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It’s a Bad Thing to Cross an Outlaw

Bargo Smutty looked down at the prison transfer record that had been given to him by the ranking officer of William T. Smash’s army. He had been handed the thing moments ago, and couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the little piece of parchment paper. The record stated that the fugitive otherwise known as “Maenad the outlaw” was not to be given the opportunities that the other prison inmates were given. As a matter-of-fact, Maenad was to be locked in the tallest cell in the Wichita Correctional Building, away from all human or social contact. He was to be guarded by ten men at all times and not allowed access to the yard or any of the other inmates. He was to be held there until further notice from Governor Smash. Bargo understood this to mean that Smash was telling him how to run his own prison.

Stupid rich dignitaries, thought Bargo with frustration. He didn’t have enough room to open up a cell for just one person on the top leave of the ten story correctional building. He eyeballed the man sitting in front of him with contempt. How he hated outlaws, “I thought you were given the Governors pardon, Maenad.” he leaned forward and tapped the edge of the papers in the table, “why would you go and blow the governors pardon and robe the Bullet Train? It’s amazing were your outlaw greed has gotten you.” This Maenad guy was already turning out to be a burden on their whole system here at the jail. Now they had to supply this fool with a room all by himself, “you will be put to death you know that right?”

Maenad didn’t say a word.

Bargo put down the parchment paper that smash had given him and reached for the man’s jailing record. Maenad had been housed at this particular jail before; not three weeks ago. He flipped through the over sized bundle of papers and was bewildered at what he saw. This particular outlaw was well known throughout the northern territories “it appears you have been stabbed 37 times and shot 71 times. You have three outstanding warrants for your arrest, in the counties of Ponebrook, Mulberry, and Wichita. You also have caused over a million dollars in damages throughout the course of your life to both state and national property.” He looked up from the paper and stared at Maenad, “is all this true?”

Maenad nodded his head.

“It says here also that you are responsible for the death of over 873 men in your lifetime and 1 other outlaw, Jessica Maxwell. Who, if I am not mistaken, was the main guard set in charge of the Bullet Train that you brought down in the tarmac. Your record says also that we should be well informed that you are an outlaw and will try anything to escape from Wichita prison.” He chuckled at the thought of someone escaping from Wichita prison, “is all this correct? Did your really do all of this?”

Maenad was quiet.

“Okay, well, I guess I have to comply to Mr. Smash’s wishes.” He stood up and walked around his desk. His cowboy boots thudded against the wooden floor boards as he went along, “I hate being pushed around by the rich but what can you do; they pay my bills.” He signaled for the prison guards to come in and take Maenad away.

“Make sure that this man gets a prison suit and is locked in cell 300-B away from all contact. Increase the guard around his cell and keep watch of him at all times. I was told by governor Smash that he is to have no one in his cell with him. That means that you should make sure that the cell is empty before he is placed in it, am I understood?”

The guards nodded and helped Maenad to his feet. In minutes they left the room.

“It seems I can’t get rid of this Maenad,” Stated Bargo as he sat down at his desk and moved the files, “heaven help us all.”


Maenad watched as the thick wooden door closed in front of him and locked with a resounding thud. He had been searched completely for any hidden weapons and then fitted into a dirty prison suit; just like everyone else in the smelly old place. He walked over to his cell window and stared out through the thick wooden bars at the dry ground below. He had been place in the tallest cell with ten experienced guards outside his room watching him at all times. Even now he could feel them watching him from the other side of the prison door. He had been lied to by Smash. Maenad wasn’t stupid; he had known from the beginning that the business deal would go sour. All he wanted was to kill Jessica and avenge his brother, but now things had changed. He still felt empty inside, Jessica’s death hadn’t brought him satisfaction. He needed something else to live for, something better.

Maenad rested his hands on one of the wooden bars and gripped it tightly. He thought about Bonny and how he would never get to see her while he rotted in this prison. He thought about Jim being forced to marry Smash’s daughter against his will. I’ll fix it all Jim, thought Maenad firmly. I’ll fix everything that has happened and then I’ll quite the outlaw life and settle down somewhere in the country. From the window Maenad could see the stone walls of the prison rising high above the dirt yard. He could see the prison guards walking around on the walls looking for any suspicious activity. He could see the prison inmates walking around in blue uniforms talking to one another. He estimated that he was about 30 stories up in the air.

Maenad grabbed a pebbled off the windowsill and dropped it off the building. He watched as the thing fell and hit the ground below. He grabbed another pebble on the windowsill and this time he counted as the thing fell to the ground. He stated to formulate a plan of escape. I’ll make everything better and then I’ll retire, thought Maenad. He smiled real big and rested a hand on the wooden bars. It was a really bad thing to cross an outlaw… a really bad thing; Governor Smash would see that before the end came.
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