Agent 13

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Chapter 33


For once I don’t know what to do. It’s been four years since I’ve seen him. Four years of avoiding him at all costs. Somehow I knew I was going to see him again, I just wish I was more prepared. I feel numb, as if everything around me just stopped, as if it’s not going on. I knew I would see him again but there was one thing I wished for every time I thought about it...that I would be alone.

This is was why I wanted to work alone, this was why I was a solo agent. I pull two knives from my boots and grip the handles tightly. I vaguely hear Cody calling my name, asking me what’s wrong.

“Thirteen.” He waves his hand in front of my face. “What is it?” He questions.

“You get out of here, understand?” I tell him.


“No matter what happens you get Hayden and yourself out.” I hold the knives tighter. “If I’m not with you when you get out, leave without me.”

“Not a chance.” He replies.

“It’s not open for negotiation Cody.”

“Who is it if not Zack?” Hayden questions, though he hasn’t tried arguing with me yet so that’s good.

“Tony?” Cody suggests.


“Then who-”

“Seventy-seven.” I cut him off, avoiding his gaze. He seems shocked as he says nothing and continues to bore his stare into the side of my head.

“You told me he was dead.” He says finally.

“He’s dead to me.” I pause. “And I never said he was dead, I simply said that he was gone.” I turn and move to step out into his line of sight.

“Are you crazy?” Hayden says as he grabs hold of my shoulder pulling me back. “He’ll kill you.”

“No, he won’t...” I pause. “Well maybe.” Hayden gives me a suspicious look.

“What are you going to do?”

“Piss him off,” I answer. I’m slammed against the wall.

“Then he’ll definitely kill you!” I shove him off me and Cody has to grab him to keep him from falling over.

“It’s the only way you two can get out without him noticing you. Yeah, he fights better when he’s pissed but he also doesn’t notice anything else around him except the person who pissed him off.” I turn the corner swiftly, I barely feel Cody’s fingers on my arm as he tries to grab me and pull me back.

His back is to me as I approach, until he turns, a smirk on his face. I stop in my tracks.

“Been a long time.” He turns around fully to face me. He eyes the knives in my hands. “Now that’s no way to great an old friend.”

I don’t say anything in reply, for fear of slipping up and saying something I shouldn’t. He raises an eyebrow at me.

“What? Got nothing to say? No, oh it’s nice to see you again, or oh how I missed you.”

“One of the only things my father ever taught me was, if I’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” I reply.

“Well you’ve certainly changed.” He says giving me a once over. I say nothing. “You know you’re not going to kill me.”

“And you’re not going to kill me,” I reply. “But you’re not stopping me from leaving.”

“Funny how that works.” He says with a sly smile. “Cause if I’m not mistaken you weren’t brought in here alone.” Dread sets in almost immediately. He starts to stalk towards me. “So where are your little friends?”

“Far away from you,” I growl out. He smirks.

“I highly doubt that.” He pulls a gun from his holster. “Though it’ll be fun to kill them in front of you while you can do nothing about it. Brings back memories doesn’t it?”

I keep my anger hidden from him, there’s no way I’m going to let him know just how much his words affect me.

“Huh,” I say as I pretend to be thinking. “The only memory I recall of anyone sitting and watching helplessly was of you,” I answer sweetly, feigning innocence. “When I dragged my dagger down your chest.”

I barely finish the sentence before he fires the gun. I drop to the ground just in time as the bullet hits the wall behind me. I’m on my feet in a split second. I throw a knife in his direction as he fires another bullet.

“Wow, not much has changed.” He dodges my knife. “You’re still a terrible shot.” I taunt, he keeps firing bullets while I dodge them, counting them as I do so. I throw another knife.

If he still uses the same gun, then it only holds ten bullets. He’s fired eight so far, and if I’m right he’s not going to notice when he runs out.

Two more shots ring through the air, just barely missing me. He pulls the trigger again but no bullets escape. I take my chance as he fumbles with the gun trying to reload it. I knock the gun from his hands and swing my leg out in an effort to trip him.

He catches my leg and twists it, causing me to fall to the floor. He brings his foot back and swings it forward, I grab hold of it, stopping it a few inches away from my face. I twist and he falls, I jump to my feet quickly as he gets to his.

“You can’t beat me Thirteen, so why even try?” He taunts, though his eyes hold anger.

I throw a punch his way which he easily catches and pulls me towards him, landing a hard punch to the side of my face. He pulls me up against him, my back to his chest.

“I quite like this.” He says, his breath fanning over my neck.

“Yeah well, I like this.” I throw my elbow back into his face, breaking his nose. ” a lot.” I stomp on his foot causing him to release his hold on me. “More.” I go to bring my knee up into his gut but he stops me.

Blocking my knee and forcing it back down. He brings his hands up and all but throws me backward into the concrete wall. I slump to the floor, my vision disoriented. My back is to the wall, but his back is to Cody and Hayden. I look over at them as he comes stalking towards me.

“Go.” I mouth to them as I point discretely to the door that leads out. I see them hesitate, Cody mostly. I send them my nastiest glare ever, basically saying that if they didn’t move I’d kill them myself. Cody starts walking cautiously to the door, all the while helping Hayden.

“I guess you were right.” I return my attention to Seventy-seven. “Not much has changed. You still don’t know when to shut up, or give up.” I glare at him.

“I’ll give up.” I shrug innocently, my expression softening.

“Really?” He asks suspiciously, his guard not dropping. But the only thing I’m really focused on is Hayden and Cody.

“Oh yeah,” I say sweetly before my face darkens a whole hell of a lot. “When I stop breathing.”

My swing my leg out as hard as I can, knocking his feet out from under him, though I didn’t see his leg till it’s too late. He puts all his weight on his hands as he swings his leg around, knocking me back into the wall as I try to get up.

I hear glass shattering as bullets are fired to my right, unfortunately so does he. I turn to see Cody fighting off several guards while Hayden rests against the wall firing bullets at several others. I make eye contact with Seventy-seven. The look in his eyes all too familiar.

He gets to his feet before I can stop him, and runs towards the gun I knocked from his hands before. I stagger to my feet as he loads the gun and aims it at Cody, who’s too busy dealing with the guards to notice. I run up and grab hold of his wrists, pushing upwards as the gun goes off, the bullet piercing through one of the ceiling lights.

He brings his knee up into my stomach twice and I resist the urge to double over and release his wrists. Instead, I squeeze his wrists harder, till I’m able to dislocate one of them. He lets out a strained sound before swinging his arms around, sending me crashing to the floor as I lose my grip.

He swings the end of the gun into the side of my head as I try to get back on my feet. He towers over me as I struggle to stay conscious, the barrel of the gun pointed at me.

“Remember when you said I wouldn’t kill you?” He asks tauntingly. “I lied.”

He’s too focused on me to notice, too pissed off at me to care. So in some ways, I accomplished what I set out to do...

Unfortunately, I also should’ve remembered that Cody listens just about as well as I do.

Seventy-seven is knocked to the floor as Cody body slams into him as hard as he can. The gun goes off and the bullet hits the wall. Cody reaches his hand out to me.

“Let’s go.” He says.

“You’re a sucky listener.” I retort as I take his hand and allow him to help me up.

“Yeah well, I learned from the best.” He answers. I look over at Seventy-seven as he gets back to his feet and grabs the gun.

“Great how about you listen now,” I suggest. “Run,” I order him. I push him in an effort to get him moving. I pull a knife from my boot and throw it at Seventy-seven, hitting him in the leg.

“Now we really should be moving,” I say as I grab hold of Cody’s wrist and drag him after me.

“You missed!” Seventy-seven calls out as he pulls the knife from his leg.

“No, I didn’t,” I say, turning around to look at him, it’s silent for a minute, and I know the second he hears it because he throws the knife away from him like it’s on fire...that’s not too far off.

As soon as the knife hits the wall it explodes causing the ceiling to crack and fall in, blocking us from him.

“Could you two possibly move faster?” Hayden calls out from where he’s positioned against the wall. “Cause I’d rather get out of here now before any more guards show up, or he somehow manages to get to us.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” I reply as I run ahead leaving Cody to take care of Hayden. I quickly search the area outside and see no guards what so ever...that’s never a good sign.

I run up to one of the cars parked in the parking lot, luckily it’s open.

“Hurry up!” I hiss at Cody, he just gives me a look that clearly asks, ‘why don’t we switch places so I can yell at you’, not happening. I look behind him only to see Seventy-seven coming up, quick as he can considering the knife I put in his leg.

“Shit,” I mutter. I start running towards them.

“Wow, you actually came to help, what a surprise,” Cody says.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah poke fun at me later. Seriously move.” Cody must notice the tone of my voice and where my eyes are focused because he looks over his shoulder.

“Oh, crap.”

“My thoughts exactly...just a little more PG-13.” I retort, helping him move Hayden faster to the car.

We put Hayden in the back seat and I move to the driver’s seat only to be stopped by Cody as he shoves me aside and begins to hot-wire the car. I don’t protest as I hop into the passenger side seat. I look over at the rapidly approaching, and pissed, Seventy-seven.

“Cody you might want to hurry it up,” I say.

“Whatever, you’re not helping.” He continues mashing the different colored wires together.

“Seriously, Cody,” I say as I make eye contact with Seventy-seven, he raises the gun at his side towards me. “Cody,” I say in warning.

“Got it.” He says as the engine starts and he steps on the gas just as Seventy-seven fires the gun, the bullet shattering the passenger side window. I let out a breath of relief as I watch his figure grow smaller in the distance.

I turn to Cody, still not making eye contact. “You know how to hot-wire a car?” He rolls his eyes.

“Go ahead make fun of me, call me a criminal or something.” He retorts. I smile slightly and hold my hands up in mock surrender.

“Not judging...yet,” I reply.

“Did you plan on magically starting the car? In my own defense, how else would we have gotten out of there?”

“With the keys.” I spin a set of keys around on my finger, Cody gives me a deadpan look and that’s all it takes to send me and Hayden over the edge. And I got to tell ya...

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

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