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Chapter 5

We showed him photos of the victims to prove what we’re saying. “Yeah, I know some of these people” he said. “I came from Vietnam as a child by my parents to here to be safe from the war. Both my parents died back there during the war. I was sponsored by the Riley’s, a white family. We lived in California, then moved here when I was in my teens” he told. He then told us that some kids found out he had links to the former Viet Cong and tormented him. That was the main reason our enemies did the murders of the students at Point Park, for revenge. “Are you two done? I need to meet my group to go the City Hall later today” Donald said.

“Yeah, see you” Brian said and we left. “Do we trust him?” Farah said. “Judging his body vitals, he felt nervous to that interrogation” I said. “We must watch Donald. If he sides with the Dominants, he doesn’t know their true intentions” Ricks said. “Mr. Headmaster, those two cops Ferguson and Ramirez came by me” Donald said. “Don’t worry Donald. I have someone to talk them” Headmaster said, and Nathan came to streets. “Let’s get out of here” Brian said. That’s when Nathan appeared to us. “Ferguson and Ramirez, I presume” he said.

“Yeah, we are. So you follow Headmaster?” Brian asked. “Yes, Nathan Lords is my name and I can’t let stand in my way” the bald headed man said. Brian and Farah revealed their suits to him, since there weren’t a lot of people were around. “SCPA of 2169, Nathan Lords, give yourself up” Farah demanded. “Don’t think so, we’ll settle this soon. But I’ll leave my mark” Lords said, as he had a missile launcher shooting at a parked car, blowing it up. “Take care of that” he said, and used super speed to escape.

“Damn it, look at all those cars exploding” Brian said. “Should I summon the fire department?” I suggested. They agreed and I alerted a nearby fire station to the scene. “Let’s go watch Donald. Those guys could make trouble around him” Brian said. They disappeared from scene before the fire department came to city hall. On the way to city hall, protesters marched with Donald leading the way. “What we ask is equal rights for the homeless and the poor” Donald said on the P.A. system. “Why deny us the opportunity?” he added as they approached the outside of city hall in the downtown area.

Several police officers were watching the scene for trouble. We arrived there as well. “There they are, the protesters. All they want is equality” Farah said. Out of nowhere, our bad guys showed up. “Equality is right. We need to be fair with one another” said Danny. “Donald, change of plans. You see, I have my own agenda” he said. Nathan brought a person tied up under the bag. He took the bag and it was Paula Lee, his girlfriend. “What is this? I thought we’re good” Donald said. “You young man, are a fool. My group don’t care for no one. A new government will emerge which I’m in charge” Headmaster said.

“Let go of the girl. We have snipers on top of the building and will shoot you” the officer said. “Not anymore” Nathan said, as he appeared behind one on top of an building and slit his neck. Then we appeared. “Hey Headman, let the girl go. It’s between us and you. Why involve innocent people for?” Brian said. “So Ferguson, you followed us here?” Headmaster said. With the crowd thick, Farah was able to disappear to save Paula from Daniel. “Hey Headman” she said. He let Paula go. “We’re too outnumbered here. Nathan, let’s depart” Headman ordered him.

They fled, as the people fled also. “Donald, I want you and Paula to get out of here, police business” Brian said. “Ferguson, you were right. These guys can’t be trusted, go get them” Donald said. We did that. “Take care of those two” Headman ordered Nathan. He got into a getaway car driven by N.O.D. Nathan ran into office building, shot several security guards and took the elevator to the top. “Police business, everyone get back” Farah said. We pursued him up to the 47th floor of the building. “Nathan, there’s nowhere to run” Brian said. “Why not the roof top?” Nathan said, and we went up to the roof. “Now I can rid of you both” he said. “Two on one is fair” Farah said. They battled on the roof. He used the sonic wave on both of us. “He has the tech” Brian said.

“I can disable it and he stands frozen” Ricks said. We agreed, and Ricks did his thing. “Feeling a little stiff?” Brian said. “You two leeches will get it” he said. “Let’s get rid of him” Farah said, and shoots the red pellet at him. We blew him to pieces. “Enough of him. Saved the day again” Brian said. We went downstairs and out of the building to see Donald one last time. “What happened with you guys and the gang?” Donald asked us. “Nathan saw his end by gunfire, Daniel and his crew had fled the scene” Brian said. “As long you and your female companion is safe which matters” Farah said. We vowed to get them and stop their evil plans.

“I thank you two for saving us” Paul said. “See you” Brian said and we left the scene. “Now that red pellet worked as Wiseman said, a mini time bomb” Brian said. “Yeah, and our computers were the trigger” Farah said. “Let’s not get too excited yet. These Dominants are 500 miles away from us. Ending them is important so this present will be preserved” Ricks said. “First, can you two locate the nearest hotel? I need a shower after all this” Farah asked. “Right away, Farah” I said, and I found one six blocks away from us. “I need some grub. After all this crime fighting, makes me starving” Brian said.

“Truth Revealed”

Back in Philadelphia in our home, Brian and Farah were sharing an intimate moment being in bed. “You think it’s time to let O’Malley know where we really from and our purpose?” Farah said. “I think the time is right to let O’Malley know, also Heather know where from 2169, nothing to hide now” Brian said. “Splendid idea” I said, as I was holographic form without their command. “How are you in holographic form without my command?” Brian asked me. “I’m being self sufficient, wiser as my gigabyte main frame grows” I said.

“Ricks, visual mode” I commanded him, and he appeared in holographic form. “Just getting my beauty sleep, computers need to cool our mainframe” Ricks joked. “Telling O’Malley and Wassermann our true identities and mission?” he asked us. We went to work setting up a time to meet both of them by adjusting their shift times. At the precinct, Paul and Amanda got word that we’re ready to reveal to O’Malley that we are from the future and bring him with us to Wiseman’s tech HQ to meet. “OK, will meet you there” Amanda said. But they will have lure O’Malley to our meeting place. “Got something to reveal to you” Paul said.

“You got a lead on the Dominant gang?” O’Malley said. “Sort of” Paul said. O’Malley decided to come with Amanda and Paul to Wiseman. Heather gotten the call from Farah that she got a news story for her to cover to lure her to us. “Eric has scientific breakthrough?” Heather said. “Come alone, no news crews” Farah said. Heather agreed to that and went to our location. At Wiseman’s tech station in an warehouse we all assembled with O’Malley and Heather. “OK, you four, is it important?” O’Malley asked with suspicion.

“O’Malley and Heather, all five of us are from 2169, in the 22nd century” Brian said. “You are joking right?” Heather said, thinking we lost it. “It’s true” Farah said. We revealed our super battle suits to them, enable with technology, and color changing. “This our battle suits that have the ability to change color, disappearing tech, and ability enhancement” Brian said. We demonstrated that by disappearing on the spot. “What the heck?” O’Malley said. We reappeared. “And we have our personal holographic computers. Vices and Ricks visualize” Farah said. We visualized to their amazement. “O’Malley and Heather hello, I’m Vices and this Ricks” I introduced to them. “Unbelievable, you four are like secret superheroes” Heather said. “Close to it” Wiseman said.

“Our former nemesis, the late Dr. Stone heart given these four mini computer microchips in their brains giving them their super abilities” Wiseman said. “Like what Eric said, we have Superman like senses” Brian said. Elsewhere, Daniel was planning their next move. “We need to draw our enemies out in the open” Daniel said. “The correctional center in the city. Let’s free every criminal in Philly so they can go wild in the city” N.O.D. said. “Excellent Kathy. That will definitely draw Ferguson and the cops to us” Daniel said.

Within hours later, they arrived outside the prison in the city. “Matt, disable the cameras so they don’t detect us” Daniel said. Matt did that, and the cameras shut down. “Let’s disappear so they don’t see us” Daniel said, he and the others disappeared past security. Whereas Saul and Victoria provided the distraction by shooting the guards. “What the heck” the guard said, and pressed the alarm. Inside the prison, they activated the cell doors to open. “Come my brethren, you’re free to roam the city to take it back” Daniel said. “Really?” one prisoner said.

The remaining guards had stopped them by blocking their exit. “Like hell we wouldn’t. You intruders won’t get away” the warden said. “Attack them” said Daniel said, and the inmates did that. Gunfire erupted in the jail and fights broke out. “We need the police here” the warden said, and called the precinct. “OK warden, we’re on it” the chief said. He assembled his team to go to the prison to control the inmates. Not when the chief called us. O’Malley cell phone rang. “Hello” he said. “Those Dominant characters are causing trouble again at the Philly correctional center. Hundreds of prisoners broke from their cells with their help” he said.

“Yes chief, we’re on it” O’Malley said. “They’re at it again, are they?” Brian said. “You four must put your super powers to use” O’Malley said. “They’re at a correctional center alright, just north west of here” Wiseman said. “What about me? What I can do?” Heather said. “You go home. This is not for you” Amanda said. “I choose to stay here with Eric” Heather said. We headed to the prison. Fire erupted from several windows. The police were outside. We came to scene. “About time you guys showed up. We’re outnumbered here” said Chief Hall. “Well, I see that coming” replied O’Malley.

Gunfire erupted from one of the broken windows, and the police ducked. “We have them pinned down, keep firing!” commanded Daniel. “What about Ferguson and his team?” asked Kathy. “If they come in here, we are ready” said Rampage. “You two cover the entrances with some prisoners” said Daniel. Kathy and Tony went do that with some prisoners. Brian had another plan. “Let the four of us go forward in the prison. We know these guys better than you” Brian said. “Alright, you four go ahead” said the chief, giving them permission. We went forward towards one wall. “I see them, shoot them!” said an inmate and fire his gun at us. We ducked for cover.

“How we are going to get in?” Paul asked. “We go up three floors in the air to that rooftop. The police are busy battling the cons, they won’t see us” Brian said. “It’s worth it, let’s fly high” Farah said. We jumped to the roof of the building with no problems. On top the prisoners saw us. “It’s them” said the cons. They went after us. We dodged their blows and we fought back. “That was easy” said Amanda. We started to tie up the inmates with wire so the guards get to them.

“Let’s get into the building” Brian said, and we used super speed to enter the building. Inside the prison, several inmates greet us. “Hello boys” Farah said. “Let’s get em” said the prisoner. They shot at us and we responded back with a blue PLLT blast on the three of them. “Enough of this, let’s bring down Headmaster” said Brian. “Finding them will be easy, they’re somewhere in the warden office downstairs” I said. “Then let’s get going” Farah said. We proceeded down the stairs to the office. An overheard camera saw us in the building.

“They’re here” Kathy said, as they watched the security footage. “Let them come to us, we’ll have more cons waiting for them” Headmaster said. He ordered Rampage to bring cons with them to greet us. Gunshots fired into the building from the cops. Outside the prison, the police had their hands full. “I hope those four will get to the gang in time” the chief said. “They will, I know them” O’Malley said. They shot the inmate in the towers and entrances. We reached the first floor and Rampage and prisoners were waiting for us.

“So you four have come, you won’t make it out of here alive” Rampage said. “We see about that. Get their guns!” Brian said. Using super speed, we got their guns. “What the?” the guy said. They attacked us, dodging their punches. Farah used the sonic wave on them. “Take a rest, boys” Farah said. “Now for you, Rampage” Brian said. “Well, it looks like we’ll meet next time” Rampage said, and threw a fire bomb at them, so he can escape. “The fire is expanding too much. How are we going to stop it?” Amanda said.

“Perhaps super speed can. Brian and Farah, run around in a circle creating a wind tornado of 130 km and direct on the fire” Ricks hinted them. “Yeah, the speed of the tornado at a high rate will start to freeze the flames and put it out” Brian said. Both of them used super speed to form a circle, forming the wind tornado. “It’s working, the tornado is developing” Paul said. Brian pushed the tornado forward by dashing to the fire. The wind tornado did it, putting the fire out. “Good job, you two” I said. “Let’s find the Dominants” Farah said. “According to the life vitals, they’re down this hall” Ricks said. We moved forward down the hall. “They’re coming for us” said Rampage.

“No they’re not” Headmaster said, and they left. We arrived at the office and saw the warden tied up. We freed him and the prison guards. “Thanks, we need that” said the warden. “Where are they now?” Brian said. “Must be outside” the warden said. “Get the prison under control” he said to the guards and they did that, tazering the inmates. We went after them towards outside. “Nowhere to run now, Headmaster” Brian said. “Don’t think so” Headmaster said, and threw a bomb at us, which exploded. “Duck!” Brian yelled, and we ducked for cover. They got away in that blast. “They got away again” Farah said. “Don’t worry we’ll get them and stop their evil plans” Brian said. We left the prison.

“So they escaped again huh?” O’Malley said. “Yes, these aren’t your ordinary gang” Brian replied. “I thank you for restoring peace in the prison” the chief said. “You’re welcome, Chief” Farah said. We went home that day. “We must keep our guard up on these guys. They want a war, we’ll give to them” Brian said. “Of course we will and we’ll be victorious” Farah said. “Same here, Brian” I said. We’re always on the watch for these future terrorists and criminals. Elsewhere, Headmaster and the gang were getting away from police. “Ferguson and his team had foiled us again” N.O.D. said. “They haven’t seen true destruction yet and they will, this I swear” Headmaster said. “I hope so. We’re looking like losers which is uncalled for” Rampage said. They laid low until the coast was clear so they can retreat.

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