Locked Shadows

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I'll say it right here and now:

I hate boys.

Now before you start giving me the angry comments, let me elaborate for a bit.

I used to be the one who went boy-crazy in a matter of seconds after seeing a hot dude strolling down the high school halls. But you know those guys who act so childish just to get attention and pointless popularity? They scared the hot guys out and turned them into obnoxious good-for-nothings. Yeah, they dominate the campus of Witherweed High.

Especially those two butts, Leon Aibou and Neilson Mirron...

Quite frankly, as a young woman of dignity (or so I call myself), I don't have time to see crap like that. Every time I walk into the school halls, I have one incentive, and that would be to look my best, feel my best, and work my best. Leon and Neilson, the "Terrible Two" in my dictionary, were just annoying ticks that were good for nothing but making my life miserable. And they seemed to enjoy it immensely.

I looked around at the school halls, right before the morning bell rang.

Speak of the devil.

My eyes catch on the two, who were smirking at me as they walked. I tossed my hair arrogantly and gave them the evil look to show that today, I wasn't going to deal with them or for the rest of my life.

Or so I thought.

Leon and Neil had finally decided to leave me alone for the rest of the day, and to be honest, I was concerned. Most of my day from there on out was peaceful for me. Even Leon, the one who I rival the most, wasn't at my skin at all.

Was it because of that star?

My thoughts veer back to that mysterious asterisk-shaped star that I saw this morning. It was rather strange, and what made it so peculiar was that even in the brightest day, that funky-looking star would still be able to shine. The star wasn't as bright as the sun itself, but it shone enough to be seen in the sky.

Only problem is, I haven't seen or heard anyone report such a strange phenomenon when it was more than obvious in the sky. When I pointed it out to some people, they looked at me as if I were crazy. I began to get VERY concerned.

I wasn't someone to lose my mind on anything, but it seems like that the star was going to kill my sanity by the minute. There was only one thing to do, and that was to forget about it.

So I did... Until my doctor's appointment the following day.

"Diagnosis, Cynthia," my mother said in the waiting room after my examination that day, "Mitral valve prolapse. Very serious, but not with treatment. Treated by antibiotics, and reduction of caffeine."

Oh brother.

My thoughts automatically direct to the star, which, apparently would never get out my head. Was that star causing all of this? It seemed very far fetched, and I didn't want to stress another minute thinking about it. I set the idea aside, and accepted that I was just going to have to deal with my heart problem alone.

The afternoon soon turned into dusk, and after I had the day's duties done, I decided to take a walk out in the night.

"But Cynthia, it's dangerous!" my eight-year-old sister would say to me when I tell her I would sneak out in the middle of the night, "the Bogeyman is pwowling!"

My response was always the same. "It's okay, Lulu. I'll be safe. If I don't come back by morning and you are asleep then you'll get a lollipop."

I pity that she didn't get any lollipop in my tins, but at least she stopped worrying about me.

Eleven p.m. Everyone but me is asleep. My senses were high. It was time to go.


Three men. Two boys. The hill...

The smell of blood. The exchange of fists...The glint of metal... a fear of death.

Fade to black...

How in the world...

My eyes opened, and I found myself lying flat on the floor.


I picked myself up, brushed the dust off my clothes, and prepared my midnight attire, a black, ninja-like look.

A black case fell out of my closet, and a long stick plunked beside it. Astonished, I opened the case and found a set of newly sharpened throwing needles. Beside the case, I grabbed the long stick, which turned out to be my retractable bo.

Handy. For some reason I felt the urge to bring both. Better not take my chances. There are prowlers in the fog of midnight...

Tonight would be a strange night indeed.

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