Locked Shadows

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"Me, myself, and I" has always been my quote for the longest time. To be honest, it still was. I didn't give anything a single care except for myself, and for years, I was content with that. Life is all a game, and it's every man for himself, you know?

Or was it really?

Lemme give it to you straight, I'm a downright ass. Or, rather, I was one. Okay, maybe I still am. But hey I have a point. No use relying on someone else to ride life with you, right? They'll just abandon the ride at some point. Well, maybe Neil won't, but anyone outside Neil and me might.

But strange things have been happening, and now I question a lot more than just riding life's roller coaster. There was Cynthia-Rose moving here and my urge to annoy her controlling our little "rivalry," the small pangs of foul tastes in my mouth, and then there's Neil, who had to hold me back that one time when I tried to hiss at Cynthia when she shot her signature glare. Why would Neil, out of all people, stop me from getting to her today? We both knew that we hated her with a fired passion, and we both wanted her to get the hell outta our area, so what gives?

Gah. It's something I normally wouldn't go off the hook with, but I'll have my revenge one day. When I fight her to submission, that is.

I don't know how long I've planned to fight her, to be honest. I guess you can say that I've had the flaming passion to put her in the place she belongs: on the bottom, with me on the top. She's not too shabby at games, but yeah, she's beaten me more than twice before. It's getting harder to redeem my title as the "King" of all tabletop games, which means the only way to get her outta my skin was to knock her dignity right out of her face.

Were seven years worth of undefeated fighting worth this moment? This is for my glory, defeating one of the most "unique" girls that ever came to Witherweed High. Her shocking defeat would place me on the very top, where I, Leon Aibou, undoubtedly belonged.

Was it going to be easy? My instincts said yes, but most chicks and dudes told me otherwise. I didn't believe them at all. I mean, she's only a girl. A girl can't fight like a boy does...right?

Tonight I hoped to find out. The midnight would make a perfect cloak for my identity to be concealed and for my intricacy on the battlefield to go undetected.

As to where I'd find her, well, Neil has an outing behind his house that barely anyone had access to. The land was grassy, flat, and surrounded by hills, making it a perfect hiding spot and a terrain advantage.

I decided to go over there to examine the field and study its surroundings a little more. It was good that the area was available, otherwise I wouldn't be able to make this...fair.

It's funny how parents and older siblings can fall asleep in the dead of the night. It was a perfect sneak-away method. What's better, it worked like a charm. In a moment's notice, I was out my front door, onto my skateboard, and rolling to Neil's place.

The fence was pretty hard to climb, considering the top of the rungs lined with sharp fleur-de-lis. I got myself on the other side of the fence, but had to suffer pain on my ass and my arms.

The area was misty and wet, which kinda sucked for me. I walked over the small hills and tried to picture a cat fight in my head. Where would I be able to get her in the most humiliating way possible?


What the hell, I thought, who found this place anyway? I was about to continue until another cry shot chills up to my neck.

"Ugh...Leon was right, huh. No one can save m-"

Was that NEIL?! Without thinking, I face-palmed. There's no one here, you dummy, I said softly only loud enough for me to hear, damn you're stupid.

He stopped talking though, and after awhile, I heard more footsteps. Not Neil's, I noticed, but someone else's. No...more than someone. There were more.

The glint of metal. The exchange of fists.

That's when it hit me. I was in a dangerous situation. I had to do something. Before I could stop, I felt myself running over to my buddy's direction.


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