Agent 13

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Chapter 46


I pretend to laugh at something Zack says, for the sake of keeping up the ‘girlfriend’ act. I swear I’ve gotten more death glares tonight than I’ve ever gotten in my entire career as an agent.

The blaring sound of my phone’s ringtone sounds off and I pull it from my purse and glance at the number. I let out a string of silent curses under my breath.

I put my hand on Zack’s arm, bringing his attention back to me. “Sorry, I have to take this,” I tell him, not bothering to wait for a response.

I remove my earpiece and drop it in my purse, placing the phone up to my ear soon after.

“Hurry the hell up with what you want to say, you’re interrupting government business.” I hiss into the phone.

“You know, most people answer the phone with a ‘Hello how are you doing’.” He grumbles.

“Cut the crap and get to it or I’ll find some way to have you arrested.”

“I’d love to see you try.”

“Is that a dare?” I question harshly, I hear his resigned sigh.

“The meeting’s tonight, midnight.” He says. “I’ll text you the address.”

“Tonight is not going to work out for me.”

“You said you’d be there and she’s expecting you to show up.”

“Or what she’ll fire me? I’m her best asset and she knows it.”

“Tonight. Midnight.”

“Fine, but no promises I’ll be there on time” I pause. “In fact, I think I’m going to be at least an hour late.” I hang up the phone before he can protest.

I run my fingers through the ends of hair and begin making my way back towards Zack.

“Where’d your father go?” I ask him.

“No idea. Likely he won’t show his face till later or not at all.” He responds. “But he’s still here, I just don’t know where. More than likely one of the back rooms doing something illegal.”

“Of course,” I mutter. “Any idea how to get him out here and clear the room?”

He smiles deviously and looks at something behind me, I snap my fingers in front of his face getting him to focus. “Actually yes I do. We start a fight.” He says simply.

“And how do you propose we do that?” I question. “I can’t just go around punching people to start a fight that’d be suspicious.”

He grins even wider if possible, and holds his hands up in mock surrender, still not looking at me.

“Oh, I have a way.” He replies cryptically. “And it wouldn’t work if you were the one who started the fight. I’d have to be in the fight for him to even remotely care...and I’d have to be losing.”

“So I need to kick your ass?”

“You’d blow your cover. There’s a simpler way.” He still stares over my shoulder and I finally turn to see what has got him so distracted. I make eye contact with Cody.

What the hell?

He leans down to whisper in my ear. “Trust me on this one, please?”

I shake my head in exasperation and rub my head with my fingers.

“Fine.” I finally mutter. I watch as his smile gets a whole hell of a lot wider. I cross my arms over my chest in suspicion, narrowing my eyes at him.

What the hell did I just agree to?

“Play along.” He says, looking over my shoulder and winking.

“Play along to what?”

I get my answer and he grabs hold of my hips and pulls me towards him, I have no time to protest before his lips are slammed down on mine.

I freeze in complete shock and my hands instinctively move to shove him off and give him a piece of my mind.

Fortunately, or unfortunately...however you want to look at it, he’s pulled off me roughly, nearly causing me to fall over.

It takes me a moment to regain my balance and I stare down at Zack and Cody wrestling on the floor in front of me. I bury my face in my hands.

Zack you are either the world’s greatest genius or the stupidest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I don’t even bother trying to separate them, or even make any effort in trying to tell them off of each other. Instead, I just move out of the way occasionally when they come my way.

I watch several of the staff and ‘security guards’ run up and grab hold of both of them, trying to break up the fight.

Of course, it does no good trying to separate a pissed off agent and a highly trained ex-agent’s son.

I’m pushed roughly out of the way as more guards try to pry them apart...but I make no move to help.

What can I say? Zack totally had that coming.

People are gathered around watching, some cheering on the fight, and some screaming. Whether or not it’s for them to stop or to continue on with killing each other, I have no idea.

I can’t even tell who’s winning from where I’m standing. It all looks like a black and white blur to me. I can’t help but glare at the two of them.

I really can’t decide which one of them I want to hit more at the moment.

It takes six guards to restrain Zack, and ten to restrain Cody. To be completely honest I’m actually impressed it took that many.

“What is going on here?!” I hear Tony’s voice roar over the commotion of the fight.

Everybody freezes and turns towards him. I slip my hand in my purse pull out my earpiece, discreetly putting it back in my ear.

“Devin?“I whisper.

“Yeah?” He chirps back, sounding way too excited for the situation at hand. I roll my eyes.

“You do have a loaded weapon on you right?”

I can practically hear him grinning like a fool.

“Why, I’m offended that you even have to ask that.” He replies dramatically. “Of course I have a loaded weapon on me.”

“Good,” I respond shortly. “I need you to discharge it. We need to clear the building.”

“No problem.” He says and then I hear him mutter. “I’m just itching to shoot something.” I roll my eyes again.

Screams erupt from the crowd as several gunshots echo through the air. A little too many if you ask me.

“Are all those shots really necessary?” I question quietly.

“What?!” I hear Devin yell back. “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sounds of my shooting!”

I feel someone grab my arm and I make a move to punch them. My arm flies forwards and I make contact with someone’s face.

“Ow! Really Thirteen?” Zack grumbles. Well, I did want to hit him.

“Oh, you damn well deserved that,” I mutter. He grabs on tighter to my arm as we’re shoved while people are making a mad dash for the exits. Screaming and some even crying.

I do my best to look through the crowd in an attempt to spot Devin, Jason, Chase, and Cody.

I spot Chase and Jason standing in the middle with their hands in their pockets talking to each other as if this is just another everyday occurrence.

I see Cody, tackling a couple of the guys who were holding him to the floor. A rather angry look on his face.

I spot Devin rather easily since he’s the one person in the room everyone’s avoiding and running away from. He’s leaning against the wall, waving his gun around, and sipping a drink.

Zack scowls at him. “What the hell is wrong with that guy?”

“Dropped on his head one too many times as a baby,” I reply jokingly.

“You know I can hear you, right?” Devin mutters and I look up at him. He salutes me with his gun and holds his drink up.

“Cheers!” He shouts. I shake my head at him.

Both me and Zack are pushed towards one side of the room by several guards till we’re standing behind Tony, me playing the ‘innocent’ and ‘frightened’ girlfriend.

Everybody’s out of the room by now, except of course for Jason, Cody, Chase, and Devin. Devin still sipping his drink and leaning against the wall.

“Good evening Mr. Martin!” Devin calls out cheerily. He holds up his glass. “You have very good taste in refreshments.”

A shot is fired at Devin, the glass in his hand shatters. He glares at Tony.

“Well, that’s not very nice. I was complimenting you.” Devin says, his voice almost whining.

“I’m only going to ask you guys once to leave, or this will get messy,” Tony announces as several more armed guards walk through the doors. My hand finds one of my knives and I pull it out, keeping it behind my back.

“Remember, we don’t want to kill him...yet,” I whisper through the comms.

“Where’s that troublemaker Thirteen?” Tony asks, taking a step towards them. Each of them pulling their guns and keep them at their sides.

“She’s closer than you think,” Cody answers cryptically.

Zack leans down so he can whisper in my ear. “You know, this is the part of your plan that I’m not too thrilled about.”

I smirk slightly, making sure no one else sees me. “Oh I know,” I reply quietly. “But it’s going to be so much fun...for me.”

He scowls at me. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Hmm, you should,” I respond. “Ready?” I question softly. He lets out an airy sigh.

“Ready as I’ll ever be...I guess.” He mutters. He leans closer. “You do realize that this entire plan relies on how much my scum bag of a father actually values my life in terms of his.”

“Oh please. You make it sound as if we have no chance,” I say with a smirk.

“We don’t.” He retorts flatly.

“Oh come on Zack.” I tease. “Have some faith.”

He laughs nervously before clearing his throat. “Are we good?” He questions, referring to earlier.

I raise an eyebrow. “We will be in a second.”

“Oh hell.”

“I’ve had an enough of this.” I turn back towards Tony. “Kill them.” He orders his men.

“Where’s the hospitality in that? What kind of host are you?” Devin cries out dramatically. “Kicking out your guests? You are by far the worst host ever.”

“Well!” I speak up loudly, bringing all attention to me. “I for one completely concur and am rather disappointed in how this party turned out.” I sigh. “I was hoping there was going to be a little less...talking.”

I make my move quickly, grabbing Zack’s arm and twisting it behind his back. I ably pressure and push up, making it more painful than I probably whatever.

I put the knife in my hand up to his neck as he lets out a strangled sound. I ably more pressure to his arm and see him flinch.

All guns are now trained on me. I lock eyes with Tony.

“You have a choice to make Tony,” I say threateningly, pressing the knife harder into his neck.

“Let me go.” Zack growls out, as he ‘struggles’ to get loose.

I give Tony a deadly smile. “Choose wisely.”

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