The Cobras (On hold for reconstruction)

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She has a boyfriend and a few friends, and everyone knew her(though she was the odd one out). But people at least got along with her. Everyone thought she had it perfect and she thought the same... until her boyfriend got caught up in trouble, betrayed her, and she got tangled in it all. Then she met HIM. Love can be dangerous when with the wrong sides of the lines. He was perfect, but was he perfect for her? An accidental run into earlier on, comes back to them both... Will they both survive the threats that plague them and their attachment grow stronger or will Jasmine find her way back to her "perfect" life and leave the danger for the others?

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The Beginning

It was the perfect day for a party. When Jasmine had been invited, which she definitely knew would happen, she was quite happy because her life was going perfectly. Or so she thought...

Short chapters at first to give you an idea of what is going on. Try to bear with me. It gets better later on. The first ten chapters or so are just for you to
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