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Chapter 6

“All board the Doom star”

In an open area of Philly below the elevated highway, a portal opened up in the night. A soldier who walked through it was a soldier named General Doom Star, a Dominant in human form. “So this is the past” Doom Star said. He hid out of sight from people watching him. That’s when he saw a clothing store up ahead which was closed and broke in there. Security cameras spotted him and he destroyed it with his gun. He changed into casual clothes and got out. “Need to find Daniel the Headmaster. I know he’s here” Doom Star said, as he left the store.

He used GPS to find the Headmaster and located him. “North east corner of this city” he said. Then he saw one car with a male driver in it. “I need your vehicle” Doom Star said to the man. “No way sir, get your own” he said. Then Doom Star fired a red explosive PLLT at him and he blew up. “Blasted earthling. Now let’s get this machine started” he said. He put his hands on the dashboard having control of the GPS system in the car, and the key in the ignition. “Steve Coriander, huh? That’s my name on earth in this time from now on” he said. He drove off with the dead body of the actual Steve in the trunk.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Farah were at a yoga class session. “And breath in and out” the female instructor, as they did several yoga poses like downward dog. “This yoga exercises are great” Amanda said. “Of course they are. Clears your mind from stress” Farah said. Then the session ended. “That’s enough for today” the instructor said, and we left the building. They changed their clothing to casual clothing. “Can’t believe some exercise from ancient India can be useful in our lives” Farah said. Then a call from Brian came on their cell.

“A break in at a clothing store midtown happened overnight. Windows broken in the storefront, cops are there now” Brian said over the phone. Without hesitation, Amanda and Farah headed over there where Brian is. “So glad you ladies came. Erica’s unisex fashions been broken into last night by an unknown suspect” O’Malley said. “The security cams were destroyed before it recorded the suspect” he replied. “Could be our gang again” Brian said. “Of course it is” O’Malley said. Meanwhile Doom Star had found the others in an vacant warehouse in the north side.

He walked inside and they greeted him with guns. “Relax everyone. General Doom Star of the Dominants here to oversee you all in 2015” he said. “What the heck? Doom Star, welcome to the present” Headmaster said. “I got new fashion to this time” Doom Star said. “This is Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw” Headmaster said as he introduced them. “A pleasure, general” Saul said. Just then, they saw the security camera footage of us at the scene of the robbed clothes store.

“Zoom in” commanded Headmaster said to Matt. “Zooming in” he replied. “These are our enemies” Daniel introduced to the general. “Brian Ferguson, the head of the fugitive retrieval unit, Farah Ramirez, Amanda Reid and Paul Low” said Matt. “Can I have a word with you, my master?” asked Doom Star or Steve. “Saul and Victoria are you going to side with these earthlings, except for the intellectual Matt?” asked Steve. “Doom, in due time, we’ll take of Ebenezer and Crenshaw along with Ferguson’s team, count on it” vowed Headmaster.

At the scene, we did our own investigation. “Vices and Ricks, access all security footage from the cameras before the suspect destroyed it” Brian commanded. We did that. Using our scanners, we replayed the scene last night. “Hold on, looks the suspect was dressed like a soldier, breaking a window of the store” Farah said. We saw him destroy the security camera, took clothes to change his appearance. “There’s our guy” Amanda said. Then our cells rang and Paul was on the phone. “You guys won’t believe this, police found a driverless car parked on 25th Street, with the dead body not in sight” Paul said. “This guy did it again, let’s go” Brian said, and we went there. At the scene, the police and forensics identified the body.

“Steve Coriander, white male in his thirties, the license registry says, which is only there” O’Malley said. We knew our gang was behind this. We secretly scan the car seat and discovered some sweat on it. “Keep a good watch on this city. We must find the suspect that has links to the gang” said O’Malley. We did our own investigation. “You got the sweat residue?” Brian asked me. “Yes, our suspect is not from this time or this planet” I said. “Another Dominant soldier?” Farah said. “Yes, it is. His name is Doom Star. He’s lethal and dangerous. Assuming the name of Steve Coriander, the dead driver” Ricks said.

“So what is our next move?” asked Steve. “Simple. We get at our enemies weaknesses” said Headmaster. They were planning to kidnap Heather and Bill to get to us. “We’ll use that female news report and the guy to our advantage” he said. Meanwhile, Heather and Bill were at Olney Park enjoying the day. “It’s boring with no news story to cover” Heather said. “Don’t worry Heath. Something will come up” Bill said. That’s when people were screaming when Saul and company came up. “You two come with us, our boss wants to speak to you” Saul said. The bikers block their path. “No calls, miss” the biker said, as they grabbed her and brought on the bike.

“Leave her alone, you creep. Do what you want with me” Bill said. “Of course, Bill” Saul said, as he stunned Bill with the PLLT green blast and went down. They drove off with the hostages to the warehouse. At the warehouse, Headmaster saw them. “Why hello Miss Wassermann and Bill Knox” he greeted them. “Whatever rotten plans you guys have, the cops will bring you down” Heather said. “This girl talks too much for the reporter” Kathy said. “Why don’t we kill both of them?” Steve said. “No, not both of them. The man Bill Knox, bring him to the motorcycle” Daniel said. Saul and Steve brought Bill to the motorcycle, tied him to the seat face down. A mini hydrogen bomb was on his back set to explode.

“Look what happens when you cross us” Daniel said. They started the engine and it sped to the tunnel entrance and it exploded in the tunnel, killing Bill. “Bill! You monsters!” said Heather. “You’re lucky we’re letting you live, Heather” Victoria said. On the streets, we were hitting the pavement finding the Dominants. “I was trying to call Heather so she could make a news story of this, but no answer” Farah said. “That’s strange. I sense her mobile is cut off” Ricks said. “Couldn’t be the cell company that cut her off” Brian said.

We’re hinting it was the gang behind this. “A disturbance in the Kensington neighborhood an unknown madman” the radio said. We headed there, and it was Doom Star. Vehicles had exploded to bits. “Let’s keep the party going” Steve said. “Hey home boy, or Doom Star. Where is Headmaster?” Brian said. “There somewhere far” he said. He had missile launched our vehicle, blowing it up. “That’s a brand new car” Brian said. We revealed our battle suits to him. “Nice suits. Won’t help you much” Doom star said.

“So you come to this century to wreak havoc?” Farah said. “Let’s bring the house down” Doom Star said. He used his fist to make an earth quake. “Let’s move” Brian said, and we dodged the quake. Brian attacked Doom Star with punches, but he dodged them. “I would like to fight with you four, but I have places to be” Doom Star, and he departed. “Let’s follow him” Brian said. “But we don’t know where he’s going” Farah said. “Oh yes, we do. Can I scan your fingertips?” Vices said. Brian took me out to scan the blood and sweat residue as he punched Doom Star. “He’s at the North East Side of the city” I said. “Call Wiseman to come here to meet us” Brian said to me. I did that. “Hello, Wiseman. We may need your assistance” I said. “OK, I’m coming, but I’m bringing my lab with me” Wiseman said, as his truck had a mini laboratory in the trailer.

Minutes later, the truck came with Wiseman driving. “OK, get in” he said. “We got a lead on the Dominants” said Brian. “North east side, Somerton.” Amanda said, and we drove there. Paul decided to stay behind to see if our enemies are elsewhere. We arrived at the warehouse hideout. “OK, I’ll monitor you three from the trailer” he said. He then showed inside the trailer. “Definitely some serious tech back here” Brian said. After seeing the monitors and equipment, Eric got our back. We went in the warehouse and saw Heather tied to the car and freed her.

“Thanks for freeing me, but Bill is dead” Heather said. “Sorry for your loss” Amanda said. But we weren’t alone. “What is this? Leaving so soon and I haven’t destroyed you all?” Doom Star said. “Farah, get Heather out here, now!” Brian said. “Right, hold on to me Heather” Farah said, as they sped out the warehouse. “The hostage got away” Headmaster said. “Now the playing field is even” Brian said. Both he and Amanda got their PLLT’s to fire. But first they engage in hand to hand combat with them. “Sorry, I must retreat. Kathy, let’s go” said Headmaster, as they escaped.

“Forget them, let’s get Doom Star” Brian said. Both shot him with the red pellet and I blew him up. “That was over, now let’s get them” Amanda said. “Doom Star is gone! You’ll regret that!” said Rampage. “Amanda, will you do the honors?” Brian said. “No problem. Take this, ugly” Amanda said, and shot him with the red pellet. “Vices, do it” Brian commanded me, and I detonated him. “Oh, damn it, let’s scram. Two dominants gone” Saul said, he and Victoria escaped, before the police came. “Ebenezer and Crenshaw escaped” Amanda said. “We’ll get them next time. Let’s see to Farah and Heather” I said, as I appeared in visual mode.

Outside the warehouse, Wiseman, Farah and Heather were waiting. “We got rid of Doom Star and Rampage. Two Dominant soldiers down” Brian said. “Saul and Vicki escaped again” Amanda said. “It’s only a matter of time until we get them all and end their plans” Ricks said. With that said, we went home to rest and wait for their next move.

“The Big Takedown”

“I don’t believe this. Another soldier, Rampage killed by our enemies” Daniel said. “Just only leaves me and N.O.D.” said Headmaster. “We need to take it to them” Saul said. At the apartment, we are waiting for enemies’ next move. “A mayoral election is taking place today. The election of Jack Shipp” Farah said. “He has a good chance of winning the elections, has tight competition” Brian said. “We need to watch over the new mayor of Philadelphia. The Dominants could ruin things. At the warehouse, Headmaster saw the mayor elections on TV.

“Look, this city is getting a new mayor. This Jack Shipp. Let’s go the elections and ruin things” Headmaster said. At Wiseman’s laboratory, he had one unexpected visitor. “Cole, what brings you here?” Wiseman said. “Well Eric, I come to tell you we can be partners” he said. Wiseman knows he can’t trust Cole, but had no choice. “Of course. I heard you turned a new leaf. Not part of the Dominants anymore?” Wiseman said. “No I’m not. These ruthless killers are out to dominate this city, this present. You heard of the mayoral elections set for tonight?” Cole asked Wiseman. “Yes, I have and they might strike. Brian and the others should know this and soon” he said.

At the elections in city hall, a party was set for the winning Mayor Shipp, who’s up against other candidates. Police was there in high presence, as we are. “Finally, you four arrive” said O’Malley. “Traffic is lousy nowadays” Brian said. “So this the number of police present?” asked Shipp, knowing we can do better. “Shipp, this is best we got” O’Malley. “What side of the bed he woke up on?” Farah said. “Just very arrogant” Amanda said. Just then a cell phone came in to us. “Hello?” Brian answered.

It was Wiseman. “Brian, I have a theory that Headmaster and the Dominants will hit the elections tonight” Wiseman said. “We know that. The cops are here in full force” Brian said. But our enemies are known to sneak past security. Just then the lights went out in the building. “Power is shut off” Paul said. A minute later, the lights came on and it was them. “Citizens of Philly, behold your future mayor is here” Daniel said. “Freeze, you dirt bags!” O’Malley said. “We have the whole building surrounded with police” Farah said.

“But you forget, I know this building too” Headmaster said. Shots erupted outside. Saul, Victoria and Kathy fought their way inside. “So much for police security, we’re talking the elections” Saul said. “Get the candidates out of here!” O’Malley said. The candidates and people were lead out by Paul and Amanda. “Now that they’re safe, you’re going down” Brian said, as they revealed their battle suits. At Wiseman’s lab station, they saw them on the monitor. “Let’s get to city hall now!” Cole said, knowing we need help. “This will be easy, four of us against three of you” Headmaster said. “Do you three know where outnumbered here?” I said.

“Yes, we know, but we can do this” Brian said. We blew the first punch, they delivered. Gunfire was exchanged, we ducked under the table. “How do they deal with cons from your time?” O’Malley said. “Same way you guys do here” Brian said. “Time for me to fade away” Farah said, as she disappeared to sneak up on them. Brian decided to use a moving box as cover, so he can go forward. “So Ferguson, you think that will stop us?” Headmaster said.” Kathy, go find Ramirez” ordered Headmaster. Farah walked towards the kitchen. “They wouldn’t find me in here” Farah said. “Farah, Kathy is about a minute away from us” Ricks said. Then she appeared. “Have you written your death certificate yet?” Kathy said, as she attacked her with her claws.

Farah dodged them. “Need no makeover by you” Farah said, sped forward with one hit. Kathy went down, grabbed Farah’s leg and threw her to the wall. Farah ducked for cover behind the oven as she fired at her. “Can’t hide anymore, Ramirez” N.O.D. said. Just then a brainstorm happened. “That pot has water into it. If I can push Kathy into it, you Ricks can provide electricity to shock her to death” Farah said. “Good idea Farah, she’ll be electrocuted” Ricks said. “Hey, N.O.D., I’m right here” Farah said. “You wish you haven’t met me” Kathy said. Farah used the sonic wave to push Kathy into the boiling water pot, spilling on her. “Ricks, provide shock” commanded Farah. With her hand in the puddle, the electrification went right to her and shocked Kathy.

“NOOO!” Kathy screamed, as she got shocked and was out. “She’s deceased. Let’s go” Farah said. Outside city hall, Wiseman and Cole were outside the building. “We’re with Brian. Let us in” Wiseman demanded. “Were you with them?” the cop said to Cole. “Not anymore, I swear” Cole said. Finally, the officer let them, unless Amanda and Paul accompany them. All four went in to assist us. Inside, they went in. They met Farah on the way. “Finally, you guys showed up” Farah said. “Kathy has kicked the bucket courtesy of me” Farah said. “That’s good news” Paul said. “Bad news is you got us to deal with” Saul said as he and Victoria appeared. “Wiseman, you and Cole go to Brian in the main hall” Farah said. Wiseman and Cole headed there.

“Three on two, good odds” said Farah. Both of them attacked us. We fought back. “I’m going towards the elevator” Farah said, as she departed. Saul pursued her. “Leaves me against you two” Victoria said. “Crenshaw, you guys are going down for your crimes in the present” Amanda said. “Like hell I will” Victoria replied, and shot at them. Meanwhile, Farah had gone on the elevator and tries to close the elevator doors. Saul opened them with his bare hands. “Where you are going, Ramirez? We need to get acquainted.” Saul said. They fought in the elevator with kicks and blows.

“Farah, blast the roof!” Ricks suggested. She used her PLLT to fire a red blast to make a hole in the floor so she goes through. Saul followed her. “You think you can get away from me that way?” Saul said. They fought in the elevator shaft, until she gave him a red blast. “If I die, you come with me” Saul said, as he held her by the neck. “Ricks, activate taser mode!” Farah commanded. Her suit shocked Saul, and she kicked him off, falling in the elevator shaft. “Explosive mode Ricks” Farah commanded him, and blew him up before he hit the bottom.

“That menace is dealt with” Farah said, as he went back in the elevator and out of it. Outside, Amanda and Paul had tied up Vicki with rope. “Good job, you two” Farah rewarded them. “She should go to jail in this period first” Paul said. We then found in Brian in the main hall fighting Headmaster. “Ferguson, you put up a good fight” Danny said. “Your henchmen are gone, just you and me” Brian said, as he gave him a punch and went flying across the room. “So you all have come to your doom” Headmaster said, as he had a bomb in his hand. “We all die together” he said. “Not really” Farah said, as she sped to get the bomb from him.

Headmaster got her and held her by the neck. “I have the girl. You all put down your weapons and surrender peacefully” he demanded. We all put down our weapons. “I really don’t like when men touch me inappropriately, even bad ones” Farah said. Using taser mode, she shocked him to be free. “Fire at him!” Brian said, as we fired the red blast, but it reflected off him. “You think can rid of me easily?” Headmaster said. “What now?” Farah said. “Overhead sprinklers, I can activate them and you four add taser shock to wet ground shocking him” I said.

I activated the sprinklers to spray water on Headmaster. “Damn sprinklers” he said. “Everyone gets ready” Brian said. We set our suits to taser mode and put our hands on the puddle towards Headmaster, shocking him to death. He felt down, and we fired the red blast on him. “Blow him up, you two” Brian said, and we did that. “The Dominant problem is solved” Brian said. Police came in the building. “Where is the head honcho?” O’Malley said. “He went to hell” Paul said. “At least we got Victoria” he said. “You four goodies, if I ever get out of here” she said. Then the future mayor came in. “I apologize for you four, you saved us” Shipp said. “No problem sir” Brian said. Then the elections continued, with him winning the vote.

“We did it. We stopped the Dominant threat” Brian said. “You guys come with me” Wiseman said. He has found the way for us to go home to 2169. At his lab, he has a machine like a portal gateway. “Behold, a gateway to the future” Wiseman said. “You were building this?” Brian said. “Why go back? You guys have a purpose here” Cole said. “I need to see my daughter” Amanda said. Get your time cards out for the portal to activate” Wiseman said. We did that. “Are you sure it’s functional?” I said, worrying about the side effects. The portal had opened to 2169 our home destination. “Well, you choose to stay here, Cole?” Brian said. “Yes, I do. Hope to see you all in 154 years” Cole said. We stepped through the gates towards home, but Heather showed up. “Take me with you” Heather said. If she came with us, the events will be restored and be rewritten. She stepped into the portal with us and we landed back home. As for Matt, he managed to escape police, but not for long.

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