Locked Shadows

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I'm just a shadow of a person who's supposed to be dead. It sucks, knowing there are people who are looking for me, who love me, but are tricked that they'll never see me again.

My real name is even unknown to me. I only know my name to be Dorian Tonto Julmeza, which sounds a little too shabby, but I guess it will do nicely until I find my real name for now.

My computer was ready to receive the files. My foot tapped on my floor impatiently, hoping secretly that Bianca did her job well. Those pictures wouldn't show anything, of course.

How did I know? Well I'm supposed to be missing, and it's funny how much you learn when in hiding. I can't really see the star, but I'm supposed to collect information as to what it may be. And the information about it is quite surprising. The star apparently seems to be an exploding star, a supernova that for some reason didn't explode and cause a black hole. After years of research, I still couldn't find out what could cause such a strange and amazing cycle to just "pause" like that and not complete the process.

You may be asking me, "Why are you doing all this after being hidden for so long?" Well, being a missing person, I had to isolate myself from the public. In honesty, I had to flee because I...disturbed a place, mind you. No details. While I was in hiding, my caretaker and manager, Katrina Karu, mercifully took me in and trained me to be a spy. It sucked for the first few days, but it really isn't bad after you get used to it. Heck, the work is fun.

But after she issued me the task of collecting the information on the star, Katrina has been more sour. And what's even worse, I began to have migraines and headaches on the double. Was it the star that I can't see?

"Shut your trap," Katrina would tell me when I would complain, "a small headache grants you no excuse to do your work. Just do as your told. Or will I have to dispatch you?"

Of course, dispatching was not an option, so I had to go along with what she said. Obviously I was powerless against her, and there was nothing I could do about it.

One day I'll get her back...

Blip. My focus goes back to my computer, which pops to life, showing a bunch of picture files on the screen. I hastily opened the file and peered carefully at the files Bianca took.

As expected from Bianca. The pictures were very high quality, and I could see the area where the star was predicted to be.

"A supernova, no doubt," I said to myself, "Or it's the Ethni-Star that Katrina's been raving about..."

"What now?" a chilling voice pierces my skin as beautifully terrifying Katrina strut from behind me, stroked my shoulder and purred.

I immediately began to blush and edged my seat away from her slowly.

"Not so fast, Dory," Miss Karu sneered, dragging my chair uncomfortably close to her, "Let's see those pictures your 'friend' sent you." She made herself comfortable next to me, swooning disgustingly.

She's trying to intimidate you! I thought, calm down Dorian! "Erm, I just pulled the file out, ma'am," I stuttered, "This star is-"

"Let me take a closer look." Katrina ran the mouse over to the photos and scanned them carefully. "Ah...yes. This is the Ethni-Star."


"Silence. It's coming sooner than I thought," she snapped, "Listen closely now. This is the Ethni-Star, the star that only very few people can see."


"SILENCE!" I squeaked and slouched on my seat as she stared at me with her angry green eyes. "I will not tolerate questions. Listen up. This Ethni-Star is the Key to our demise. You know what happens if the Master sees that we failed to eliminate-"

My blood began to boil. "I know, I know," I pouted, "We gotta kill those Seven before we report back."

"Precisely," she replied, satisfied by my knowledge on the task, "I already sent our delinquents to hunt for a suspect. He's out somewhere near that open field that we know about."

"You mean Ruka?"

She nodded, opening up another tab on my computer. "Right now they should be advancing toward him and finishing the job. Not many people there know about Ruka besides the resident behind it, who I have a hunch is a Keyper."

"A Keyper?" I thought out loud, "Are you positive?! It's hard to find one just by looks! How did you-"

"Yes, yes," Katrina said, interrupting me yet again, "Very true. But I have the upper hand. They don't know. I do. We can eliminate them before they find out. I have complete faith in you." She paused, curling her auburn hair and tossing it behind her shoulder. "Good work. Let's call it a day." She left the office and shut the door behind her.

I clunked my head down on my desk, thinking intently. My mind was swirling in circles, trying to internalize the information I was given just now. Surprisingly though, the only question left for me to ask was how she knew her targets without me knowing myself.


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