The Blue Rose

By Diana Hart All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


Hitomi is a young woman who is living in a time of revolution. The democracy that was set up has been destroyed to put a tyrant, Lord Roderick, on a throne. Hitomi decides that she won't let his rule continue as he starts to kill those around her. She decides that she will save them. She becomes the Blue Rose

Chapter 1

“Beaustaf family.” The loud announcer broadcast to the thousands of people in the room as well as the family in a sealed area. “For your crimes and treason against His Majesty, Roderick, you have been sentenced to death by the cold fingers of the void of space. Make it known, this day in will go down in history as the day that the leadership of President Beaustaf has ended. Long live King Roderick!”

A cheer erupted once he pressed a button opening the room the family was in to the vacuum of space. That was the first of many deaths on the Ashaton space craft.

The Ashaton was a craft built for the people of Earth to embark on life in space. After the population of Earth had grown beyond the rate the globe could handle, 1.3 billion citizens of world left the blue and green planet to seek life beyond the stars. That was back in 2153 AD. It is currently 2547 AD. I was there that day. The day the revolution began.

My best friend stood at the head of the rest of the guard and watched as these innocent people were killed. I decided then and there I would not stand for this. Since that day, I have counted 846 additional deaths because of the treason the new king believed these people committed. But I knew that these people did no such thing. This revolution would end, and I would be the one to end it.

I became the Blue Rose.

A year had passed since that day the President and his family were killed. Since that day, things between my best friend, Jered, and I had become rocky. I didn’t support this revolution while he was the right hand man to Roderick. I was doing everything I could to stay out of Roderick’s grasp while trying to help people, but the process was slow. I needed to change my strategy.

Before I became the Blue Rose, I was simply just trying to find information on people that would need help hiding, but I had very little to go on and simply wasn’t making a difference. I often didn’t find who needed help until it was too late. I had to take a more physical approach to the problem.

I remembered at the time an ancient story, a classic, that many people loved during our time on Earth. It had been somewhat forgotten when we traveled to the stars. The Scarlet Pimpernel told the story of a revolution much like ours, and a man who was able to fool a large group of people to thinking he was an idiot while he saved hundreds of people from a killing machine called the Guillotine.

Many points in the story paralleled my own current life and I knew I had to become the same thing as Sir Percival Blakeney. I had to become my own Pimpernel.

First, I needed to be able to protect myself. I luckily had some training in self defense. But to give myself an edge, I studied strategy and different tactics used in wars, revolutions, and different battles. I soon became very strong in strategical plans, and even made it so several friends wouldn’t play certain games with me.

The difficult part of the whole thing was getting the information I needed to be able to save these people. My best chance was with Jered, but I didn’t want to pull anyone into this with me. If any life had to be lost in saving these people, then I only wanted it to be mine.

During the time I was trying to figure out what to do in this situation, a knock came at my door. I stood up and answered the door. Luckily, most of my plans had been hidden because Jered was at my door.

“Jered.” I stated in surprise.

He looked down at me with sad eyes. “Hitomi, we need to talk.”

My chest ached, but I didn’t support his involvement with Roderick. “I thought I said all I needed to a year ago when this all started.”

“But I don’t think you understand my intentions.” He threw back at me. “I’m just doing what I can to stay alive.”

“And the best way is by siding with the tyrant?”


Tears started to form in my eyes. Tears I thought were dried up. “You broke your promise the moment you agreed to work with Roderick.”

“Please, Hitomi.” he begged. “I just need a friend right now.”

His eyes showed that he had seen a lot that day and truly needed someone else around. I hesitated but opened the door to him and allowed him into my room. He slowly walked in and sat down on the small couch I had. His head automatically fell into his hands, and his shoulders began to shake. I sat beside him and placed an arm around his broad form and rubbed his arm with my other hand.

“You don’t know how hard it is to see families killed everyday.” He said in between sobs. “Today was a small family of three. They just had a baby girl. That child never even got to experience life before being thrown to the vacuum of space.”

My heart leaped with pain. Another three lives to be added to those who were unjustly killed for the satisfaction of a dictator. Jered wasn’t done yet.

“He plans to take another family that still believes in democracy.” He calmed some. “Tomorrow is a family of five that he plans to kill at fourteen ticks. This one will be at the port side airlock.”

He looked up at me. “I know you hate it, but will you be there?”

I needed this information. Knowing the time and where made it so I could save them. I just needed a plan.

“I’ll be there.” I told him.

‘Even though it may not be in the way you are thinking.’ I thought to myself.

After some more time passed, Jered left and I started my preparations. I didn’t want to be recognized, so I put together a simple uniform to hide my face. It wasn’t the best, but it worked for what I needed.

I spent most of the night planning my route and what specifically I needed to do. I grabbed my needed items and placed them in my pockets and on my belt. I expected the best and worse of the situation, seeing this was my first time attempting to save these lives.

Daylight came, and it was time for me to act.

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