pokes him in the chest. He hisses in pain and nearly falls over. “Yeah, totally fine. Broken ribs, who can’t live with them?” She asks sarcastically and he glares at her.

“Help him.” She orders me. “We got to move. now.” She pokes her head through the opening in the wall where the door once was, checking for anybody coming this way. She waves her hand to me, telling me to follow as she disappears out of sight.

“Come on,” I say to Hayden as I grab hold of his arm and sling it over my shoulder, he jerks away.

“I can walk on my own.” He takes all of one step and nearly crumbles to the ground.

“I can see that.” He glares at me as I grab hold of his arm again and help him slowly out of the room. Thirteen is waiting in the hall. She motions for me to follow.

“You’re going the wrong way,” Hayden tells her, his tone of voice kind of loud considering he’s trying to talk over the alarms.

“Says who?”

“Me.” He retorts. “The exit is the other way, I saw it when they took me through these hallways.”

“I know.” She replies simply.

“So why are we going the wrong way?” I ask her.

“We need to get our stuff.” She responds as if it’s the most obvious answer in the world. Hayden groans.

“I don’t know about you but all I had were a few weapons and a fake I.D. I don’t need anything I had,” I tell her.

“Don’t argue with her, you’re not going to win. She’s not leaving without her damn dagger.” Hayden grumbles. Thirteen opens a door, I hear footsteps coming towards us from around the corner.

“Get in.” She hisses. I make it through the door with Hayden and she follows in immediately after, closing the door and locking it. She presses her ear to the door and we stay silent for what feels like forever.

“They’re gone.” She says. I take my time to look around the room, there’s hardly anything in it except a table, chairs, and a cabinet.

“It this a conference room?” I question.

“Yeah.” She replies as she moves towards the cabinet. “Why would you need to lock a cabinet?” She muses out loud.

“To keep the bears out.” Hayden retorts sarcastically. She glares at him before bringing her leg up and kicking a hole in it. She reaches her hand through and pulls out a couple guns, and some knives.

“Why would they keep weapons in a conference room?” I ask.

She raises her eyebrows at me. “Come to my house. You’d be surprised where I keep weapons, and these are ours.” She pulls her dagger out of the cabinet. “Kind of smart to hide them in here. If we didn’t have to get out of sight we never would’ve found them. Now let’s go.” She slides the dagger in her boot along several knives, passing us the guns.

We exit the room and make our way to the actual exit this time Thirteen killing anyone that tries to stop us. I peak my head out around the corner to the door.

“There’s a guard there,” I say.

Thirteen’s eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Just one?” She questions.


“Why would they only have one guard?”

“Maybe it’s Zack?” Hayden suggests. I look around the corner again at the guy guarding the door, his back is to me.

“It’s possible but I can’t tell, his back is to me,” I reply, trying to get a good look at him and trying to keep Hayden standing.

“Well if it’s Zack you two are going first, just in case my cover’s not blown...though I doubt it.” Thirteen says.

“I can’t see his face, he won’t turn around.”

“Let me look.” Thirteen pushes me out of the way, nearly making both me and Hayden fall over. She stays looking for quite some time before turning back to us and pressing her back against the wall.

“It’s not Zack.” She says simply.

But for once I see a different glint than the usual deadly one in her eyes...and this one, is fear.

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