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Elementalists: Death and Decay

By Samantha Foote All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

End of the World

It seemed strange to be swinging a scythe through the air when you were being shot at. The humans were armed to the teeth with all of their high-tech weapons and here he was, trying to be an enraged farmer from the eighteen-hundreds. His brown eyes slid across the battlefield. He felt the rush of wind as several bullets passed through his stomach without any harm. His arms came up and he planted the scythe hard into the ground. The gesture a symbol for his comrades. It was meant for eight people and they immediately began their own rush forward when they saw it. They knew the battle was just beginning--despite the fact they had been fighting for three days.

He let go of the scythe, running forward, looking for the man he was destined to fight. His destiny focused on finding the leader of the opposing army amongst the fighting crowd. His feet slid in the muddy slope causing him to lose his balance. He landed painfully on his side, spinning and sliding to the base of the long hill. Mud filled his mouth and eyes; he quickly spat it out trying to clear his vision. The rain did not help his situation; rivulets of muddy water traveled from his hair, down into his eyes. He quickly stood, ready to make his way back into the thick of the war; he attempted to grip the pair of swords on his back. They were his only defense against the enemy and the rain and mud made it hard to hold the leather covered handles.

Once he had managed to pull the dual swords in front of him, the muddy field seemed to clear; his enemy was smiling, eyes hollow, at the very middle of the battle. Kim Rolfe, the man who seemed to have lost everything, was prepared to gain his revenge against an innocent man. The self-proclaimed hero planted his feet firmly in the muddy ground and raised the swords as he had been taught. Kim was grinning at the boy with two swords, it was like staring at a five year old child pretending to play pirates. This man was nothing special and Kim was about to prove it to him. It was now or never. Kim raised his head and began to laugh. He extended the blade on his single sword by turning the handle and then it began to glow with heat. Droplets of water sizzled and turned into small wisps of steam when they hit the blade, dying before they could reach the ground.

The heroes’ eyes narrowed as he stared at the weapon in the man’s hand. He had never seen such a weapon and it was formidable in his enemies grasp, he trusted that his own ability would carry him through the fight however. He swallowed thickly, thinking he knew something more than the man who had come to kill those plagued with genetic mutations, those people known as the elementalists. His enemy’s next words resounded in his mind, stirring an old memory when he had truly believed he was going to be killed.

“Have fun trying to survive this monster,” Kim spat.

“You can’t kill me. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to do it myself.” The hero pled, his eyes looked broken, but still full of hope for a better world. There were numerous occasions, when not only himself, but the government reigning over him had attempted to murder him. Another spray of bullets from either side blasted through his stomach, but he did not feel their sharp pain for his body had become gaseous long enough to allow them through without harm. He cursed the way he’d been born into the world, for it had led him to this moment when he would strike his own blows against Kim Rolfe.

“I’ve been forging this for months, it will destroy you.”

“I hope you don’t see failure then,” as he moved forward, the mud clung to his heels and made loud sucking noises. He could no longer tell what was sweat and rain on his body as it all seemed to become one as he brought his arms up, colliding with the sword of his foe. The hot sword which sizzled in Kim’s hand sliced through the metal of the heroes own pair of swords as though it was whipped cream. The sharp tips when flying off, landing in the mud several feet away. The nineteen year old struggled backwards from Kim, staring at the red hot iron.

“You took her from me, you took her and turned her into one of you. A murderer! A threat to humanity-she was all I had left.” Kim screamed releasing his push against the hero, taking a step back, and slashing at the man in front of him. “You’re all killers.”

“And how is what you’re doing any better? You’ve decided to try and kill us because you see us as a threat. We never meant to take away your happiness.”

“There is no happiness for human kind when you are still alive.” Kim swung at him and the sword clipped him in the shoulder. The man hissed in pain and he immediately clutched the area, dropping the hilt of one of the twin blades in the process. His fingers came away covered in blood. His shock was evident, he had never been touched by anything before. His body defended him against poison and bullets, but this sword, it had injured him.

“It worked,” the nineteen year old was clearly shocked. Heavy breaths panted outwards as he stared, frozen, at the sight of his own blood. Mud ran into his mouth and he spat it out, wiping the bloody hand across his face and picking up the dropped hilt.

“Die elementalist scum!” Kim shouted, his sword was going right for the man’s head, but his weapon clashed and created sparks with the broken hilts of the twin swords of the hero. “I thought you wanted to die.”

“I believed I couldn’t and now I’m scared of what’s going to happen when I do die; I’m not immortal, none of us are.”

“You should be afraid,” Kim hissed. No one around them stopped to watch. One of the hilts slid from the hero’s grip, torn by the heat of the blade one more, landing behind him; he lifted the other to try and block while he reached for it. Kim took his advantage and slammed the young adult away from his weapon, lifting his heated sword.

“You’re not going to win even if you do kill me.” The man told Kim, he knew all too well the pain death brought upon others. It did nothing but create ill feelings and harm, death was never a solution.

“I’m just getting started, once I kill you I’ll start on the council and from there the rest will fall at my feet. They have no knowledge of the real world.” Kim whispered, but his words were clear as rain pounding into their backs. He slid his glowing sword against the separated twin blade and parried it out of its owner’s grip. The boy took a quick and heavy breath, he knew what was coming.

“You’ll never touch them.” The hero returned with fervor watching as the blade came ever closer. He shoved himself up, he would die standing.

“I wouldn’t count on that.” Kim lifted the weapon, a snarl curling up the corner of his lip.

“I’ve put all my trust in them.” He choked as Kim’s sword was pushed through his chest, blood erupted from his mouth as he coughed, landing on the protruding weapon. The skin around the sword was cauterized by the heated sword Kim had created specifically to kill him and his people. He heard someone shout his name from a distance. Kim started to pull his weapon away and the teenager fell forward, drowning. Blood dripped from the end of the glowing sword, into the mud, swirling with the rain.

“Stupid decision.”
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