Locked Shadows

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Ha! That hit the spot!

I began snickering to myself as I shoved my way­ through the halls hastily. Those two flew like hunted pheasants, I thought, smiling crudely, and it won’t be long until I get my hunt in. A fight with Leon Arbou won’t be so bad, right? I mean-

Oh yeah, he doesn’t remember. How can he possibly know? He didn’t know what was going on that time. Maybe he’ll never know until I felt like telling him. After all, he’s not the brightest street thinker…

It’s strange what happens when your mind messes with you, know what I mean? Sometimes I’ll doze off and have strange dreams and “visions” that somehow come true in the end? Why? I can’t answer that very well. My night trip was…intriguing. I learned things that I never knew I had. What did I learn? I still can’t say.

In all honesty, I was trying to analyze this information myself. First there was that star, and then there was the mitral valve prolapsed thing in my heart. First time I had that diagnosis, I’ll admit that. And I hate it with every fiber in my body. Then there is last night’s prowling…

I can’t reveal all of it just yet. Not until I find out every single detail that happened that night. But that isn’t important. I had a challenge to attend to, which is Leon’s challenge.

Time passes by when you’re thinking, right? I can’t really say because I wasn’t really paying attention to my actions whilst thinking about the whole chunk of what-is-going-on problems in my head. I didn’t even realize I was falling asleep…

“Miss Ardethine?” a strict voice interrupted my thoughts rudely. I looked up from my desk to see that my professor was giving me the evil eye. “Please do try not to sleep in my classroom during a lecture. It’s rude.”

“Professor,” a girl in the back said, “She has-”

“Now, now,” he interrupted coldly, “Let’s not get into details, everyone. Don’t make me do this again. Now, everyone, shall we continue off? The French were an astounding group of people, having to follow our foolish example…”

At that point I only pretended to be listening, pretending to be interested, pretending to write notes. This bites.

My thoughts returned to the fight tonight. Leon didn’t even give me the specifics as to where our “arena” was. Very funny. Trying to grasp the victory to his advantage. Either he knew that I knew the arena or he just did that to break my streak. We’ll see who’s laughing when we exchange blows…

I knew where the arena was. Maybe he knew? But either way, it wasn’t safe to go there by myself.

Someone would have to cover for me.

The Terrible Two didn’t bother me after that day. The afternoon wasn’t uplifting at all, and Lulu’s concerns bugged me all noon.

“Are you going out again?! Dang you’re salty!” “Can I come with you tonight? Pretty please?!”

The first thing that crossed my mind was: Lie to her. But I can’t right now, because I felt like if I did, she’d come check on me during the night anyway. Annoyed, I decided to give in and gave her two lollipops to shut her up. Her eyes lit up like fireworks, and she skipped away, dancing to her room to feast on the treats. That was the first time and hopefully the last that she’d get the lollipops hidden in my wardrobe, and I secretly hoped that she’d never find the stash.

Night was falling yet again, and the aura of the evening grew tense and ominous. Midnight was just minutes away, and I could only imagine what would happen after the morning will rise.

The wig and the bo were lying on my bed. Sooner or later, it would be showtime.

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