Locked Shadows

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The star was an absolutely amazing sight to behold. You don't come across something like that before, let me tell you.

I was sitting outside my bedroom balcony, looking at the stars before the sun rose from its temporary slumber. It took awhile for me to see it, but I did. That strange asterisk-like star that was much bigger and brighter than any other star in the sky. I was ecstatic. I took pictures, and even sent a miniature telescope to take pictures of it (don't ask me where I get the materials by the way. I'm heavily funded.). Only strange thing was that all my heavily focused pictures didn't even get a speck of that star! It almost seemed like it wasn't there!

That star looked like an underdeveloped supernova, the explosion of a languishing star. Never thought I'd see one up in the sky...it's a rare occasion.

Well, the passionate astronomer pursues her work yet again. I could study by sunrise; it wouldn't bother me one bit. Maybe it was the star that bothered me more though...

Oh well. It was a surprising feat on its own of the star being seen that had such a peculiar shape. I decided to crash tonight and sleep on the investigation. My legs were killing me anyway. I close my books, pack my cameras neatly in the cases, and quickly stored the equipment where not a soul could disturb them.

My cell vibrated on my desk when I walked in. I pick up, puzzled as to who would call me so late at night.

"Hey, Liz!" a familiar voice answers on the other side.

"For the last time, Dorian, my name is Bianca!" I scowled, trying not to grin on the other side of the line.

Failure. "I know you're grinning, Bianca," Dorian snickered, wheezing a small laugh, "Anyway, how's the research on the star going?"

Dorian Julmeza, you little sneak! Sometimes I wish you weren't my best friend after all! "Funny you ask that," I said, surprised, "I just finished a photo shoot. I'm about to crash though. Can I send you the data tomorrow?"

Dorian sighed in disappointment. "I-if you can do it tonight," he stammered, "it would be better. I think I have a lead on why the star won't show up on your cameras."

How did he know?! How did he know that the cameras wouldn't pick up the star?! "How did you-"

"Whoops," he interrupted, "I misspoke. But hey it kinda makes sense. Something as far-fetched as this might be an illusion by our minds, won't you agree?"

"I-I guess," I muttered, "Fine. I'll send the files to you, but you owe me for film!"

"Done deal. I'll be waiting." Click.

I sighed with my cell phone still in my sweaty hand. This wasn't the first time Dorian was so uptight about my pictures. The fact that the star wasn't on any photo was strange enough. Knowing this, why would he want them so badly?

Reluctant over my sleep deprivation, I opened up my computer and scanner, and began to scan the pictures and data. Something strange was going on here, and both Dorian and me knew it. But it seems that Dorian knew more than I did about this strange star. Was it just me?

As I ran through the photographs and organized them into their appropriate folders, I slowly found myself worrying more and more. The thoughts came to me slowly, but their urge was the same.

This information better not be leaking to the wrong hands...

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