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Chapter 7

Timeline of events:

2009: Brian and Farah arrived in past to nab Stone heart and the escaped criminals (June 21)

2013: Amanda and Paul arrive to assist Brian, Farah in criminal hunting and new threats Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw, Stone heart commits suicide to prevent going back home in his office building

2015: Saul and Victoria get help in 2169 to break out of jail with new enemies called the Dominants led by Headmaster, encouraging them to go back to 2015 to seek vengeance on Brian’s team; Wiseman follows them back to warn them

2078: Christianity is outlawed in the world, whereas atheism and Muslim grew, science worshipped

2090: Canada, US, Mexico form one North American union, with Cascadia in the west, Appalachian Republic in the east, and Mexican Latin Republic

2107: Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart is born

2112: The Great War begins

2138: Brian Ferguson is born in Toronto Mega polis, a population of 10 million

2141: Farah Angel Ramirez is born in Serene City (formerly Philadelphia) population 11 million, also including New York City-Newark, NJ in the north, Trenton, Bethlehem and Philadelphia at the south end of the city zone

2142: Amanda Cardinal Reid and Paul Low are born

2145: Heather Wassermann is born

2153: P.L.L.T. (pellet laser launch tube) is created by Wise Man (Eric)

2158: Brian graduates from West Point Serene Police academy, also Farah

2161: Meghan Reid is born

2168: Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart perfects time travel and teleportation through his time machine

2169: Over a hundred plus fugitives escaped 160 years in the past, where it all begins...

The End

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