Locked Shadows

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Bah. Pushover little girl, that Cynthia-Rose Ardethine...

Who the hell did she think she was?! Trying to be ignorant of my splendor! What gives?!

How could anyone deny me, Neilson Mirron, the fastest junior who ever ran the halls of Witherweed, and give me that "evil eye?!" The nerve!

Whatever. This isn't the first time this happened. It wasn't worth wasting my saliva on. Today I had to force Leon to let her evil eye go when she flashed it our way. If it weren't for her then I'd be less fabulous than ever. My legs could run faster than any other boy in Witherweed, and I could be the track and field champ this season. But it was my arms' fault. I can't run with painful arms.

I honestly don't know what happened as to what caused them to be so painful. I'm no fighter; I could barely hurt a fly for that matter. Sure, maybe Cynthia twisted it more than she should, but hey, I've got a real fighter on my side who'd drive her outta my zone.

Leon. How do I start...? Ah. He's my best friend, and my only friend for that matter. As far as I know he's the only one who actually knows I'm cool. And honestly, he's pretty cool too. He's well-rounded, skilled, and very smart when it comes to games. I've only won against him only a few times, but every time I lost, he won with every trace of glory. He's a natural.

Urk. but when that meddling girl crosses our path, he turns as hard as a stone. Never knew why. But I called a rivalry. Sometimes I hear him muttering something in the lines of "I'm going to fight that little..."

Who could blame him? Those two have been at each other ever since she moved here. She's pushy, and she knows her stuff. It almost seems like nothing passes by her.

Well, it was no matter for now. I shouldn't be complaining about stuff like girls.

It was a foggy night, and quite gloomy too. I looked out my older brother's dusted, abandoned bedroom window and sighed. Why my brother decided to spend the night away for tonight, my parents don't know. Stupid guy thinks just because he's going off to college in a few months makes him the top guy in the family. He may have the brains, but he don't have the feet like I do. Bah! I'm a natural runner. He'll never catch me!

Maybe I'd go visit him tonight. His refuge place was behind that grassland anyway...

The digits on my brother's clock read 11:30 p.m. Perfect. I'll give my brother a surprise to remember for a lifetime.

My family was catching z's, so it was fairly easy for me to sneak through his window and out of the house. There was a clearing behind me that was fenced off. Hah! It was an easy task. In no time, I was able to climb the black bars and into the clearing, which was a shortcut to the neighboring...er, neighborhood.

The area was foggy and damp. Grass was still wet and the mist seemed to cover a lot of area. But I've traveled this way by foot before, and no fog won't be stopping me!

I began to take deep breaths, ready to sprint. My lungs and body needed the oxygen to start the run.

Breathe in...then out.

In...then out.


My legs begin to fly across the hills and the tall grass. I had only one goal, and that was to make it across-


Before I knew it, my arms began to sting, and my life began slipping...slipping...slipping away...the only thing I can ever remember was seeing that weird-looking star...I was falling, falling, falling...!

...Until I found no life no more in my grasp.

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